The Demonic Enchantments of Religion on Black America.




( Yes, I am talking about the Religion of the Slaves aka Christianity, Catholicism, Islam and every other religion that has plague the African American community in America and other black countries and nations around the world with the European and Imperialism lies, fairy tale, bias, pedophilia, oppression and slavery imposed on all people inherit with the heritage and DNA of African Slaves.

In the United States of America the slave master aka” the white man and white woman” used religion as a tool to control,, oppress, divide, rape, domesticate, control, enslave, manipulate and make docile all the slaves and their descendant who were the property of the slave masters and their children. Christianity, also known as the Religion of the slaves was and still is the most powerful tool in America that continues to keep the African American Community in a state of confusion, submissiveness, obedience, forgiveness toward their oppressor; while, promoting hatred, jealousy, drugs, sex and violence amongst and within the African American community. Sadly, this has been an ongoing brainwashing of our people by the sellouts, uncle toms, house negroes pastors and priest in our community, who continue to spread the lies of the European western world using the white man’s dictionary also known as the Bible.

Before the arrival of the European Caucasians to Africa, there was no European Religion of the slaves practice by Africans in West and Eastern part of Africa. But, within a few years of the arrival of these Neanderthal cave dwellers who did not bathe, brush their teeth and or wipe their buttocks properly, they introduced a new way of slavery using their magical tool of Religion with a fake white God in appearance and a fake white Jesus in Appearance. This fairy tale story will be the one use in the demised of Africa and the new world of the Americas, where millions of Africans will be brought as slaves against their will and be force to build the country that today we know as the United States of America. Indeed, The descendants of African Slaves who built this so called great nation will not reap the benefits of their forefathers hard work but they will reap the benefit of following and bending the knee to the religion of the Slaves aka Christianity that was use to control, rape, killed, lynched and brainwashed their forefathers/foremothers. Of course, there is still psychological slavery in America but more so among the African American community since they continue to worship the religion that killed millions of Africans home and abroad.

Let’s not forget that African Americans were not the only ones to suffer under the wrath of the Europeans using religion and their bible in one hand and their weapons of mass destruction in the other hand to conquer and pillaged other groups and cultures around the world. Indeed, the Roman Catholic church of Spain and Rome under the blessing of the Pope gave the Spanish conquistadores the blessing to use the bible and their religion to travel and discovered new world across the nation and bring back all the riches and human slaves that they could find in the interest of the church of God. The European conquistadores took these messages and went on a campaign of hunting, killing spree and theft of the Americas by attacking, destroying, stealing, raping and killing two groups of people in South America and Central America. The European Caucasians found the Empire of the indigenous Incas of Peru in South America and the Empire of the indigenous Aztecs of Mexico in Central America and the White man holding a bible in one hand and a sword on the other hand proceeded to massacre over 90% of the Incas and Aztecs people without any remorse or pity for the women and children. Yes, this is what Christianity and Catholicism did to a people of a new world and with that came the force indoctrination of religion on the surviving indigenous people, which was follow by rape of indigenous children by these so called Christians and Roman Catholics worshipers of the word of God.

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Christianity in America has kept the black population in a state of enchantment were white people today continue to discriminate, to spread bias, racism, replacement theory, double standards against black people; while black people continue to forgive and forget the past that has and continue to keep our community in peril. It is very easy for white Americans to called the police on black people and lied on us based on our appearance and skin color; while we continue to forgive and turn the other cheek. White police officers killed black people for the sake of it and yet black people continue to forgive and turn the cheek. White people continue to deny employment to African Americans while given jobs to every other race and again black people continue to forgive and turn the cheek. White America continues to give reparations to other races and communities; while African Americans continue to forgive and turn the cheek. White America continues to give loans, grants and business opportunities to other races and communities; while African Americans continue to forgive and turn the cheek. Again, African Americans continue to forgive, forget and turn the cheek on everything negative that white America has done to black people and continue to do; while we as a people continue to forgive, forget and turn the cheek because it has been instill through Christianity aka The Religion of the Slaves, that no black man or black woman should revolt against their masters and the children of their masters for which we know today as Democrats and Republicans. Why?

Yes, Why are African Americans the most devoted people to religion and still suffering more than any other race in America economically, socially, psychologically and with a diminishing social order and family values. Whtie America do not pray or believe in God in the manner that black people do; Yet, white people in America are at the top and they continue to be at the top by been the gate keepers of everything in America, while black people still at the bottom and continue to be at the bottom and be the weakest of all races in America. The Hispanics are outnumbering and taking over all the jobs from black America, The Asians control all the business in the inner cities and they do not hire no Christian black men or black women, The Middle eastern control the other half of all the businesses in the inner cities and they do not hire any Christian black men or black women; Yet, African Americans continue to pray to a white God, to ready a white bible and to believe in a white Jesus while every other race does not but they pretend to believe.

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Did God or Jesus Save Tamir Rice
Did God or Jesus Save Sandra Bland
Did God or Jesus Save Martin Luther King
Did God or Jesus Save Malcom X.
Did God or Jesus Save Botham Jean
Did God or Jesus Save any black men or black women from the wrath of white America.

