What Do African Americans Do with their Black Dollars?



(ThyBlackMan.com) In the United States of America, the African American communities spend over $2 Trillion dollars a year in the U.S economy that does not benefit the inner cities or help alleviate the large unemployment and homelessness issues affecting the poorest of all black communities. Indeed, the black men and black women in America spend their hard earn money if they have jobs and their Welfare EBT cash if they are unemployed in things and material objects that have nothing of value to empower or make black America independent and self-sufficient from Racist America., White Supremacy and the Replacement Theory.

Our Beautiful black sister in America rank #1 when it comes to spending more money on things related to hair products and beauty products; even thought, our black sisters already possess a natural skin beauty that is the envy of the rest of the world.. Yes, black women in America have the best bodies, the best skin color the best natural lips, the best natural breast, the best natural buttocks and are the best when it comes to aging in a very graceful way.

Now, the million dollar question for Black America is why do our naturally born beautiful black women resort to spending over $40 billion dollars a year in hair products such as Friesan Horse hair, extensions, wigs, chemical relaxers, hair strengthening solutions etc. from beauty shops and wig shops that are owned and operated by other races and ethnic groups in America who do not hire black people and who do not have the best interest or care for black people except for the black men and black women black dollars. Why are black women in desperate need to put another hair of a racist people on their head in order to please racist America? The answer is simply self hatred and insecurities planted in the undeveloped mind of our children that are raise by insecure single mothers who don’t know wrong from right and neither understand the reason behind why Racist America is forcing them to wear something on top their head that does not naturally belong to the African Heritage.

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Secondly, we have our strong athletic well endowed black men who also fall in the pitfall of wasting their money in materialistic items that do not benefit either men or women of the black community and those items include a price tag of $2 Billion dollars in Nike shoes or Air Jordans and $12 Billion dollars a year in men’s cologne & perfume from stores and boutiques owned by other races and ethnicities that do not have the best interest for the black community and who only cares about taking the wealth and black dollars away from the inner cities. Yes, the only a black men is welcome at a shoe store or perfume store is when He is coming to spend black dollars.

Third, we have the yearly spending of $10 billion dollars a year in luxury cars from auto makers and car dealers who again do not look like us, suffer like and or care for the plight and struggles of the black men and women of America except for the black dollars been spend in their racist stores and business. Additionally, our beloved black brother and sisters also spend over $15 billion dollars a year in Jewelry, gold, diamonds and shiny object that derived from the sweat and blood of Africans in Africa and Indigenous people in South America who get paid less than $1.00 a day to retrieve these precious metals from the ground and sell it to the European Caucasians, who in turned put a price on a piece of yellow rock and called it gold and then sell it to the narrow minded and clueless African Americans..

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Fourth, again our great African American community spend $25 Billion dollars a year in fast food restaurants all over the United States knowing for a fact that these foods are the number one killer of our community causing a high percentage of cardiovascular diseases, cholesterol, Diabetes, ulcers, Heart burns, acid reflux and Diarrhea: yet, black men and black women continue to patronized these restaurants who again could care less about the well being and health of black America.. Likewise, many of these organizations, institutions or what ever we called them are neither in the interest of hiring or employing our black Chrisitan men and women.

Finally, we have the last thing and the most important of all for which our greatest and weakest of our black community spend their money and that is nothing else but Alcohol, beer, cigarettes, tobacco products etc.. Yes, black men and black women spend over $30 Billion dollars a year in Alcohol and Tobacco products purchased at Liquor stores and smoke shops all around the nation but more so in the black inner cities where you find a liquor store every block, a smoke or tobacco shop every two blocks and a black church every five blocks, Indeed, a liquor store to keeps us drunk and dumb, a smoke shop to keep us high like space cadets and a church run by a house negro pastor to keep us docile and peaceful, so we could never rise up against the children of the slave masters.

Now, I have a solution for our black men and black women to get us out of this nightmare of spending our $2 Trillion black dollar in an economy that does not benefit our community whatsoever; but, only benefit and fills the pocket of other races and ethnic groups that do not have our best interest and only wishes death and destruction to the black race in America. if I was the leader of the African American community, I will order and put forward a policy of only spending the black dollar in black businesses, black banks, black institutions and everything that is owned, operated, invented and or created by black people for black people. The African American $2 Trillion dollar will only be spent in the black community under the care, supervision, investment and control of black men, black women, black businesses and black financial institutions. It is our money and it will be use for the benefit and empowerment the African American community.

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With that said, I must asked for every black men, black women and black LGBT to spend your money in black business, to deposit your money in black owned banks, to invest in black owned financial institutions, to send your children to black owned private schools and HBCU’s, to married black women, to married black men, for black LGBT to married black LGBT, for black couples to adopt black orphan children, for black people to help our fellow black veterans and black homeless people living on the street and for black people to only trust and socialize with other black people in order to protect ourselves and our children from other races who only wishes death and destruction upon our communities.

Staff Writer; Eugenio Stewart

One may contact this brother at; [email protected].