Twenty-Two Things You Can Do To Feel Better Right Now.




( We all experience the occasional low point during the course of our lives. But it’s possible to feel better, right now, even when you’re in a funk. This list includes simple things you can do to get your mind off of your troubles and start feeling like yourself again:

1. Take a bath

If you’re feeling gloomy, try a hot bath. You’ll feel relaxed and sleep better, as well.

2. Write about your feelings 

When you have trouble expressing yourself verbally, try writing in a journal or notebook instead. You’ll often start to feel better once the words are out of your head and onto paper.

3. Get dressed up

Feeling shabby? Go home and change into something nicer before going back out in public. It’s amazing what a difference new clothes can make to how you feel about yourself!

4. Eat something special

It may sound odd, but try eating a special-tasting sandwich that reminds you of your childhood or a favorite treat from your past. It makes you feel better by making you recall fond memories.

5. Find the good in someone else’s bad day

If you see someone else having a rough day, look for the positive in them and their life. Be careful not to do this if the other person is in a bad mood already. That won’t make things better!

6. Watch some nature videos on YouTube and think about how beautiful it is out there

Even if you don’t live near an area of greenery or of wildlife, watch videos of it. That’ll help you feel better when you are watching something beautiful on your laptop’s screen instead of something else.

7. Make a gratitude journal

Remembering things that you are thankful for is a great way to feel better about yourself and the world around you. Write them down and you’ll be sure to have many happy thoughts by the end of the day!

8. Talk about your feelings with someone you trust

Talking out loud about how you’re feeling is a great way to understand it and get your mind off it! Try doing this with someone who might understand what it’s like for you, like a close friend or family member.

9. Keep yourself busy

If you find that the low mood is beginning to creep into your life and challenge your ability to complete tasks, try staying busy. Cleaning up around the house or going out for some exercise can do wonders for how you feel.

Black Man Happy.

10. Listen to motivational speakers on YouTube

Sometimes all it takes is hearing a few words to make us feel better about things!

11. Read aloud to someone else

This one is really good for those who need to hear their voice and get it out of their heads! Try reading a book aloud to a family member or friend and you’ll quickly feel a lot better.

12. Think about the positives in your life

Sometimes the best way to deal with depression is to think about how your life has been improved by all the positive things that have happened to you. Of course, this won’t be effective if you’re already depressed but it’s worth trying when you’re feeling down in the dumps!

13. Brush and floss your teeth every day 

Who doesn’t love the feeling of fresh breath and healthy gums?

14. Take a few deep breaths

Sometimes it helps to take a few deep breaths with your eyes closed to let yourself catch your breath. It feels good and can help you feel better in the moment!

15. A lot of people use positive affirmations when they’re feeling bad

These are simply statements that you silently say all day when you’re feeling bad – such as “I am beautiful, brilliant, powerful, and wonderful.” Having these positive thoughts will give you extra confidence and will start to make you feel better on an emotional level.

16. Sip some hot tea or have a warm bath

Many people find that these simple activities are enough to make them feel like themselves again.

17. Journal about your life

Writing down how you’re feeling is a great way to get it all out of your head and understand how you’re really feeling. Try writing for an hour each day – not only will this help things become clear, but you’ll have more time to do other things you enjoy!

18. Practice mindfulness meditation

This is a growing practice among psychologists and is very effective in helping minimize anxiety and increase positivity in your life. It means focusing on the present moment without judgment or expectation, something which most of us don’t spend enough time doing!

19. Listen to music that makes you feel happy

Music therapy has been used successfully in many cases of depression, anxiety, and other mental ailments over the years. Find a song that makes you feel good and listen to it wherever you go!

20. Learn to accept your feelings

Sometimes the best way to deal with depression is simply to accept it. When you’re feeling this way, it’s easy to curse yourself for feeling bad – but instead try accepting that this is what you’re going through, and give yourself some time to recover from it before getting back out there again!

21. Take a walk in nature if possible

Walking among trees or other plants is good for your mental health and can make you feel much better. Some people find that this is a great way to deal with their depression when medication doesn’t work!

22. Take care of yourself

If you’re feeling bad, be sure to give your body the attention it needs. That could mean a nice warm bath, taking a few moments for some relaxing yoga poses, or even just a massage. Sometimes the best thing we can do for our mental health is to spend time soothing and pampering ourselves, which usually leads to feeling so much better!

Over to you

Whether you’re looking for help with your mood or just some tips for feeling good, this list is sure to help! With a little dedication, you’ll be feeling happier in no time at all. Remember, everything happens for a reason and there are always positive things happening in your life. Keep your spirits up and trust that everything will work out in the end!

Good luck with feeling better! Say goodbye to that low mood forever – it’s not hard with these simple tips and tricks.

Staff Writer; Corey Shaw

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