Veneers In Turkey, Is It Worth The Risk?

Now that you have decided to get dental veneers, you might have heard that the dental veneer Bonus New Member procedure in Turkey is quite cheap, and you may be considering getting your veneers in Turkey.

Dental tourism to Turkey is now a very common thing, and several thousand patients travel to turkey each year on a dental tourism visa. This is because many dental procedures are considerably cheaper in Turkey than in other parts of the world.

If you have been considering getting your dental veneers in Turkey and want to know if it is worth the risk, come along to determine for yourself if it is worth the risk.

To provide an answer to the question, it is essential to examine some things. Some of the things we shall be discussing include the benefits of veneers in Turkey, the side effects/ disadvantages, etc.

What are veneers

For the sake of those coming across the word “veneers” for the first time, we shall give a brief overview of what veneers are. However, you can get a detailed explanation of veneers from previous articles.

Without further ado, veneers are shell-shaped tooth-like materials that are placed in front of the teeth to improve the aesthetics or function of the teeth. It is mainly used as a cosmetic product, so insurance does not cover expenses.

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Dental veneers are easy to attach to the teeth; however, they should be carried out by professional and experienced cosmetic dentists like those at Dentakay dental clinic.

There are various types of dental veneers based on the materials from which they are made. These types come with multiple prices and benefits.

Benefits of Veneers in Turkey – Why People Prefer to Get Their Veneers In Turkey

Veneers can be gotten anywhere worldwide; however, people prefer to get their veneers done in Turkey. Now the big question is, “why Turkey dental veneers?”

Several reasons make people from all over the world consider getting their dental veneers in Turkey. Some of these will be discussed below.

The Price of Veneers in Turkey

The main reason many people prefer to get their veneers done in Turkey is the relatively low price. The cost of dental veneers in Turkey is inexpensive compared to other countries.

Here is a table comparing the cost of dental veneers in Turkey and other countries in the world.

Types of dental veneers Price range in Turkey (per tooth) Price range in other

parts of the world (per tooth)

Composite veneers $150 – $350 $300 – $800
Porcelain veneers $300 – $600 $800 – $1500
E-Max veneers $300 – $800 $1000 – $2500
Zirconium veneers $250 – $700 $850 – $1,800

According to a study, if you come to Turkey for your dental veneers, you can save 50% to 70% more than in other countries. Budgeting becomes much easier as a result, and you can even fit in some leisure activities.

The reason for this low-cost price is the cost of living in Turkey, which we shall discuss later on in the article.


Turkey is a country that is friendly to tourists. The country entertains several million tourists annually due to its unique tourist attractions, culture, and important historical sites.

Turkey is flexible with tourists, and getting permission to visit the country as a tourist is quite easy.

Going to Turkey on dental tourism is a nice one as you not only get to undergo your dental treatment but also get to explore the country.

Also, the Turkish government has recently implemented numerous steps to promote medical tourism. One of the ways includes VAT exemption. Foreigners benefit greatly from the deduction of value-added tax, which they will not find elsewhere.

Well trained Doctors

Many people get their dental veneers in Turkey. Because of the qualification and training that dentists in Turkey have gone through.

Not only do they undergo five arduous years of study, but they also have to pass the government board exam to be able to practice. Every practising dentist in Turkey must pass the Di? hekimlii Uzmanlk Snav exam in order to practice legally. Additionally, they need to travel abroad for internships and training to expand their resumes.

Standard Dental Procedure

There is a perception that because costs are low, Turkey’s goods must be of poor quality. That is not entirely correct because indigenous products in Turkey are equally as good as those offered elsewhere. Modern veneers such as E-MAX, CEREC veneers, CAD/CAM porcelains, and others are available.

Veneers in Turkey; Is It Actually Worth the Risk?

Many people considering getting their veneers in Turkey always enquire if it is worth the risk as they have heard many things concerning dental procedures in Turkey. There’s even a popular phrase that a lot of them claim they have heard from several people.

One popular phrase that concerns people about veneers in Turkey is “Turkey veneers gone wrong.”

Clinics in Europe and America speak extensively about these purported risks, hypothetical plans by Turkish dentists to harm the patient’s health, and “too low” costs that must conceal something terrible and deadly.

When discussing these issues, it is evident that the expense of living in Turkey is overlooked. Medical tourism clinics, considered inexpensive for international patients, are not as affordable for Turkish citizens who do not have the advantage of exchanging high currencies like dollars, euros, or pounds.

Additionally, they overlook positive patient outcomes in favor of focusing on one or two cases of unfavorable effects, frequently without providing any evidence or revealing the source of the images used to represent the results. Click here to find out what the veneers’ cost in Turkey includes.

Final Thoughts

“Is it worth the risk to get veneers in Turkey?” is a valid question for those looking to get veneers cheaply by going to Turkey.

There are several advantages to getting your veneers done, and one major one is the price due to the cost of living in Turkey.

The fact that dental procedures in Turkey are considerably cheaper than in other parts of the world does not mean it is substandard and is not safe.

Staff Writer; Peter Brown