The DNC Will Never Get Another Vote From African-Americans.




( For a long time the Descendants of African Slaves in America have been voting, supporting, preaching, praying, advocating and fighting for a political group that does not do anything in favor of the progress of Black men and Black women but instead give all their morals, laws and socio economical support to other minority groups and cultures that are not descendant of African slaves or the so called African Americans, Negros, Blacks etc… Indeed, I am referring to the Democratic party also known as the DNC and previously known as the party of the White Supremacy and Aryan nation of the south.

Back in the good old days of America the Great, The African Americans were all Republicans which was the political party of the people and Democrats were the party of the south and their Jim Crow laws of segregation and white supremacy. Yes, believe it or not our great grandparents were Republicans and it was the republicans who made it possible for the underground railroad to free black slaves and send them up north and the republicans were also responsible for the end of slavery and end to the countless raping and sodomy of our black slave children at the hands of racist slave owners and their racist supporters. In those days and even today, the Democratic party have never been in favor of African Americans or anything that bears the African Slave skin color; but, the Racist and Prejudice democrats knew that they had do to something or say something in order to get the negros of America to vote and become democrats and supporter of their lies and fake political ulterior agenda.

What caused the Negro to become a Democrat and turn his/her back on the Republican party that gave him/her freedom from Slavery?

The answer is obvious with the strategic introduction of the ulterior civil right act of 1964 that gave the Democratic Party the real push to continue the control, domination, exploitation and subjugation of black people by giving them a taste of freedom without complete psychological and financial freedom. More so, the Death of Martin Luther King gave the democratic party another arsenal to take more Negro votes away from the Republican party by secretly telling the black churches and sell out black pastors that the culprits in the deaths of all black civil right activists were the Republicans and that the Democratic Party were the ones attempting to prevent such act of violence against any Civil right activist Negro. The Democrats used the death of our great leader as a passage to the hearts of a broken people and with that they secure the complete and total support of over 98% of physically free black slaves into voting for the DNC for the next 200 years.

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Listen up Black America! “The Democratic party does not love you, does not need you, does not cares for you, or wants you except for when they need your vote. Today, we have as President, a good old country racist Deviant Biden and black Misanthropist but black Phallus lover happy feet Vice President Kamala who were put in place primarily by the votes of African Americans and of course with a little help of corrupt voting machines and poll workers. Back in the Mid 1970’s, Deviant Biden referred to our young black men as rampaging savages, monkeys, animals and predators with no future, who only deserved prison time or death. He further stated that black men needed to be shot dead and or lock up for life in the prison system and it did not matter if those black boys and girls were poor and or came from a single mother home, were unemployed, were fatherless and or suffering from mental illnesses.

Black America, you have witness with your own eyes that Biden and Kamala gave the same thing to Black America that former President Obama and every other Democratic President in this country has gave you and black America, which is Nothing! If you vote for Child Molester Biden again you will not get anything from the DNC, Liberals and those that claimed to support the African American community, but, your vote will grant and give other communities, races and migrants that are not black anything they want and everything they did not asked for. . Eventually, with time your vote will not be needed anymore since the Democratic Government of Biden are letting hundreds of thousands of illegal people from central America, middle east and Asia into the country who are not black or Haitians and who are going to replace you in the voting polls in the same way that they have been replacing our Black Christians in the workforce; thus, resulting in millions of young black men and black girls been unemployed and ending up in prison. Yes, it is true Black America with the increase in illegal migration to America there has been an increase in black incarceration since the 1980’s and it is getting worse every day for our young black Christians children’s.

It has been more than 600 days (over a 1 year 9 months) since Biden and Harris took over control of the white house and what have they done to improve the life of black people in America. There is a high crime among the inner cities which is due in part to poverty, unemployment, lack of education and fatherless homes; Yet, what have those two nut jobs done for the black ghettos in America. There is no Jobs for our black youth, there is no guidance and father figure, there is no solutions to the madness of black women twerking on the street and putting chemicals in their head that burned their scalp which then requires them to wear other races hair on their head or better yet Friesian Horse hair. Do you remember when Biden told that child rapist Charlemagne the God from the Radio show “The Breakfast Club” that “if you do not vote for him, then you are not black” Of course, we all remember that and yet black people voted the first time for this lunatic and got nothing in returned. On the other hand, every other race and culture that did not vote for Biden received everything they asked for and everything they did not asked for.

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Doesn’t surprise me and certainly it should not surprised a true Christian black men and black women that Space Cadet Biden will only talk and have interviews with uneducated black people or want to be black people like Charlemagne the God and Rapper Cardi B, who is well known for drugging and robbing innocent black brothers at the clubs and motels; Yet, President Biden and Vice President Kamala refuses to have any type of interviews or conversation with black scholars and college educated free thinking black men and black women who have the best interest of black America’s future. Biden and Kamala refuse to speak with Dr. Claud Anderson the black Economic scholar and business owner and publisher of “PowerNomics: The National Pan to Empower Black America; He also refuses to speak with the following black leaders and scholar of our black community such as the Leader of the Nation of Islam Minister Louis Farrakhan; NPR Audie Cornish; WP. Global Opinion Editor Karen Attiah; Psychologist Dr. Umar Johnson, Judge Joe Brown, and the producer of Fatherless America Tommy Sotomayor or anyone who is pro-black and highly intelligent and have the best interest of Black America. Indeed, Biden has made it clear to the world that he rather talk about black issues to a former stripper who used to drug men and robbed them or talked to a men who has been accused of raping an under age black teenager. Yes, this is the respect that Democrats have for you and they will give you what you deserve ” The Middle Finger”.

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There are so many wrongs done by this Current Democratic administration after all the uproar to remove the Republican Party under Donald Trump; yet, the African Americans are still suffering the most and not ripping the benefits of other cultures entering here illegally and legally who are getting the most from the black American vote. For that reason it is time for all descendants of African slaves living in America to wake up and stop voting for the Democratic party, stop voting permanently for anything and anybody in this country that does not represent you or offer you something in return for your vote. You have been voting for the last 100 years and you have receive nothing in return with the exceptions of Juneteenth, black live matter signs painted on the wall and streets, free music, watermelon and free chicken from Democrats; While, the Asian community have received the Asian covid-19 hate crime bill along with millions of dollars in investment in their community and their private schools, The Afghan Refugees are receiving up to $250,000 thousand dollars per family for education, housing and business opportunities, The Ukrainians have received so far over $80 billion dollars in the last three months, the Taiwanese government have received over a billion dollars in the last two months to upgrade their military, the Hispanics have received the prosperity act and guaranteed citizenship and job opportunities: Yet, what have our African American Christians received from this crocked and bias administration.

With that said and to end this rant of madness for which I believe is necessary for our black people descendants of African Slaves living in American to hear and understand, that we as a people are loosing badly; while, every other race and culture in America are benefiting from our demised and misfortune. Black America or African American or better yet Physically free slaves are becoming obsolete where us as a people will no longer be needed anymore for our vote or workforce, since the illegals and Migrants from other non-black countries are outnumbering and replacing us in the work force and at the voting polls. Black America stop voting for Democrats and vote for the creation of a Black Wall Street like our forefathers, Vote for a black political party consisting of black leaders that are willing to fight and die for the rights and freedoms of our community; but, more so vote for a black party that does not bend the knee or sell their soul to people who do not represent or look like us.

Columnist; Eugenio Stewart

One may contact this brother at; [email protected].