The Jezebel Spirit Attacks Black American Men.




( One of the most devastating and damaging demonic spirits in the realm of evil is the Jezebel spirit. It is not often spoken of or taught about in churches and it operates both in the church and in the household to destroy homes and families on a regular basis. It invades, influences, oppresses and eventually possesses certain types of women whenever possible.

The Bible tells us not to be ignorant of Satan’s devices. But because so many people rely mostly or solely on the teachings they receive in church for their knowledge of all things spiritual, they don’t have a clue about the devastation the Jezebel spirit can bring.

Before I get into the traits of the Jezebel spirit and exposing how to recognize it operating in women, let’s clarify and correct a few things that people have as misperceptions. Very often overbearing, manipulative, controlling or domineering women say that men who would not accept them are men who “just can’t handle a strong woman”. Sometimes maybe so but many times the Jezebel spirit is at work. And even though some men may not know how to recognize the Jezebel spirit by name or by scripture or by behavior, they know something is not right.

I suggest you go back and fact check what I am saying by looking in 2 Kings:9 and Revelation 2. You will notice that Jezebel, wife of King Ahab, was thrown down to the ground and her flesh was eaten by dogs. But if you look in the Book of Revelation, you will also notice that the spirit of Jezebel is still alive because the spirit inside her was a demonic spirit, likely the spirit of Lilith –  originally the woman in Jewish and Islamic legend who was the first wife of Adam. The legend goes that Lilith did not submit to her husband based on the authority God established and instead she ended up mating with demons. And Lilith is discussed in other books that were suspiciously removed from the Bible.

black couple mad - jezebel spirit

The Bible teaches us that we will know a spirit by the fruit that it bears. This gives us a clue to look at the behavior of the Jezebel spirit. The spirit of Jezebel generally inhabits women who are damaged, who have low self-image, who are angry or bitter and who are rebellious to the authority of God. They make ideal targets for the Jezebel spirit to use their pain and anger to strengthen them. That is why they continue to carry covert pain and anger, both of which can be identified if you know what you are looking for.

The Jezebel spirit inside of a woman will manifest female manipulation, domination of men, control, the need to have her way even at your expense, adulterous and seductive behavior, selfishness and using guilt to control others. The woman possessed by the Jezebel spirit is pushed and pushed by that spirit to have things go her way. And when she cannot, she does not know how to handle it, she lashes out at the man and those around her or she plans a devastating blow to the relationship.

In the past many men who were not aware of the Jezebel spirit thought these women who were possessed by it were women who were simply feminists. Maybe feminists made ideal candidates for possession but the Jezebel spirit has a much more deadly agenda. And you need to know the Jezebel spirit hates men, godly men in particular. This not because it hates you personally (obviously). This is because God placed the man in authority and the Jezebel spirit hates that authority as the order of things. So the Jezebel spirit rebels against such authority in order to disrupt the leadership chain God has put in place. It knows if it can use the woman (as the serpent did) and disrupt the authority of the household. Then the plan or purpose for that household will fall apart.

Today take a look at most African American households. Over 70% single parent homes and over 90% run by women. That is not a coincidence. That is the disruption of the order God put in place for the family, the stability of the children and the authority of the man. The “Me Too” movement is also part of Jezebel’s plan – or at least a prime candidate for it. First riding in on feminism but now taking what appears to be a humble approach as victims, many of these women (not all) are vessels of the Jezebel spirit. They don’t want equality, they want authority. And once they get that authority, they often punish men or make men subservient. This is true even in the church, unbeknownst to many men.

Men having to answer to domineering, controlling or manipulative women who answer to satan is the goal. Houses divided against themselves that cannot stand. Homes where young boys have distorted views and lack understanding of what a man is. Emasculated boys raised by the Jezebel spirit and who grow up to be more like women than real men. Children born out of wedlock, a further disruption of God’s plan. Broken families where the man is not present so the enemy can bind the strongman then move in and spoil his goods. All key tactics of warfare used by the Jezebel spirit. And through these women possessed or oppressed by the Jezebel spirit, satan gains control over households, families and generations, churches, businesses and government.

Just as Jezebel did in the Old testament, women possessed by the Jezebel spirit can also use seduction to have their way, all the while protecting their emotions and not actually caring about those they pretend to care about. That is how some women who seemed to be so into men can just simply flip the switch off and walk away. It was all a game of seduction with deadly intent.

When the spirit of Jezebel is spotted or exposed in a woman, she becomes furious because it being exposed means she will likely lose control over those she is manipulating. Very often a woman possessed by the Jezebel spirit goes after men with low self-esteem, lack of identity, low self-image or those who can be manipulated easily with sex and attention. And what happens with far too many men? Instead of standing up, they back down or bow down or do whatever she wants. That is the absolute wrong thing to do. All relationships must be balanced or somebody is being taken advantage of.

I am so fortunate not to be married to a woman who is possessed by the Jezebel spirit. But in counseling thousands of women and hundreds of families and in being a mediator in the past, I have encountered the Jezebel spirit more times than I can count. These experiences and encounters, my gift of discerning of spirits and my studies of scripture are how I know how to recognize that spirit and its behavior. Such an evil spirit relies on the idea that most people won’t even believe it exists. And the most dangerous spirits of all are those who people protect or refuse to acknowledge they exist.

There is so much more I could tell you but the objective is to get you studying, recognizing and exposing the Jezebel spirit. This article should point you in the right direction. And for those of you who don’t believe me, I don’t care. But you better know that the Jezebel spirit believes everything I have just told you because it knows that these things are true.

One of the biggest reasons the Jezebel spirit is so dangerous is because it uses you against yourself. It finds the weaknesses within the man and uses them to control, manipulate, seduce and deceive him. Look at what Jezebel did to King Ahab and the kingdom around him.

Finally, if you encounter a woman who is possessed by the Jezebel spirit, you have no choice but to LEAVE HER ALONE COMPLETELY. You better shop around because that girl is poison, dangerous. The morgue, the hospital, the courts, the child support offices and the prisons are full of men who would attest to what I have just told you, even though many don’t know that spirit by name or how it all happened. Don’t be one of them and don’t think you can handle the Jezebel spirit because I am telling you that you can’t. This is not the time for ego. Can God handle such a spirit? Yes. Does he want you with a woman possessed by it? No. Learn about the Jezebel spirit today and stay away from it, no matter what type of pretty package it is wrapped in and no matter what she is willing to whisper in your ear.

You may think you are strong and smart and wise. But know that the demonic spirit I speak of is specifically skilled in using, controlling and manipulating men then taking them down and leaving a trail of destruction. And if you don’t believe any of what you have just heard, you are a likely prime target or victim already. Hear me.

Staff Writer; Trevo Craw