Why Do African American Christians Defend & Protect Racist People?



(ThyBlackMan.com) As Human beings we all believes that everyone regardless of race, culture, religion, sexual orientations, creed,, gender etc.. is capable of been racist towards one another; as well as friendly and compassionate to one another. I sometimes wonder: why is it that those who preach, sing songs, pray, read and talk about Religion all day and every day are always willing to forgive and forget those that have done evil onto them for no rightfully and obvious reason, except for the color of our black skin. Yet, these same religious individuals have skeletons in their closets and doing the same to their own community, specially to the African American community.

Do You Protect Racist People my Fellow Brothers and Sisters and if you do, then Who is Protecting Black America from them?

Every time an Article, a manifest, a speech, a publication, a conference, a petition, a talk show is presented or introduced by a Proud Black man and woman who seeks the betterment and empowerment of the entire African American Community, He or She are immediately attack and discredited by the same people that are part of our Black community, who then turn around and attempt to justify their discontented by using scriptures and passages from a black, brown or red dictionary also known as a Bible that was created by racist people who are descendants of Neanderthal cave dwellers, who have for hundreds of years wish for the death and destruction of the descendants of African Slaves living in America and abroad.

If a black man or woman tells another black woman or man to stop doing things that gives a bad reputation to our black communities and heritage, then why do other Black Christians and White Christians get angry about it and demand for justice against the black person who is attempting to make and create a better image of the black community to the Christian community and to the world. We as a race or group of people known as African Americans, Blacks, Negros, etc.. have endure so much at the hands and words of people of other races and yet we have to also endure the same by our own people, who are the sell -outs and uncle tom’s of our black community who are willing to sell their soul for a title, money and acceptance by those who control this country and have giving us their Religion of the Slaves such as Christianity, Catholicism, Islam etc.. I have notice many good black men and women who are entrepreneurs, business owners, educators and professionals in general who try their best to teach and lead our black community into the righteous path, only to be stop by other Black Christians who are afraid of such things because it might upset the Neandertal Cave dwellers of Racist America.

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What Should be the Purpose of Every African American living in America regardless of Gender, Religion, Creed, Sexual Orientation, Political Affiliation?

This should not be rocket science and you should not need a college degree to understand that in the United States of America we have a problem of division and broken homes in our African American community, which has led to the collapsed of our family values, an increase in crime, violence, murder, rape, inappropriate behavior, twerking in public places, wearing things on our heads and hair that are not natural to our race, which also has it roots in poverty, unemployment, lack of education and the most important of all “fatherless homes”; Therefore, the job of every black men, women, children, elderly, disable etc.. Are to bring back all African American brothers and sisters together into a big family similar to what we had during slavery and after acquiring our physical freedom which would first improved the psychological state of mind of our brothers and sisters and therefore end the hate, jealousy, envy and division within each other and then unite our black community together to be a stronger and proud people. This Unity will help protect ourselves and each other from those who have done wrong to us and continue to do so on a daily basis. We as black people, African American, negros need to bring back the family values by having a father and mother at home to guide our children into the righteous path and ensure the future and survival of our race and community. We need to invest in each other, we need to hire and employed each other, we need to bank with each other, we need to trust each other and we need to stop the kumbaya with other races who do not look like us, think like us, suffer like us and die like us on a daily basis in Racist America, The Great.

My fellow black brothers and sisters, it is time to look out for ourselves and stop putting our future in the hands of other races and cultures that only seek to enrich themselves at the behest of our black dollar. it is time for us black people to open our own supermarkets, hospitals, grocery stores, gas stations, refinery, schools, clinics, pet stores, restaurants, banks, tax offices, landscaping, constructions, shipping and receiving, transportation and logistics companies and or organizations that are only owned, operated and employee by proud black men and black women. Indeed, we already have over 21 African American Banks,117 Historically black colleges and universities, a few restaurants, a few landscaping a few of few of only a few things; but, some of the few that we owned have already been infiltrated by people who do not look like us or think like us for the sole purpose of constantly keeping an eye on us and prevent us from becoming a self sufficient independent black community. On the other hand, you have other races and cultures such as Middle-Easters, Hispanics, Jewish, Armenians, Asian etc.. who owned all types of business in America and they follow a Strick rule of obedience which is to only hire their own people and promote their own people. These other cultures and races have learned from the supreme Racist People and they have been instructed to put the majority of their business in black populated areas and inner cities and not hire any black person of that community or another black person of another community unless that black person or sell out is an LGBT, an uncle tom that is married to a snow bunny or she devil or one of those black Christians that protects the Racist People.

