Re-Building the African American Family.




( Once upon a time African Americans read bedtime stories to children and sat down to dinner together. The courts were not full of child support cases because men took care of their children. The abortion clinics were not full of irresponsible women because women took care of their unborn children. Men of color worked hard and came home instead of cheating and acting like dogs or little boys. Role models were just that – real role models. And when the family sat down to watch TV together, they didn’t see men in dresses. Black on black crime happened but it was largely unacceptable and our people looked after their own communities. The leaders of our communities were upstanding men of character and integrity, at home, at church, in business, in the mosque and in the community. Women did not dress like whores and act even worse. They were ladies, real ladies. Ladies to be respected. Men were men, women were women and there was no confusion. Neighbors helped each other and watched out for each other’s children.  And all of this was present in both our African ancestry and American culture after slavery. Now it’s past time to get back to the future. It’s past time to re-build the African American family.

If what they say is true about history repeating, that should be good news. Good news unless so many African Americans have been so programmed, indoctrinated and brainwashed by black people slavery that they have neither desire to re-build our families nor the identity and self-worth to do it. So before we celebrate one more King holiday, one more person of color in the White House or on the Supreme Court, one more African American district attorney, police chief, sheriff or politician, we must realize until we rise as people, we are nowhere near the promised land. And nice cars, more money, nice houses and what we think are good jobs will not take us there until we understand who we are and lift up our kind as a people.

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We can have our youth graduating from all the HBCUs in America. But until that education, motivation and the pathways that go along with them are open and emphasized as priority to the African American community as a people, we are leaving far too many behind. Simply put, true greatness is not achieved by yourself nor at the cost of leaving others behind. That is why King was great. That is why Mandela was great. That is why Harriet Tubman was great. And that is why the African American hero Josiah Henson was great. So before many of you ever use “Uncle Tom” as a negative, you need to read the book as realize what Josiah Henson (Uncle Tom) did for his people. Much more than most of us ever have. Did you know that?


The core of all success in the African American community is the solid family that functions as it should. Obviously, I know that no family is perfect, but our families of today can do much better than they have been. They operate inefficiently. They are divided and full of selfish, self-seeking people who are “too busy” to spend time together. Too hard-hearted to forgive. Too greedy to share. Too materialistic to focus on what really matters. Too ambitious to realize how much they are already blessed. Too angry to get along with their neighbors. Too religious to be spiritual. Too asleep to realize they are asleep. And too depressed to care. That has to change and it can start with you because it only takes a few awake people of passion, identity and purpose to impact and change a community.

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To re-build the African American family we have to identify, isolate then discard the divided, disruptive, self-sabotaging pseudo-family structure embedded into the “black” community from slavery by the Caucasian racist, slave owners and Willie Lynchers. That means going back to the unity of mind that your grandparents and African ancestors lived by. Tupac said in That’s Just The Way It Is “we have to change how we eat and how we treat each other”. Yes, food too. As an example, that even means we have to stop eating slave scraps and slave food. You see, the very foods the slave master threw out of the window or fed the slaves are what they HAD to eat, so the slaves made the scraps tasty and did they best they could. But these neckbones, oxtails and other greasy, unhealthy foods are the culprits causing clogged arteries, heart disease, heart attacks and premature death of African Americans today.


If the African American community makes excuses for the slave mindsets of the past instead of exposing them and being de-programmed from them, the African American (or black) community will continue to think and act like slaves.


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