What doe it take to make African Americans understand that you are enchanted by a fairy tale of a demented people who knew that once you received your physical freedom from slavery that there could be a possibility of revenge and retribution against them and for that reason they introduce the Religion of the Slaves aka Christianity, as the perfect tool to keep black people in America in a state of confusion, forgiveness, submission, obedience, fear and worship Ness to white people, to a white God, to a white Jesus and to a black and or red dictionary known as the white men’s Bible. Black America! you have prayed for too long and for too long you have receive nothing but discrimination, bias, poverty, broken homes, man made diseases, racism, replacement theory, misinformation and miseducation at the hands of people who do not look like you, think like you and or suffer like you. You have not received anything from those people that have instill religion into your lives and or anything from those house negroes and sellout black pastors and priest who continue to sell you the garbage of the white man’s religion to you and your love ones.

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My fellow African Americas the black Churches in our communities are nothing more than a tool of oppression and destruction of our children’s, mothers and fathers for which the only thing they sell you is hope, hope and more hope; while, the pastors, the priest enrich themselves with your donations and contributions to the white man’s church with a black pastor as the butler of the Neanderthal cave dweller’s dungeon. Yes, your money, donations, payments and contributions to the churches in the black inner cities communities are used by the black pastors and priest to purchase luxury cars, Jewelry, fancy houses in white neighborhoods, leisure and travel around the world; More so, that hard earned money of low income black people is used by the black pastors and priest to enriched white families and white business. Say What? You heard me black America! The black priest and pastor of the church in your neighborhood which is next to a liquor store that is owned by Asians, is used for the well being of everyone else. The money receive at the churches is deposited in white owned banks where the white managers and loan managers representatives used that money to invest in white neighborhoods, white properties and white businesses to uplift and enriched the white neighborhoods and white business owners. Additionally, that black money donated to the black churches is used by the white banks to give out loans and grants to whites Asians, Middle eastern, Afghans, Ukrainians people so they could open business for their communities and hired more of their people and therefore create generational wealth for them and Not for you my fellow African American Christians.

Now, lets talk about our black Christian athletes in the NBA, NFL and our black Christians entertainers, actors, comedians etc.. who every day after winning a game or receiving a award always given praise to God, Jesus or the bible; yet, these same athletes who are over 75% of the players do not control and or owned the NBA and NFL. What about the black rappers and musicians who created the rap music and R&B music do not control and or owned it and neither do they owned their master to their music label; Yet, they continue to pray and practice the religion of the slaves, while the people who gave your ancestors that religion are the ones who control everything and they do not even believe in the garbage that they gave you. If white people really believe in God and Religion, do you think they will continue to do the things they do to black America and do you think that a white person that actually is a Christian will stand by and allow other white people to be evil towards black people but more so towards black children.

Black America voted for a Christian Biden and a Christian Kamala! Yet, these two space cadet and phallus lovers have done anything to empower the black community and help our impoverish, unemployed black community and neither they have pushed any agenda forward to give black America Reparations and Retributions for slavery; neither, make any policies to stop police brutality, systemic racism and the new replacement theory. On the other hand, the Biden administration have given over 8 billion of dollars to the white racist people of Ukraine, billions of dollars to Iraq and Afghanistan, millions of dollars and the covid Asian Hate crime to Asians in America, the prosperity act to Hispanics and billions more to other white countries and middles eastern countries; yet, there is nothing for African American citizens whose forefathers build this country and endure 400 years of oppression and slavery. Well, I will tell you what white America has given you for reparations for slavery and that gift was your current Religion of the Slaves aka Christianity. Yes, that its all you getting and nothing else, unless you are willing to take what is yours by force or you are willing begin “The March of No Return” and walk away from everything and begin a new era of Segregation and Separation from Racist white America.

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My fellow African Americans will you agree with me that it does not make any sense that 75% of NBA and NFL Players are black and yet we do not owned or control those organizations. Why is there no black team owners and why is there only a handful of black coaches? Why are the people who are the owners and coaches who are white have never played any of those sports; yet, they owned and coach those teams. Why can our black Athletes create their own United Negro Basketball & Football league so we can control it, manage it and use the profit and revenues to build a black wall street in order to improve the lives of our suffering poor black children and elderly in our inner cities. If our forefathers were able to build several black wall street during segregation then why can we do it now. Today in America, we have black athletes and entertainers who are millionaires and billionaires that could work together with each other and put their money in all black owned banks and invest in the purchase of property to build trade schools to teach our young boys and girls to become Mechanics, Plumbers, Electrician, Solar panel installers, Carpenters, Masonry, coding, etc.. So we as a people can owned and depend on each other for service instead of going to another race that does not like us but only wants our black money.

Indeed, every store in the black community should be owned, operated, and employee by black people for black people. We should owned our own Nail salons, beauty shops, mini markets, grocery stores, pharmacy, car wash, gas stations, tax office etc. which will served our community and our people by our people which in turn will circulate our black dollars in our black community more than a dozen times instead of one time. The only way to do this is by working together, trusting each other and abandoning the things that were instill in our communities by those people that enslave us and by those who continue to spread a garbage religion onto our neighborhoods. We can only move forward and become independent from Racist white America if all of us put our efforts in solving our problems only and not letting anyone else from any other race intervened or join our community for any reason whatsoever.

With that said black America, it is time to separate, segregate, organize, mobilize, prepared, armed ourselves with legally purchase guns, ammunitions, bullet proof vest and abandoned the Religion of the Slaves in order to make our black community, our black banks, our black fathers and our black mothers the nucleus of prosperity and advancement of the black race and the freedom from dependency of racist white America. It is time for freedom and it is time to fight back and defend ourselves from anyone and everyone who wishes to destroyed our community and our black children. It is time to fight to the death against our oppressors and those who support our oppressors.

Staff Writer; Eugenio Stewart

One may contact this brother at; [email protected].