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Indeed, The African American community is the only race in America that constantly wants to Kumbaya with other races and cultures and give all their money away to businesses that are owned by other races or give their money away to black churches who in turn used that money to make deposits and payments to a white bank manager in a white bank that is owned by white people, who will in turn use all that black money to give out as loans and grants to other white people and to other races to create business, power, and generational wealth for their people and who do not have the best interest of African Americans. Let’s not forget that our sell-out and uncle tom’s black pastors, priest, Mullah, Muslims, Catholics and those who protect the Racist People are the ones taking your hard earned money that you give them as donations, contributions, payments, tithes, etc. and used it to purchase expensive clothing, jewelry, cars, liquor, cigars, vacations, yachts, houses in white neighborhood etc. and then they turned around and tell you to keep praying to a fairy tale white God and that good things will come to those who prayed. Yes, You have been praying for a long time and yet you have receive nothing while every other race and culture in America have receive everything..

How Have Praying and Protecting Racist People Benefits our Black Christians Children?

The Caucasian, Asians, Middle-Middle Easterners- Jews, Hispanics and other non black cultures and races have and put their banks, businesses and family values as the center of their community; But African Americans have and put their black churches and mosques as the center of their community and how has this work out in the last 400 years for our African American Children, who are suffering the most with no father figure, poverty, unemployment, violence, death, discrimination, bias,, prejudice, gentrification, racism and the replacement theory. How have praying and protecting the Racist People benefited our black children such as Tamir Rice, Trayvon Martin, Makhia Brown, Michael Brown, Little A. G, and many more innocent black children that were killed by the Racist People. It is so easy for other races to killed our black children for no valid and reasonable reason; but, it is a lot easy for African American Christians to protect those Racist Peoples and killers by pushing and using religion onto our broken community via the use of their Neanderthal cave dwellers man made bible scriptures and passages created as a Demonic Enchantment to control the only people in the world that does everything written in that dictionary also know as the Bible.

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The Caucasian American do not pray as much as black people and yet they are doing way better than our praying black population combine together; The Asian community Do Not Prayed as much as black people; yet they owned over 80% of business in our black inner cities and they do not hire any black men or black women and neither do they invest in the black community; but, they take all and the little money out of the black community to enrich their Asian communities, to send money back to their countries and to send their Asian children to college; The Hispanics are following the steps of the Caucasian Americans and they Do Not Prayed as much as black people and yet they owned more business in the black community and they hired their own Hispanic people and promote their own people and send money back to their countries; while, black people continue to prayed and protect these same racist people without understanding the nature of survival of our race. Indeed, the African Americans, blacks etc. have fallen victim to the Demonic Enchantments of Religion.

With that said, I am not a Racist, I have no particular affiliation to any political party or religion but I am indeed a proud black man that loves his people and his community. I love my black brothers, sisters, LGBT’s, Christians, Muslim, Roman Catholics, Jehovah witness and everything that is black and or a descendant of African slaves first and forever. I will always wish the best for my people in the same way that a white man wishes the best for white people first ; in the same way that an Asian man wishes the best for his Asian people first; in the same way that a middle-eastern man wishes the best for his people first; in the same way that a Hispanic man wishes the best for his people first. So again, I asked my fellow Christian brothers and Sisters why do you protect the Racist People who wish the best for their people; but, you attack and discredit your fellow black brothers and sisters who wish the best first for our African American communities?.

Staff Writer; Eugenio Stewart

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