Power of God; Does The Church Of Today Lack Power?



(ThyBlackMan.com) Today one could argue that there are at least two churches on every major street in every major city in this country. There are denominations then sub-denominations within them. There are church organizations like the National Baptist Association and the Southern Baptist Association. There are ministries in shopping malls, meeting in hotels and even those building huge sanctuaries. There are mosques in every state in this country. There are Mormons, the Unity School of Christianity, Jehovah’s Witnesses, non-denominational churches, full Gospel Baptist cliques, seminaries everywhere, the church of religious science, Methodists, Presbyterians, Lutherans and then there is the catholic church. There are Hebrew Israelites, Jewish synagogues, Buddhist, Hindu and Nuwaubian temples. And yet where is the impact made by all of these massive groups on society and on our communities?

One could argue that without these groups, things would be even worse. But that would be an assumption and things are pretty bad even though these groups exist. What impact is being made when unemployment is still a problem, homelessness is still a problem, domestic violence is still a problem and crime is still a huge problem? Millions of members of the respective groups aforementioned still have to depend on the government and millions of people are operating at or below the poverty level. The murder of unborn children (abortion) is high, marriage out of wedlock is high and divorce is high as well – even in the church. Same s-e-x relationships is infecting our society and we should be more concerned about cleaning out the closet than accepting people who come out of it. Sensitivity to sin and perversion must never, ever bow before righteousness. Something is very wrong and the salt has lost almost all of its savior.

I must note that there are good churches, synagogues and mosques out there. There are pastors, ministers and other spiritual leaders who make a difference every week. But in comparison to the overwhelming amount of sin, crime and perversion in this country, ministries are failing as a whole. While the choir contests continue, pastors buy jets and write books, the world seems to be “going to Hell in a handbasket“. Christ said the gates of Hell would not prevail against His church so I must ask the question, are the churches of today really based on the church Christ created? If so, where is the power?

Church Of Today Lack Power.

It is the power of God poured out through willing vessels that changes things. But as the Bible foretold, man‘s heart has grown cold. Ministry has all too often become about status and keeping up with the spiritual Jones’. It has become about mimicking the way the world does things then making excuses for behaving that way. The church as a whole has become more about fleecing the flock than feeding the sheep. Ministry has become about promoting the pastor or the worship center more than the message and the author of that message. Look at who or what is promoted on the billboards and the TV commercials. The thieves in the temple are merchandising the Gospel in every way possible. The good news has gone from free good news to bad news that costs to no news. And all of this is being reflected in our schools, our police departments, our hospitals, our communities, our government and even in many of our religious or so-called holy places and institutions.

In the book of Daniel, when Daniel became discouraged, the angel told him “these things must come to pass“. Yet we are still told to fight the good fight of faith – and we know faith without works is dead. Those of us who are wise in battle know that we must have armor and that the battle is against forces seen and unseen. Yet too many of us compromise on our morals, values and principles and allow our children to do the same. TV, self-destructive music, video games from Hell and poor examples have taken center stage – even amongst those who claim to know God.

Every Saturday or Sunday millions of people pack worship centers to get enough encouragement to make it through another week. Meanwhile, beyond the doors of the sanctuary, gloom and doom spreads across the land. A few hours later “believers” emerge from the building feeling renewed while the rest of the world around them slowly dies. But at least the “believers” got “their Word” right? Is this how things have to be or have ministries falling asleep? John asks “who has bewitched you“?

Yet today this article is not one of discouragement. It is an article of awareness, a message of warning to all of us to turn from ways that do not please God. To turn back to morals, principals, values and true holiness. To turn back to family and worship and faith and good works and humility and peace. For men to be men, not homosexuals not irresponsible. For older men to correct younger men and for younger men to lock down their egos and listen. For women to be ladies, dressing like they are, speaking like they are and setting an example for our daughters.

I do not care if people disagree with this article because their disagreement will neither change the truth nor what is coming. Turn back to what is right while there is still time. Share this message with everyone you know – especially those in the ministry, those in your household and those in your community or church. We will see the power of God poured out through His people when His people exhibit the heart of God, the character of God and the willingness to change things. And time is short. Mostly everybody mocked and scoffed at Noah until the Ark door closed. WAKE UP!

Staff Writer; Trevo Craw

A Free Thinker, who loves to talk about Politics, etc. Also, all about uplifting the Black Community even if it doesn’t fit your mindset. One may hit me up at; [email protected].