Movie Directors Lee Daniels, Quentin Tarantino Express Their Views About the N-word.




( In a recent interview movie director Quentin Tarantino’s perspective relative to usage of the N-word in his movies are arrogant and disdainful; however, it was Samuel Jackson who wanted Tarantino to use the denigrating term more than he did in the movie Django. Had it been left up to Mr. Jackson there would have been unlimited usage of the term.

Lee Daniels’ implication that non-blacks cannot use the term is apropos, however, the claim he made that the N-word is our word is in line with how many in the Black community thinks and is…a cause for concern. The N-word is the most profane and infamous word in the English language the anathemas 400-year-old history behind it is demeaning and degrading to the Black race.

There is nothing endearing, adorable nor admirable about the vile, racist, abhorrent word…nigga. And for sake of clarification nigga is…ghetto vernacular for n**ger thus no difference between the two, same as brotha/brother, sista/sister, etc.

Yet many African Americans see it as a term of endearment which is not a coincidence…it’s all by design that so many Black Americans are held captive by the word.

African Americans will try to rationalize as to why they embrace and welcome the N-word into the sanctuary of their subconscious minds. What Black America…for some mindless reason…refuses to see is that for the past 400-years, African Americans have been bamboozled and hoodwinked into accepting that satanic term as belonging to no one…BUT THEM. Consider the following scenario…in a crowd of 15,000 people at a basketball game…there is only ONE African American. An announcement is made, we have a lost nigga child and would the parent please come and claim the child. All eyes are going to fall on that ONE African American. Who else in the crowd is going to be looked upon as a nigga?

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At the end of WWII when Black soldiers arrived home from the war, they were greeted with jeers…don’t forget your place, you are still a n**ger…as we know Black America, mindlessly, and naively is now in full compliance.

The N-word is more than JUST a word. It is an infectious low-vibratory word, and its sole purpose is to defile the subconsciousness of Black people who are mindless enough to claim that word as their…VERY OWN. Its sole PURPOSE is to serve as a self-refueling, self-generating psychological conduit for MIND CONTROL. White Supremacists see Black African Americans as inferior and subhuman. And by the Black community embracing the term nigga THEY agree…just as they have been programmed to do…SENDING the harmful message to their…SUBCONSCIOUS MIND. This message over a 400-year period became transgenerational. Unknowingly, to most African Americans, we have quietly gone from being 2nd class citizens to 4th class.

Hispanics are now looked upon as 2nd class and Asians as 3rd class. The difference between us and them is our state of mind. Every time we use the N-word we are empowering it to be our master, those of you who call yourselves Christians, had better stop snoozing. Presently, the N-word has more power over Black America than Jesus Christ and that’s because…you UNKNOWINGLY are giving that word all kinds of power over the Black community. I’m not being facetious! Stop underestimating that word.

As the social hierarchy of Black America, politicians, educators, professionals, ministers, so-called community leaders go, so goes Black America. Dysfunctional embrace of the N-word exemplifies low self-esteem it subconsciously reinforces the worthlessness they’ve been trained to feel about themselves through White Supremacists in positions of power. White Supremacists’ have successfully socially engineered submissiveness and fear into our people, through constant attacks to Black self-respect, especially directed at the male where attempts at emasculation is always a clear and present danger.

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The oppressor has been very successful in creating the Black mind in the manner they intended. They’ve effectively and diabolically created us to be the perfect slave, the perfect servants, the perfect submissive and non-competitive people in America to serve their delusions of being the “Master Race.” You can’t be masters of all you survey unless you have the perfect slave or subhuman to bow to you. Black America’s unconscionable usage of the N-word through Mind Control makes it all possible. Every time you voluntarily feed your subconscious with that word, we as a group are committing mental genocide.

For more than 400 years the weakest links in the Black race have lacked the intestinal and mental fortitude to overcome their oppressor’s preconceived notion of them as being inferior, forcing many to agree with this premise thus to self-destruct thru self-hatred, demeaning and degrading one another with voluntary usage of the N-word.

White folks’ non-use of the term doesn’t stop racism; however, Black folk non-usage of this debilitating term helps to ERASE the intended and ongoing mental enslavement of the Black race.

Let’s not compromise the principles of truth! Embracing the N-word gives Black America the wrong self-image, wrong self-focus, a misguided state of mind.  Relative to mind control the Black community need to become more conscience about what’s going on in this country and how we as a group are being hoodwinked and bamboozled, be willing to encourage others to stop using the N-word, enhancing their self-esteem, and by default, their quality of life. Mind Control is NO JOKE…stop taking it as one.

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