Obviously Social Media Has Consequences.




(ThyBlackMan.com) Many of us have to work to make a living. It is understood that illegal drug usage can cost anyone their job. It is obvious that one must stay clean in order to keep most jobs. It is understood that violations of company policy can be cause for termination. Many of us have to read and sign documents making sure we understand the grounds by which we can be terminated from said job. Life is not getting easier in the US as finding a job can be a very difficult challenge, and the cost of living is not decreasing at all. With each passing day it seems we find ourselves spending more on necessities like child care, transportation, food and utilities. With all of this being said we’d think that people would not put their source of income at risk with something like social media.

It is understandable that people feel they can post whatever they choose on their Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, TikTok, or Instagram page. Too many of us feel that these social arenas are our platforms to vent, be free and air whatever we want regarding our life, views and feelings. The problem is employers now look at social media and depending on how you post it can cost you getting that dream job. Several people know this, and might even understand. The problem is once on the job too many people feel they can do as they please on social media. The truth is we have watched people lose their jobs behind social media posts on countless occasions yet many continue to take the risk. Setting your accounts to private does not guarantee your posts won’t be seen. People have lost jobs and been kicked out of school behind social media posts, yet we don’t seem to learn.

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The bigger issue here is people feeling the need to air their personal issues, views and private thoughts in a very public manner. Now we don’t have to just worry about the bully or a ranting person we see every day; we have to concern ourselves with cyber versions. During the presidential campaigns there were so many racial posts and tweets that costed people their jobs. Students were kicked out of universities.

The bottom line is whether we feel important on our job, or not, we represent that company. No company that is in the business of making money will allow its brand to be tarnished by open racists and bigots. When these kind of people get emotional and take to social media their rants go viral and make it back to the company they represent. The offended parties don’t just hold the individual accountable…they demand that the company hold them accountable as well.

Social media has consequences. Yes, it does give many a platform and voice, but with it comes responsibility. Life is already enough of a challenge without putting your job at risk for a rant. Maybe it would be better to buy a journal and privately vent your feelings. This does also apply to racy photos and content. Anything that can cause you to become a liability on your job should be carefully thought out before posting. Whether this is right or wrong will always be a heated debate, but as for now how you behave on social media can jeopardize your money. Don’t get denied, or lose, a job because you couldn’t control your impulse to let it all hang out on social media.

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Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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