Rooting For Donald Trump For The Republican Nomination.



( In the field of candidates dreaming to win the Republican nomination for president, I am rooting for Donald Trump. By the way, Field of Dreams is a wonderful baseball movie. However, with baseball’s adoption of the pitch clock it probably ensures that future outstanding books and movies like The Natural are a think of the past. True fans of the game understand that the real action, moves, strategies in a baseball game takes place between pitches. That is the real game. But let’s get back to Trump and the other Republican contenders.

Trump is the candidate that a person would find most entertaining and fun to sit in a burger joint and have two quarter pounder with cheese, loaded with condiments, two supersize fries, one large milkshake and a large diet soda to wash everything down meal. He would be the most entertaining by far launching into stories of his past and present conquests in the political and business world as well as in the bedroom.

It would be an endless mixture of bombast, name dropping, and fiction. A lot of fiction. It would be racy, scandalous and very graphic.

He would make his guest cozy. He would also provide them with a continual barrage of The Outer Limits, Saturday Night Live, Fox News, Twilight Zone, Page Six and the Real World. Nevertheless, it would be fun and the guest would feel comfortable to be in Trump company. He would see to it.

There are at least two Trumps. The public one is overbearing and can be obnoxious. It is part of his brand. It also probably reflects his insecurities.

The private Trump can actually be kind, down to earth and grandfatherly. If there is no public, no cameras for him to perform, Trump’s guest will have a very enjoyable time downing their two quarter pounder with cheese, loaded with condiments, two supersize fries, one large milkshake and a large diet soda to wash everything down with.

In the end however, the guest will end up paying not only for their meal, but Trump’s meal also. That is a certainty.

Mike Pence is a very decent man. He is washed in the backwater religious traditions and beliefs of yesterday’s America. He is also stiff and boring as hell.

Having a two quarter pounder with cheese, loaded with condiments, two supersize fries, one large milkshake and a large diet soda to wash everything down, a meal with Pence would be very different from the one with Trump. After a ten minute prayer and three minutes of Pence talking, the guest would be fast asleep.

If the guest ended up with Trump in the Outer Limits, with Pence they would find themselves at a No Drama performance abruptly awaking as part of their sandwich drooled out of their mouth onto the table.

The two quarter pounder with cheese, loaded with condiments, two supersize fries, one large milkshake and a large diet soda to wash everything down lunch with Nikki Haley and Tim Scott would not happen. That is not for me or anyone of my complexion.

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Both Haley and Scott would be extremely cautious not to be seen with another person of color out of fear that it would alienate the Republican base that they are trying to connect with. It is not to say that they have the Clarence Thomas, I ain’t Black complex.

It is just that they have learned that being seen with more than one other person of color might lose votes for them. They might even end up arrested.

“Joe, there are three of them colored folks sitting together at the burger joint. Send backup. I think they might be planning a riot or something.”

Then there is Ron “Da Satan” De Santis. There would not be any two quarter pounder with cheese, loaded with condiments, two supersize fries, one large milkshake and a large diet soda to wash everything down meal with him either. De Santis being the elitist that he is would find it beneath himself to have such a lunch at a burger joint with anyone. As a member of the elite he can only rub shoulders with others of his ink.

There are very few of his ink however since his ego is larger than his arrogance. As for the true elites, they find Sanctimonious Ronnie (Trump’s name for him) boring, uninteresting and a pretender perpetuating a fraud.

To have a two quarter pounder with cheese, loaded with condiments, two supersize fries, one large milkshake and a large diet soda to wash everything down meal with Chris Christie would be a pure delight. It would be especially delightful and fun if the person having the meal was a sports fan.

Whereas Trump is clueless about sports, Christie is quite knowledgeable. In fact, he is quite the sports fan.

When he was in high school he was the catcher on the baseball team. In fact he was not just the catcher. No balls got past him.  When he graduated the high school had to build an actual backstop to prevent balls leaving the playing field. They dedicated and named the backstop after Christie.

When Christie became governor of New Jersey, I was quite impressed with him. There were those who knew him far better than I did who warned me about him. I dismissed their concerns to the back of my mind.

During his first year in the governor’s seat, as a father and huge baseball fan, I was impressed that he took his son to visit all 30 major league ballparks. For a baseball fan doing the ballpark circuit is the equivalent of a pilgrimage to Mecca, Jerusalem or the Vatican.

I was also impressed and greatly appreciated when Christie attended the funeral service held in Newark, New Jersey for Whitney Houston. Not only did he come to the service but he stayed the entire time.

A lot of politicians of all complexions will pop into a church and say a few words or stand to be recognized and then they jet, as in getting out as fast as they can. Christie did not do that. Watching him at the service, I was not sure if that was the first time he had attended a Black church service. But what I felt certain was that whoever he was when he entered the church he had to be a different person when leaving.

