Republican Vivek Ramaswamy Represents Everything that is Wrong with the Conservative Movement.



( Republican presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy represents everything that is wrong with the conservative movement and it pisses me the hell off!

I am fond of saying that even when conservatives try to do the right thing, they do it the wrong way.

Republican Vivek Ramaswamy

Ramaswamy is exhibit A in this regard.

I have never met Ramaswamy and thus have no relationship with him.  I hope to meet with him soon to have a very open, honest conversation with him.

I am often accused by my readers and friends of being very blunt and honest, so let me live up to my reputation.

With that said, let me cut to the chase and deconstruct an editorial he had published last month in the New York Post.

Ramaswamy’s editorial was titled, “Why my GOP competitors should take my lead and visit America’s inner cities.”

When conservatives use the word “inner cities” it is a euphemism for Black and poor.

The arrogance in his title is mind blowing and quite offensive to me as a Black!  And for those who don’t know me, I have been Black most of my life!!!

His editorial was full of his own self-righteousness.  His arms must be pretty long in order to pat himself on the back because he took time to visit poor, helpless Blacks in the hood of Chicago, my second hometown.

When all is said and done, there’s more said than done.  Ramaswamy is the personification of this.

Mr. Ramaswamy, let me first thank you for taking of your precious time to spend with Black criminals in inner city Chicago—I am so sure Blacks all over the country were touched by your high act of kindness to these lowly criminals!

If you really gave a damn about these Black citizens, the first thing you would have done was to fire each of your advisors who warned you against going to Chicago.

Your whole campaign is predicated on having a “color-blind” society, but your advisors encouraged you not to campaign in a community based on the color of their skin.

Can you please explain this contradiction to me?

According to your column, “…the activists I met were far more critical of Democrats than of Republicans…”

Mr. Ramaswamy, the problem with you and other conservatives is that despite the Black community’s problems with the Democrats, they don’t view you or the Republican Party or the conservative movement as a viable alternative.

Therein lies the problem; you conservatives do the equivalent of a drive-by visit and then disappear for all eternity.

But the bigger issue I have with people like Ramaswamy and other conservatives is in the rare instance that they want to engage with the Black community, their default position seems to always be poor Blacks?

Vivek, why wasn’t your default position to go meet some of the top Black entrepreneurs in the country?  Guess you are still suffering from the “white man’s burden syndrome?”  This term was coined in the late 1800s and was the philosophy that America had a “moral” obligation to go around the world, especially places like Africa and civilize them because they were considered uneducated and barbaric; it is similar to the American concept of manifest destiny.

Vivek, as if this wasn’t bad enough, you continued to put your foot further in your mouth.

He described his encounter with a gentleman named Tyrone.  He served twenty-one years in prison for murder and was having difficulty finding employment.

If Ramaswamy really believed in the conservative principle of second chances, why did he not offer Tyrone a job on his campaign or with one of his companies?

Jesus once told me that faith without works is dead!!!

If conservatives really believed that Blacks could benefit from our conservative principles, when will they put it into action?

In your sanctimonious attempt to praise yourself in your editorial, you have proven why Blacks don’t see any value in engaging with your campaign or the conservative movement.

Do you even have any credible Blacks in positions of power within your campaign or within any of your companies?  Oh, I forgot, you don’t see color so therefore you would not be able to answer my question.

You saw a problem in Chicago but offered no solution, i.e., Tyrone; people in Chicago told you in no uncertain terms that they were looking for an alternative to the Democrat Party, and you did not provide a viable alternative; grandma use to say to me, don’t talk about my dirty feet unless you are willing to wash them.

Ramaswamy went to the Black community and told them what his beliefs were, but apparently didn’t ask them what their priorities were and how he could help whether he becomes president or not.



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