Tyre Nichols “The Heart of a Modern-day Messiah”.




(ThyBlackMan.com) On January 7, 2023, 29-year-old Tyre Nichols of Memphis, was violently, viciously, and inhumanely beaten by five Memphis policemen less than a hundred yards from his home. Nichols had left his night shift job at Fed-Ex and was heading home during his lunch break—a routine that he did often. But this night he was stopped by police officers supposedly for driving recklessly. By the time the night was over, Nichols was laid in a hospital bed unconscious beaten to a bloody pulp.  Three days later he was dead from the injury he sustained from the beating.

The five police officers who beat Nichols to death were fired, arrested, and charged with second-degree murder. The four-part hour-long video footage released by the Memphis Police Department to the public showed the savageness of the crime committed by the five police officers. For a nation consumed by visual screens, the violent beating illustrated to the country in living color the glaring danger of law enforcement power without any controls to police the police.  The graphic nature of the video shook the nation to its emotional and spiritual core.

During an interview on MSNBC Morning Joe show, the mother of Tyre Nichols, Rowvaugh Wells, gave the nation her own personal way of seeking to make sense out of what happened to her son.  The host Mika Brzezinski asked Mrs. Wells, “As Tyre’s mom, I’m just curious. I’m feeling for you and wondering how you are coping and how you are getting through each hour of each day since this happened?” Mrs. Wells’ response was, “It’s been very difficult. I’m still trying to process all of this. I guess basically what keeps me going is the fact that I always felt like my son was sent here on an assignment and he’s completed that assignment. So that’s what keeps me going day in and day out. I also feel as though my son’s heart was that of a modern-day Messiah. Because that’s the only thing that keeps me going right now. Because, why else would he have been sacrificed for the greater good?”

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Ben Crump, the family’s attorney said, “We have to make Rowvaughn’s prayer come true. we have to have some greater good come out of this tragic video where these police officers savagely beat and killed her son.”

Some may disagree with Mrs. Rowvaughn Wells for comparing her son’s death to the Messiah, in other words to the death of Jesus. But when you take a look at it through the tear-stained grieving eyes of a Godly, strongly spiritual, Christian mother—the comparison is not that difficult to see.

Jesus and Tyre Nichols both were taken by a mob at night.  Jesus was taken by a mob of soldiers (Matthew 26:47-50; Mark 14:43-46;  Luke 22:47-54; John 18:1-13). Tyre Nichols was taken by a mob of policemen.

Jesus was bound the night he was taken (Matthew 27:2; John 18:12; John 18:24). Tyre Nichols was also bound the night he was taken—placed in handcuffs.

Pilate, the governor, was willing to release Jesus. He wanted to know what Jesus had done wrong. He asked Jesus’ accusers, who wanted him crucified, “Why? What evil hath he done?” (Matthew 27:23; Mark 15:14; Luke 23:21-24). Tyre Nichols also wanted to know what he had done wrong. He said to the police officers who had dragged him out of his car and threw him to the pavement, “I didn’t do anything!” “Stop!” “Please!”

Jesus was viciously beaten when he was taken by the mob of soldiers (Matthew 26: 67; Matthew 27:27-30; Mark 14:65; Mark 15:16-20; Luke 22:63; John 19:1-3). Tyre Nichols was viciously beaten when he was taken by the mob of police officers.

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Jesus was blindfolded and beaten by the men that held him (Luke 22:63,64; Mark 14:65). Tyre Nichols was pepper sprayed in the eyes and beaten by the police officers that held him.

Jesus hung on the cross for three hours before he died and remained in the grave three days (Matthew 27:45-50, 62-66; Matthew 28:1-19; Mark 15:33-37; Luke 23:44-46). Tyre Nichols laid unconscious in his hospital bed three days before he died.

A soldier came up and pierced Jesus in the side with a spear while he hung on the cross (John 19:31-34). A police officer came up and struck Tyre Nichols in the side with a metal baton while he laid on the pavement.

When Jesus was on the cross dying, he called out to his mother (John 19:26,27). When Tyre Nichols was on the pavement near his home being beaten to death by five police officers, he called out to his mother.

Jesus was killed by Jewish religious leaders, members of his own race—purported respected religious officers of the community who proclaimed themselves as servants of the people. (John 11:47-53; Matthew 27:1; Mark 15:9-14; John 19:6,7,21,22). Tyre Nichols was killed by Black police officers, members of his own race—purported respected law enforcement officers of the community who proclaimed themselves as servants of the people.

“My son was a beautiful soul,” said Ms. Wells.  “The thing that bothers me the most is it just so many children are being brutalized and killed by the police. As I said before, I feel like my son was sacrificed for the greater good. And it is going to be a lot of good that will come out of this. Hopefully, we can help another kid and another family not go through something like this. My son will always be remembered and I will continue to fight until justice is served for him.”

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Tyre Nichols told the police officers who threw him out of his car to the pavement, “I’m just trying to go home.”

At her son’s funeral, Mrs. Wells stated, “I truly believe that the only thing that keeps me going is that he was sent here on an assignment from God. And now that his assignment is done, God has called him home.”

Perhaps God is now saying, “Welcome home, Tyre Nichols.”

Staff Writer; Robert J. Walker

This brother is a retired Mississippi Educator. He is the author of several books including; and Kindle. He lives in Walls, Mississippi.

One may contact him at; [email protected].