Starbucks Corporations Continues to Insult the African American Communities.



( Again and again the African American communities and neighborhoods are victims of discrimination, racism, bias, double standards, hypocrisy, lies and insults at the hands of mayor corporations, companies and organizations that only seek their personal interest of enriching themselves by any means necessary at the cost and demised of African Americans and their poorest communities. Today a new corporation taking advantage and at the same time humiliating the African /American communities is the famous Starbucks corporations which is a multinational chain of coffeehouses and roastery reserves headquarters in the heartland of the most racist city and state in America which is Seattle Washington.

We as Americans have become addicted to the consumption of our daily cup of joe or cup of Starbucks coffee and we have become dependent on that morning hot drink to make our days go smooth, fast and productive; Yet, Starbucks has become or better yet is the symbol of racism and double standards when it comes to their coffeehouses been place or located in African Americans or black neighborhood. What I am referring too Black America? I am referring to Starbucks coffee shops in our black inner cities where the people who worked inside those coffee shops do not look like us, do not think like us and have not suffered like us poor black people descendants of Slaves. The African American community is once again been insulted and humiliated by Starbucks Corporations.


African Americans consumed large quantities of coffee, specialty drinks, ,cold drinks, sandwiches, pastry, snacks etc.. at every single Starbucks coffee shop in America the Great: but, when you enter those coffee shops as a black customers in your own black community you are welcome by people who do not look like, who do not suffered like you, who do not like you, who are bias and racist and who do not wish anything good for the black women, black men and black children of America. So the question that I have for all those descendants of African Slaves living in America, Why do you continue to spend your hard earned money and income at stores or coffee shops that do not hire, employee, or invest in the black community. Why do we allowed Starbucks to build their coffee shops in our black inner cities and yet they do not hire any black men or black women to work in those Starbucks located in predominant black neighborhoods.

Do not get me wrong racist white America, you may find one or two blacks working at a Starbucks located in a white neighborhood in order to give the impression that Starbucks Corporation is not racist or bias towards black people or African Americans; but, when you travel or visits a Starbucks in the inner cities or the hood, the people who work inside those Starbucks are not black or African Americans; instead, the Baristas are always whites, Hispanic, middle eastern or Asians. So the question to White America is why do you pretend to be blind when it comes to certain companies discriminating against the African American Communities in employment practices and hirings. Why is it that if you visit a neighborhood of Italians, Jewish, Armenians, Irish in America you will find their Starbucks only hires the people that lived in those communities. Yes, a Starbucks in an Italian community will only have Italian baristas, A Starbucks in an Asian community will only have Asian baristas, a Starbucks in an Hispanic community will only have Hispanics baristas. On the other hand a Starbucks in a predominant black neighborhood will have a white lead barista and 3 to 4 Hispanics and Asian baristas.

This is the type of employment bias and practices that is destroying the black communities and limiting the access of employment to black men and black women that are willing to work in order to create generational wealth for their African American communities. The average black men and black women of America spend between $ 5.00 to $20.00 dollars a day at a given Starbucks in the black communities and if you calculate over 1 million black men and black women spending that amount of money a day at Starbucks it will give us a grand total of over 5 million to 20 million dollars generated by Starbucks from the pockets of African Americans; Yet, these same corporations refuse to employee black men and black women but they are willing to take our hard earned money out of our poor neighborhoods. Hello, Black Americans! are you listening or are you reading properly the words and message that I am trying to send to you and your love ones. We are been taking for granted by Starbucks and by many other corporations that steal our money and wealth but refuses to give our people employment and investment in our communities.

Black America! Do you think Starbucks cares for your community? if you do then you are still living in the shackles and mind control of the Willie Lynch letter on how to control, manipulate, and fool black people into allowing white people to get away with anything that will destroy our community, while at the same time turning against each other and making us blind to what is really going on around us and in our communities. Lets not forget, that Starbucks is one of thousands of companies and organizations that take advantage of the African American community such as Cantu, Shell gas station, Target etc…

These aforementioned companies are known to manipulate the system and use the black plight to enrich themselves and at the same time impoverish the black communities. Cantu is the hair products companies that makes chemicals, grease, pomade and whatever to destroyed the black women’s hair and then the same company sells other hair products to black women again to fixed the damage cause by the same products sold to our lovely black sisters who continue to spend their hard earned money on hair, wigs etc.. to put on top of their own God given natural born African hair. Anyways, as I continued with the topic at hand, we now have Shell gas station a powerful culprit and supporter of segregation and racism from the beginning of 1912 to present; where, generations of black people were victims to theft, assault and discrimination at the hands of shell employees and the corporation itself. Last but not least, Target Stores that also places stores at the boundary of black neighborhoods but refuse to hire black people with the exception of 1 to 3 blacks that are either sells outs, uncle toms or LGBT.

With that said, Black America it is time to boycott Starbucks corporations and stop spending your dollars and hard earned money at this Starbucks coffee shops where the people that work there do not look like you, do not think like you, do not suffered like you and who are racist, bias and prejudice towards our black communities. How is it possible for African Americans to accept a Starbucks in your community and they do not hire any blacks from your community but instead bring white people, Hispanics and Asians from far away communities to work at the Starbucks in your inner cities neighborhoods. Can you brothers and sisters see that there is something wrong with that picture. When is the last time any of you African American Americans visit a neighborhood of Hispanics, Asians or Italians and found a negro working at a Starbucks in their community? The Answer will be NO. Black America, enough is enough with us allowing other races to insult us and humiliate us while they take our money every time we spend our money in their stores where they do not hire our black men and black women and neither do they invest in our black community and in the future of our black children.

I am calling on all African Americans, Afro-Caribbean’s, Afro-Latinos to stop spending our money at any establishments, companies, corporations etc.. that are owned by whites, Asian, Middle eastern Hispanics etc. and where they do not hire or employee black people or people that are descendants of African black Slaves. it is time to boycott Starbucks, Shell gas Station, Target and Cantu hair products who only wish death and destruction upon our black communities but they seek to take all our wealth and the hard earned income out of the African American communities.

Staff Writer; Eugenio Stewart

One may contact this brother at; [email protected].