Despite it being a funeral, which is traditionally a more subdued and  somber service, that day the church had church as only a Black church can do. They raised their collective voice in prayer and praise. They kicked off their stilettos and took off their dress coats and rejoiced in the name of the Lord that day. I believe, or probably to be more accurate, I wanted to believe it left an impact on Christie.

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Christie received some criticism from right wing numbnuts and right wing media outlets for attending the service. Yet, it didn’t seem to hurt him when he ran for re-election for governor. Lunch with Christie would be fun and enjoyable. Unlike Pence, Christie would not put a guest to sleep. However, if the guest made the mistake of dozing off after waking they would see that Christie not only devoured his two quarter pounder with cheese, loaded with condiments, two supersize fries, one large milkshake and a large diet soda to wash everything down but also theirs. They would also see that he was back in line ordering another two quarter pounder with cheese, loaded with condiments, two supersize fries, one large milkshake and a large diet soda to wash everything down.

If I were to associate an animal with Trump I would be torn between a fox, snake and chameleon. The latter because he is not an ideologue. He has no firm or true convictions. He changes positions without thought or hesitation. Whatever is best for Trump.

Pence would be a deer. A deer caught in headlights.

As for De Santis he would be a turtle. Peaking his tiny head outside his shell he would bellow at the sun, cursing and blaming it for waking him each day.

“I just want to sleep, stop waking me up. I don’t want to be woke,” he bellows each time lifting his tiny head out of his shell.

Then there is Christie. This one is hard. Perhaps a crab like in crabs in the barrel as one goes up the other crab tries to bring them down? Maybe a salmon attempting to swim upstream? How about shrimp due to his current polling numbers? No, Christie has to be a whale.

Currently, Trump has a formidable lead among the other candidates seeking the Republican nomination for president. Primary reason for that lead is the unwavering support that he has with two groups which are key to winning the Republican nomination.

One group is the patriots. They are demonstrative in their display of patriotism. They bathe and clothe themselves in the American flag.

They make sure that on the Fourth of July and certain only American holidays the flag is hosted high. Their patriotism, their unwavering support of the flag is always on display.

Individuals in this group are normally even tempered. However, nothing boils their red, white and blue blood more than to see someone display what they feel is disrespect to the flag and America.

They spin like a top in anger if they see someone not standing when the National Anthem is sung. It is upsetting to them when someone fails to place their right hand over their heart when the Star Spangled banner is sung or the Pledge to the Alliance is recited. Heaven forbid the fool who does not.

They see a continual attack on their America and their American values. They clearly identify with Trump’s Make America Great Again slogan.

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These patriots, these super patriots, however, would be the first to take a knee and give alliance to a foreign power and/or autocrat, right or left, fascist or communist, if they are allowed to keep the traditions, customs, practices, mores and attitudes. Mores and values most fondly associated with 1950s America.

A time when women and coloreds knew their place and where children were to be seen but not heard. A time when homosexuals, perverts and other freaks of nature remained in closets, jails and mental institutions.

The second group is the Christian fundamentalists, the evangelists.  It is a group that one would think Pence would have on lock and key. Yet, it is Trump for who the group is most solidly behind and deservedly so.

During his four years in the Oval Office, Trump appointed a record number of judges to the federal court system. The overwhelming majority of those appointed were conservative,

right-leaning judges whose impact on the courts will be felt for many years.

An issue which was of particular interest to the Christian fundamentalists, evangelists was the repeal of the landmark Supreme Court decision in 1973, Roe vs. Wade.  It was generally viewed as protecting the right to have an abortion.

The 1973 Supreme Court ruling was considered an abomination by anti-abortionists.  Christian fundamentalists, evangelists although not an organized political player at the time of the ruling, would later become a force within the Republican party seeking repeal of the decision. Until its repeal, they proclaimed that America was destined to hell if that decision was allowed to remain law.

Trump, through his appointment of conservative, right-leaning Supreme Court justices was able to tilt the Court to accomplish what the fundamentalists and evangelists had prayed intensely for the overturn of Roe vs Wade. The banning of abortions was the number one issue of the Christian fundamentalists and evangelists. It trumped all other issues. Nothing else came close. Trump when he ran in 2016, promised that he would appoint conservative justices to the Supreme Court to overturn Roe.

Christian fundamentalists and evangelists were more than willing to overlook Trump’s divorces, extramarital relationships, foul mouth and heathenish  lifestyle. They saw no evil and supported him. Trump would be their Deliver and he delivered.

There is no group which has been more laser focussed in lobbying for the yet to be born than the Christian fundamentalists and evangelists. Though they are religious in their incorporation, they have been extremely effective as a political entity.

The Bible records Jesus saying “Suffer little children to come unto me, and forbid them not: for of such is the kingdom of God.”

The Christian fundamentalists, the evangelists have been unwavering in their support for the yet to be born children. As for the children outside the womb what must also be noted is the  Christian fundamentalists, the evangelists inability, unwillingness and refusal to see those children. Especially their failure to see in the faces of other children, their children. For those other children they have shown no care, commitment or compassion.




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