The 2nd Amendment is also the Right of African Americans.




( The second Amendment of the United States constitution is the right of all American citizens regardless of race, creed, religion, sexual orientation, political affiliation with the exception of those convicted of certain crimes and those with felonies and or certain misdemeanors. In short, the 2nd Amendment is the right of all of us law abiding citizens to owned, keep and bear arms for self protection and self defense of our person, love ones, family members and personal property which was ratified and confirmed into law on December 15, 1791. In the year 2008, the Supreme Court of the United States confirmed and affirmed for the first time in the history from the beginning of the founding fathers that “indeed, it is the right of individuals to defend themselves and their family member at their home from any threats and by 2010, the Supreme Court mandated that No federal, state or local government may infringed in the rights of American citizens to bear, owned and keep arms for their self defense. So, African Americans why are you waiting and hesitating to purchase your legal weapons and ammunitions from your local guns stores? Yes, it is also your rights and Not only the rights of white people.

The Bill of rights also applies to the African American community and all American citizen regardless of their race but more so it is the right of every black men and black women to exercise their rights, to applied it, to use it, to learn it, to teach it and to know it in its entirely in order to be prepared for what is coming our way and to always be one step ahead of those who wish to oppress us, discriminate us, insult us, imprison us, Lynch us, rape us, and kills us base only on our skin color and our resilience to overcome all the negativity thrown at us by racist White America since the beginning of slavery and after emancipation. It is our rights as human being to own guns, rifles, shotguns, pistols, bullet proof vest, body armor and ammunitions purchased legally from a licensed guns store retailer and from a licensed gun store owner. More so, we must know that in America there are over 35 African American gun owned stores nationwide that are owned by law abiding African American men and women who are also members of “NAAGA”, National African American Gun Associations and also former Black Military Veterans and former retired Black police officers.

My fellow African American men and women are you listening and are you ready and prepared to protect yourself, your love ones, your community from those who want to harm you from outside and from within. You have seen how crazy and racist white people have made their way into our defenseless communities and killed dozens of innocent women and children at a grocery store in Buffalo New York; You have seen low life gang bangers and drug dealers from our own community killed and destroyed the life of innocent and good law abiding black children, women, men and black LGBT community. So why are you not preparing to defend yourself and prevent such acts of violence to continue in our communities. I understand that some of the problems in our community are created by us because we allow our lovely black women to have kids out of wedlock and to have kids with low class level saggy pants wearing black men, who in turn walk away from their responsibilities due in part to the aggressive nature of black women and lack of femininity which then force black women to become single mothers and raise their children without an alpha men in the house and a father figure which have been proven to cause our black boys and black girls to grow up with anger, emotional instability, lack of integrity and morals and violent behavior towards each other. Yes, the lack of father figures in the black home is the result of black violence in our communities; where as; over 95% of all black gang members, drug dealers, drug addicts and child molester came from a black home without a father figure or alpha male role model, poverty, unemployment and lack of education.

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In the United States of America, the white men outnumber the black men by a ratio of 10 to 1 and the white men of America owns more guns than all the minority groups in this great nation. The average white men who is infected with the disease of madness, insanity, insecurity, fear and the shortcoming of having small private parts owns over a dozen guns, rifles and over ten thousand round of ammo per family home/ Yes, the average white men in America has enough weapons in his home to start a small war against black America and against Native American Indians and win that war with ease; yet, they point their finger at a black men every time their white children go on a killing spree of other white people. White America has been living in fear of an imaginary black monster with their constant demonization and dehumanization of the black community and their naive belief that one day African Americans will seek revenge and retribution for slavery and replace them in the future. Far, from the truth, the African American community has No intentions or the military power and cultural desire to overthrow or take over white America from white Americans. But, White America should be worried about Hispanics because they are the fastest growing population in America, taking over all the unskilled and skilled jobs and becoming the majority by the year 2082 and surpassing white American in birth rate.

