The American Plan For Black De-Population.



( We are about to go hard into the facts, but first things first. Number one, I am about to tell you the truth. Number two, if you don’t agree, I don’t care and if you don’t believe it, you are fast asleep or living in denial. Number 3, for all you CointelPro coons out there, I have my bases covered and you have no idea how well. I am not the spook who sat by the door, I am the Django plus, that one in 1 million who destroys the mental foundation of the plantation trap. Just so you know. Now let’s get into exposing America’s plan for black de-population.

Notice I did not speak Eugenics and say America’s “population control plan”. Why not? Because That is a moot point. So many of you are already controlled by government handouts disguised as entitlements (food stamps, WIC etc.), the Democratic party of slave owners (and their lineage) and political CointelPro coons you helped to elect that this article is not likely to make you give any of that up. Why not? Because “Massa knows best” and he has said these things are good for you. Are you mad yet? Keep reading, I challenge you to think.


From the Willie Lynch Plan to the King Alfred Plan, Planned Parenthood (created by racist Margaret Sanger) to Roe v. Wade, REX84 to CointelPro that made you think Josiah Henson (African American hero often called Uncle Tom) was a traitor to his people, far too many of you have been DECEIVED, DECEIVED, DECEIVED. The sociological, psychological, propaganda and strategies used to divide African American families from slavery to now while having us turn on each other and stay distracted as we are being annihilated are hard at work. And very successful. Sadly, I just lost far too many of you as you read this paragraph. So let’s take one element of America’s plan for black de-population at a time.

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The plan? Get us before we emerge because the powers that be cannot afford to have another Martin Luther King Jr., Malcolm X, Harriet Tubman or Louis Farrakhan. So what has happened? First, they were giving our women unnecessary hysterectomies so they could not have children. Then they moved to using the “black church” to poison the minds of our women to kill more and more of their innocent, unborn children. How so? By using propagandized titles like “a woman’s right to choose” or even more recently “women’s reproductive rights”. But no matter how anybody disguises it, abortion plain and simple is the murdering of innocent unborn children and still, black women as a whole are not outraged about that. Why not? Because the indoctrination allowing them to escape accountability and responsibility for their convenience sits well with them. But I guess they forgot to look up and realize who is watching what they do for convenience and to shirk responsibility. And while I don’t have to judge because that is taken care of without me, I do have to speak out on behalf of the millions of innocent, unborn children killed in a place where they should have been safe – the mother’s womb.


This is textbook Willie Lynch. Make the black women mentally stronger so they can control the black men, thereafter controlling the black family and community. But mentally strong is not enough without the power to subvert  the targets. And if this sounds like a covert war, that is exactly what it is. A war that most African Americans are oblivious to. Feminism has infected the African American community and it is not about equal rights. It is about more rights, power over black men and controlling us based on Massa’s instructions. The control worked when Massa set up so many HBCUs (Spelman, Morehouse, Clark, Howard etc.). It worked when they burned down Black Wallstreet. It works today when you find that black women in judicial and/or political power have a white husband overseer. I won’t call any names but do just a tap of homework and you will know who they are. Wake up people.

Now you may disagree because you say Obama became president. My response? Think about who his overseer was for 8 years and it will come to you. You may say Kamala Harris is Vice-President and Ketanji Brown is a Supreme Court Justice, but you would yet again be making my point for me. You may even say Keisha Lance Bottoms was the Mayor of Atlanta and had/has an African American husband. My response? Her husband was not the man who kicked her political butt, made an example of her, embarrassed her, took her to court and trampled on her authority as Mayor. Guess who that was? The real overseer. Do you know yet? And I could go on to give you example after example where African American females are being placed in power to do the bidding of their overseers.

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This goes farther and much deeper than the Tuskegee Experiment. That didn’t even scratch the surface. Even in 2020, we saw the black community pushed out front to get the Covid-19 vaccines and many of you followed suit without any knowledge of the truth. But saying the black community was “at higher risk” was a lie in many states such as Georgia. A state where the black community consistently had a lower infection, death and hospitalization rate from Covid-19 than the Caucasian community did (GA Dept of Public Health data). Still people believed the lie, took the vaccines and died (Hank Aaron, Jovita Moore etc.). And yes, that can be proven. Most of you just did not know it because the propaganda turned you into obedient zombies. But it’s true. And it never occurred to you why the CDC created a Zombie preparedness plan over a decade ago. Those who blindly follow without thinking were/are the zombies of today.

Additional de-population plans likely include intentionally allowing black-on black-crime to rise instead of stopping it and the conditions that cause it. What you are seeing across this nation is pretend plans to stop black-on-black-crime launched by who? You guessed it, black people who appear to be in positions of political power. But look closely at the actual results and you will recognize the real intent. Want proof? Look at the major American cities run by African Americans and how they are simply allowing crime to surge. The powers that be also know that deterioration of the black family, poverty and economic disparity spawning crimes of “necessity”. Allowing these things is all part of the plan where cause and effect blur the lines of awareness and mask the real agenda against the black community. All of this is complex, well-planned and diabolical, more than enough to keep most black people from ever connecting the dots.


And to this day, many of you didn’t. Some of you did. But most of those were afraid to say anything. Or quite a few just didn’t care because they were hooked on what appeared to be free giveaways from the Democratic party. Even when they tell you to kill your unborn children. Even when they tell you to disarm yourself, though there are not enough police to protect you. Even when they support the rainbow, completely deceiving you about its meaning. Even when they promote LGBTQ perversion, confusion abnormality. Even when they reward black women with more goodies if black men are not in the home, thereby incentivizing the further deterioration of the black family. Even when they destroy the natural order of things and shove immorality down the throats and in the minds of your children.

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For those who decide to work anyway, and as long as they are willing to work at a fast-food place, the Democratic party will work to keep them there by requiring a wage that will make them stay and rise no higher. But remember, Massa knows what’s “best for us”. WRONG!

By now you are either nodding your head because you know these things are true or shaking your head because you are in denial. Still, these are the facts. The more a people stick their heads in the sand and refuse to believe what is happening, the easier it can happen. Ask the Jewish people who survived the Holocaust. Ask those who didn’t leave Germany because they didn’t believe such a thing would ever happen. You can’t ask them because they were “exterminated” by Hitler and the Nazis.


If you know the history of the Democratic party (, you also know it was instrumental in the build-up of the KKK. You know the Democratic party voted against the Civil Rights Act. The Democratic party was in the south and these were the slave owners. Slaves who were, you guessed it, BLACK PEOPLE. But maybe what you didn’t know is that the Democratic party’s real agenda was to capture and keep black people’s loyalty and dependency on the party because the party really believed black people were too ignorant to take care of themselves without help. Along with this help in the form of entitlements was not a door of opportunity, but rather a trap door.


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