Race: The Significance of Black Transcends Color.



(ThyBlackMan.com) Black implies self-control and discipline, independence, and a strong sense of will exuding authority and power. It gives an impression of elegance, sophistication, and confidence. Black can be intimidating, unfriendly and unapproachable because of the power it emanates, radiating authority creating fear in the process. Black transcends color, not everyone who calls themselves Black…are. Pride, dignity, honorable, integrity is part of the equation.

There’s a reason why men’s formal dresswear is often black and white or simply solid black. Judges” robes and police uniforms are often black, as well as priest and preachers’ robes oftentimes are. From black comes light and many other colors in general. Ninja outfits are often black. The antithesis of black can also imply something evil and sinister. Signifying that power comes in many different forms…and when it comes to color…black is the most dominate.

When the term black is used in reference to ethnicity, a race or group, it should ALWAYS begin with a capital “B”, such as Chinese, Jew, Hispanic, etc. Far too often Black folk will use a small “b” almost as if they are looking for permission from their oppressor to do otherwise. When it comes to the Black race…not everyone has the mental and intestinal fortitude to be Black. Most are like coconuts, brown on the outside, milquetoast and white on the inside.

To further understand the power of Black, we can use a sample size of Greek history where four of their leading philosophers were looked upon as undesirable citizens. Socrates was executed, Plato, sold into slavery, Aristotle, indicted and exiled, and Pythagoras was expelled from Croton in Italy. These philosophers had a unique commonality they were all educated in Africa. When they came back to Greece pontificating African philosophy it wasn’t well received creating problems for all four of them. Becoming undesirable citizens, they became victims to relentless persecution.

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What’s so ironic is the about turn the Greeks made in claiming the very teachings which they had at first persecuted and openly rejected. Are we to believe that the Greeks didn’t know they were usurping what they had never produced? Evidence suggest that the Greek philosophers were indeed not the authors of Greek philosophy…but subliminally…the Egyptian Priests and Hierophants were.

The ancient Black Civilizations of Africa were at one time rulers of the world, Spiritual in nature possessing Spiritual Powers the likes of which is unheard of today. Somewhere along the way this Spirituality was replaced with religion and the Black race has been a lost race ever since. Unlike all other races, the contemporary Black race doesn’t have its own religion. Christianity and Islam are the two dominate religions of Black people both of which are religions of their enslavers.

When it comes to African Americans the Definition of stupidity is: Knowing the truth, seeing evidence of the truth, but still believing the lie that you are a n**ga; the deep, dark, ugly, evil, racist, 400-year-old history…behind this word…speaks for itself. Any African American who sees themselves as the N-word…doesn’t qualify to be Black. No honorable Black will stoop to seeing itself as a n**ga.

It’s hard to be Black if you are refusing to WAKE UP. So many African Americans do not wish to be disturbed but the more…conscious, awake you become…the more liberated you are.  It takes a liberated mind to live up to such a transcending metamorphosis from mental enslavement of being a n**ga…to becoming Black.

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The uncomfortable truth must be confronted: Absent the internalized oppression of those who called white men massa, “n**ga/n**ger” would not be a part of Black folk’s lexicon if not for the transgenerational transference of the term down through the centuries.

When Blacks vote without true options to select from, we are validating the very system of oppression that is used against us. Our ancestors didn’t die so that we could vote. They died for freedom and equality. Voting, non-violence/violence were tactics to gain freedom and equality. African American politicians are obligated to the best interest of their political party…not the best interest of Black African Americans.

Parties will finance an African American politician if he/she is popular, they DO NOT finance Black politicians so that they can empower Black Americans. They finance Black politicians so that they can use Blacks and Black votes to empower a white racist agenda against themselves. If your organization is being financed by white folks, then make no mistake about it…you work for white folks.

There is no need for a Black political party, but there is a need for a Black political Union where we use our muscle to get political concessions from both the Republican and Democratic parties this is not about friendship this is business.


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