The Generation of LOOK AT ME with Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, etc.



( It is quite normal to want others around us to recognize that we are moving forward in our life.  It is okay to seek acknowledgement from one’s own community.  However, addiction to attention is very dangerous.  Thanks to social media we live in a time by which we can share just about every detail of our life real time.  While some would argue: others have no right to judge how I choose to live…once we make our lives public it is open to public opinion.  I would advise tough skin.  Nothing seems sacred or personal anymore.  We are being plugged, daily, into the intimate parts of the lives of people we know, and people we don’t know at all.  While being open has its advantages… being addicted to attention can actually destroy the relationships we hold dear.

I often wonder has society ever been this vain -Look at me Look at me- seems to be the claim to fame.  Ladies and Gents if you have babies it’s great to be excited about the new blessing, however some things are not noteworthy.  Being a parent does require sacrifice, and it seems that so many want a pat on the back for doing what they should do as a parent.  The child did not choose to be here, and some of us actively sought parenthood.  Being rest broken, changing diapers, and making bottles…basically caring for our little one is what we do as parents.  Making pity posts online about how tired and worn out you are gets old.

Look at me - Social Media.

However, it reads that the child is more of a burden than a blessing.  Yes, I know some will say one can post as they choose…very true.  Others may feel that venting is necessary at times…again very true.  However, how about we turn to a trusted family member or friend verses the World Wide Web where there is more jealousy and envy then we would ever know.  Everyone is not in our corner wishing us well.  Just as we ask some to pray for us…there are those that will voluntarily pray against us.  Especially in the area of children we should at least try to be a bit more reserve.  If one absolutely can’t stay offline start a private group with people you trust.  The attention seeking in this area takes away from the beauty of a new life.  It may be hard for some to hear…but it’s about the baby now.  Love on them, put positive energy into them and they will love you back.

Lastly, seeking attention in the area of personal relationships is at an all-time high.  People, seriously, somethings should stay between you and your significant other.  It’s astonishing to see to people fight, and air all of their personal business all over social media.  It’s one big attention spectacle whereby each side is basically trying to get others to agree (click like) with a situation that has nothing to do with them.  This causes relationships, and marriage to go up in smoke.  At some point we must move to a level of maturity to understand that our personal business should stay personal.  One of the things that make relationships hard these days is the two involved are not talking to each other…they are fussing through technology with an audience.

Intimacy is dying on social media. It’s cool to show love and care for our significant other.  Upliftment is special…when it’s real.  Some should be at home working on their relationships, but instead we’re on social media painting a picture of perfection that is going to crash as publicly as it was displayed.  Social media is not a person…please don’t be so caught in being seen that you lose what makes your life special…those you love.

Let me state for the record, I am fully aware that grown folks have the right to do whatever they choose.  With that being said every now and then we need to be reminded about what is important.  When we are striving to be our best person we won’t need to attention seek, because we will have the attention of those that matter.  Attention addiction is not going to make anyone famous long lasting, and the 15min of fame is not worth the consequence.  Please know when to close your door in order to tend to self, kids, and love ones.  We should all be careful not to be so busy try to “post” our lives that we forget to actually live our lives.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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