Mindfulness is Needed for Physical Intimacy.




(ThyBlackMan.com) Life can bring about different levels of stress that can have an effect on our thinking, and physical presence. When this happens, it is difficult to stay in the present moments. Far too often the mind goes back and forth between the past and the future with no space for the right now. This can have a negative effect on the relationships we find ourselves in. This lack of mindfulness can cause one to be at odds with their partner in a romantic relationship. Let’s be honest, the person that we are with deserves to have us completely with them in the moments shared. Yet, this can be a great task that had visible side effects that can be personally embarrassing, while also making one’s partner inadequate.

If you are a man, mindfulness can help erectile dysfunction. If needed, there can be a preparation mentally for intimacy so that there is not a disconnect between your intention and your body. Mindfulness is a good sex therapy tool; if you can become conscious of mindfulness, making it a part of the intimacy prep you will find that you can engage your partner better. The idea is to be present in that moment whereby your only thought and focus is your partner, and entering a physical oneness with that person. When mindfulness is not at work, even if they don’t know the right verbiage, your partner will notice your mind is elsewhere. This opens the door to other problems.

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Your partner might blame themselves for what appears to be your lack of engagement. They could feel they are no longer attractive to you, that maybe your feelings for them have decreased…or the dreaded worse, you’re cheating on them. It’s not far-fetched for a partner to feel you’re erectile disfunction is manifested by them, especially if it’s fairly a new situation. All of this could be avoided by practiced mindfulness.

No one is saying mindfulness is the end all cure to erectile disfunction, but it does play a major role as the body tends to follow the mind. Taking time to have a sex therapy regimen, if necessary, can help you to have a consistent method with get into a spaced that allows mindfulness. Sometimes it can be something as simple as participating in an ongoing intimate conversation with your partner throughout the day, which builds the anticipation of physical intimacy.

In this you are also aiding your mindfulness as the desire for your partner is actively occurring, and the longing is building as the day goes on. Having conversations with your partner, or sex therapist in conjunction with your partner, can lead to great ideas to feed your mindfulness. This can help keep the fire going. Erectile dysfunctions does not have to rob you of the physical intimacy you desire. Mindfulness, along with other intentional actions can help you compartmentalized the other things on your mind so that you can with 100% present with your partner.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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