National and Tennessee Republicans are Both Off to the Racists.



( As I reflect back on the last week in politics, I could not help but to think back on the Civil Rights movement.  I was not old enough to participate in the Civil Rights movement, but I have been honored to be able to call legendary icons of the movement personal friends and have been blessed to be able to sit at their feet and learn of their ways.

This has included legendary people like William C. “Bill” Coleman, Robert J. Brown, Robert L. Woodson, Sam Moore, Kenny Gamble, Mary Wilson, Bernard Lafayette, Curtis C. Crawford, Vernon Jordan, Sam Cornelius, Maynard Jackson, Jesse Jackson and Marion Barry, to name a few.  If you do not know who these individuals are, then shame on you.  Google them!!!

There were two ominous events that took place last week that should make all Republicans nervous.

The first event was the Wisconsin race for Supreme Court. Republicans got a good old fashion butt whooping last week.  Radical liberal Janet Protasiewicz beat Republican Daniel Kelly 55.5% to 44.5%.  This is the same state that former president Donald Trump carried in 2016 by .8% over Hillary Clinton, 47.8% t0 47%, with about 23,000 votes separating them.  In 2020, President Joe Biden carried the state with 50% of the vote to former president Donald Trump’s 49%, with a difference of about 20,000 votes.

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Wisconsin is the ultimate swing state.  So what explains the blowout of Republicans last week?

To me, the answer is so obvious that even Stevie Wonder can see it.

Republicans in Wisconsin and nationally continue with the worn out twentieth century approach to politics and if we do not change by next year, we will not win the White House.

Republicans continue to double down on its idiotic “white turnout” approach to elections.  They continue to play racial games to gin up white turnout knowing full well that the white vote continues to shrink as a percentage of the electorate.  There are simply not enough white votes for Republicans to win in states like Wisconsin, Georgia, Ohio, Pennsylvania, etc.

In order to be competitive, they must form coalitions with the Black community.  Blacks are begging the Republican Party to give them a reason to vote Republican because they are not in agreement with the radical leftist agenda being unleashed on the Black community by the Biden administration.

Radical Black elites have been bought off by Democrats; people like Al Sharpton from the National Action Network, Marc Morial, from the National Urban League, Derrick Johnson, from the NAACP, etc.  The rank and file within the Black community is open to engagement with the Republican Party, but no one talks to them.

I challenge my readers to produce one photograph or video with Republican congressional leadership meeting with successful Black business owners.  Show me one photograph or video with RNC Chair, Rona Romney meeting with successful Black businessmen.  I dare you, find me one!!!

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Therein lies the problem with Republicans, they think white turnout is the problem when in reality it is just the opposite.  White turnout has peaked and must be matched with a working coalition with the Black entrepreneur.

The second ominous event to have taken place is what Republicans did in Tennessee. Their actions were nothing short of outright racist.  End of story!

The two Black and one white legislators who broke the rules of the house deserved to be punished.  Now we can argue about what an appropriate punishment should be, but I do not think anyone would disagree that some type of punishment was in order.

These three legislators all participated in the same insurrection, at the same time, on the same day.  We have the video footage.  Either you expel all three or you exonerate all three.  They should have received the same punishment.  Period.  End of story.

There is no explaining away that the two Blacks were expelled, but the white woman was not.

So, this is one Black Republican who will not try to explain away the behavior of the Republicans in Tennessee.

Juxtapose my very public view on the racism displayed by Republicans in Tennessee with those of the Black conservative media whores white conservatives trot out to the media to try to explain away this not-so-subtle racist act that went on in Tennessee.

When I say media whores, I am referring to people like Amala Ekpunobi, Candace Owens, CJ Pearson, Xaviaer DuRousseau, Diamond and Silk (D&S).

Other than D&S, they all are “personalities” for PragerU.  I find it amazing that PragerU does not have one Black person in leadership but have plenty of Blacks that they pay to entertain white folks with all kinds of buffoonery, but I digress.

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I find it quite embarrassing to watch these Blacks attempt to explain away racism when it played out on live TV.  These are the Blacks that have absolutely no relationship with the Black community, which makes them extremely valuable to white conservatives.

Until Republicans realize that there are simply not enough white voters for them to win in today’s 21st century, they will continue to lose winnable elections.  Until they start regular engagement with the Black businessman, regular dialogue with Black women about school choice and vouchers, and direct communications with the Black community about “values,” they will continue to be viewed as the party of racists.

I am a graduate of Oral Roberts University and had the honor to work for Oral for four years.  One of things he would always tell me was, “Go into everyman’s world and meet them at the point of their need.”



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