Now, All law abiding African Americans should own a gun, rifles, shot guns and ammunitions to protect yourself and love ones from racist white America. You have seen how we are constantly in turmoil with white people following the Replacement Theory, White Supremacy, Bias, Prejudice, Double Standards and police brutality on our African American community: Yet, we continue to fail to protect ourself from these demons who only wish death upon our children, mothers, fathers, brother, sisters etc.. We have seen a rise in Whites, Hispanics and other races purchasing weapons in large quantities only to be use against African Americans and those who are pro-black and or bi-racial. Whtie America is preparing to do something against black America and they have started with the Roe vs. Wade Abortion Ban which will cause our black women to look for other alternatives to abortion and be poison by white doctors and white nurses giving them the wrong contraceptive or tainted pills and defective vaginal devices to prevent pregnancy. Remember if the United States government was able to overthrow the Abortion law which was pushed by the white women feminist movement, then imagine what they will do next with the civil rights bills and the so called rainbow coalition and LGBT rights. Indeed, the White American government is making their move now and they will never allow black women to give birth to children which could increase the numbers of the African American community.

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On Monday July 4th , 2022, we bear witness to the madness of another white privilege young white men named Robert E. “Bobby” Crimo III, a 22 year old innocent looking pale skin demon of the west with no girlfriend and a small private part, who decided to go on a rampage and killing of other white Americans celebrating the 4th of July independence day from their former British Colonial overseer. This monster killed over 6 people and injured over 32 individuals in one day and in less than 15 minutes. Yes, this is America the great and again the leftist will blame the shootings on the gun manufacturers and gun control; even though, guns do not killed people but crazy, racist and mentally ill people who own guns are the one who killed people. I guess if you killed a dozen people with a fork and spoon then the leftist and the people on the right are going to tell our government to ban all forks and spoons?. This shooting is just one of hundreds of mass shooting occurring across the nation where innocent people die and the suspect is taking into custody alive and without any bruises or pain; but, when a black person raises his voice at a police officer and or fails to produce a driver license and registration card, He or She are immediately gun down, tazed or beaten severely with a baton even though; these black motorist or pedestrian have not killed 6 people and or injured over 32 people.. Of course, you know where I am going with this! The suspect Demon Monster aka Robert Crimo was taken into custody and was handle like a baby and treated like a gentlemen after killing and shooting a bunch of white people. Amazing!

So whom will America blame for the madness of Robert E. Crimo? Then answer is Rap Music and black people. Yes, all in a sudden the white mainstream media have began to focus on the rap music as the reason why this insecure lunatic went on a mass shooting of innocent people; but, when black gang members and drug dealers commit crimes and shooting in the black community, the white mainstream media does not blame the rap music or the lack of fathers in the home; instead, they blame it on our genetic making of been black and they label all of us regardless of our education and work history by saying that violence is inherit in us base on our skin color and appearance. Now, this is the reason why I am asking all African American men and women to practice your second Amendment rights and be prepared to stop and prevent incidents like the 4th of July mass shooting in Wisconsin and in buffalo, New York from happening again in our black communities. Remember, these racist white demons who follow the Replacement Theory and white supremacy always wear bullet proof vest and body armor that protect their chest and back from their upper torso to their lower abdomen; therefore, every African American women and men who lawfully owns His/Her guns must used their weapons with precision and aim at this racist killers above their neck, to their face, carotid arteries, femoral arteries, groin area in order to stop them when they come to our neighborhood to killed our children, mothers, fathers, grandparents and our pets. Let’s not forget that originally White People created the Second Amendment out of fear of black people which began during slavery and with the rebellion of the enslave negroes against their masters.

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With that said, it is time for all African American men and women to unite for the greater good of our community, we must protect ourselves from our enemies from outside and within our communities, we must owned guns legally and learned the laws of each state for which you reside in respect to gun ownership, maintenance and security, We must be vigilant to strangers in our communities, we must be prepared for the worst case scenario, we must help each other, we must practice respect, obedience, integrity, moral etc.. We must instill in our children the notion of education at black owned private schools and attend HBCU’s, we must build an hospital with black doctors and black nurses for our black communities to protect us from the new ban on Abortion Roe vs. Wade, we must invest in the black community, we must bank black and put all our money, savings in black owned banks, we must patronized each other business, we must do everything in our power to improve the life of our black children in our community, we must stop doing drugs and drinking alcohol, we must stop purchasing tobacco products and anything that affects the well being of black America and finally we must be proud of been a black man and a black woman with respect to each other and love our black children.

Columnist; Eugenio Stewart

One may contact this brother at; [email protected].