President Joe Biden and Republican Donald Trump Too Old to Run in 2024.



( The 2024 election could end with either an 82-year-old Democrat getting a second term or a 77-year-old Republican getting a second term. Well, that is if Trump isn’t still dealing with legal stuff during important campaigning time. After all, constituents want to see the people they’re going to vote for in their city and not only those campaigning for them.

This isn’t about Trump’s legal troubles—that could be a thought for next time. No, this is about the feeling that President Biden is too old to govern now and too old to run again. I want to make it clear that this is an opinion that is shared about former President Trump as well.

Both are well past 70-years-old at this point and the concern for an old president is mixed. The general consensus is that they’re too old but depending on political affiliation the reason varies and sometimes the same energy isn’t applied for their own candidate.

“They’re Too Old Because of Possible Diminished Mental Capacity”

There’s been times where President Biden appeared forgetful or flubbed on something that he should’ve had down pat. This raised concern that age might have caught up with Joe and would impact his decision making ability.

It’s a concern that those on the left had, after all Biden’s been in politics since 1970 and reached the national stage in 1972 at 29-years-old. Everyone simply doesn’t remain sharp of mind in their old age. On the right, it seemed as though this was played up that he was incompetent at his job in his old age—despite four years of Trump.

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No one said that a “straight shooter” who holds nothing back has to be a mix of Archie Bunker and Gilligan—with some Benny Hill-gone-wrong allegations thrown in for all you classic TV buffs out there.

Honestly, They’re Both Too Old to Have Scandals and Run

Speaking of legal issues and scandals that should be character destroying for a president or presidential candidate, these two have a little too up there in age to just have scandals coming out. Both Biden and Trump have had previous scandals and detrimental situations come out prior to them taking the Oval Office.

Then these scandals came up again once one leaves office and the other takes office. Mind you, there’s a degree of invincibility once they’re in office. The allegations and scandals will continue to be mentioned but ehh…they’re in office already. Those hits don’t land until they’re out of office and they hit harder if they had a questionable term.

However, these guys are both in their 70s. They’ve been around the sun a ton of times now. I’m not one to condone doing dirt while in power or while wielding power in business and politics but I mean…you can’t be sloppy with it.

No one should be leaving diaries with unflattering commentary about you in an old house, no one should be coming forward with sexual assault allegations, and your son shouldn’t make you a target because they’re sloppy. Hell, on that note, your mistresses should be well-fed and well-paid to make sure whatever weird-ass sh*t stays in the dark.

I will admit, at least an effort was made on Trump’s part to clean up his mess. It was far from the best job and smacked of knowing he was doing something that wouldn’t go over well with those in your party. However, if you’re running for President make sure your family’s business isn’t loose and out there all willy-nilly.

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In short: never give the ops any ammo. Also, some stuff should never see the light of day—or at least it shouldn’t while you’re still alive. That’s why “taking it to the grave” is a thing. Then again, Cosby’s dirt caught up to him in his old age. So, maybe catching people before they go in the dirt is the key approach now. I mean, a posthumous dragging does nothing for me personally.

Again, that’s another thought for another time. At any rate, having scandals and wanting to run is an issue for me as it becomes a textbook situation of pick the lesser of two evils—or rather picking whichever person sh*t the bed the least.

Biden and Trump Are at That Age Where Heath Concerns Stack Up

This is another real concern. There is always the possibly of an older president experiencing a health incident or even death while in office. Now, this is a possibility even for a younger president but things seem much more likely the older a leader is.

Honestly, it makes me wonder what exactly constitutes “fit enough to govern” condition as the presidential physician tends to always clear the president. This is despite the American public looking and going “Are they really in perfect health?” Then again, they’re the medical official.

It’s partially why Supreme Court Justices selected in recent memory, tend to be under 60-years-old. Sure, 60 isn’t exactly young and for someone who has been in their field for decades, the 60s are when it’s time to start packing it in—except in government. And even then, a politician, judge, or law enforcement head isn’t guaranteed to reach the federal stage of their career.

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There are senators and representatives who have been serving their states before I was born but never made to Capitol Hill to serve their states nationally. Hell, most never became and never will become governor of their states—and a couple are eligible for that early bird special at Shoney’s.



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