Mentally Enslaved African-Americans, Who embrace the N-word talk.




( The enslaved Black was stripped of his heritage so that no parts of his ingenious, dignified, self-reliant, culturally-aware and proud African background could influence his life in America. His personality, behavior, and self-image were re-shaped exclusively by the unique form of American slavery. This system of degradation birthed the exact opposite of what black African ancestors represented; the system birthed a n**ger/n**ga. This classification was created to keep blacks within a certain place of inferiority in society, and for consoling purposes relative to any and all misdeeds perpetrated upon the enslaved.

Slave plantation owners, overseers, merchants, bankers–all of whom were benefactors of the American enslavement of black people, had a huge stake in eliminating the identity of the newly-arrived Africans. This aided in keeping  Africans disoriented and congenial towards being better slaves. It also set the foundation for Africans to–initially by force, then eventually–voluntarily accept European values, traditions, and habits. While yielding to acceptance of the European ideals, Africans were unknowingly contributing to a total disintegration of African culture.

Upon being stripped of his true identity and given a new name—and image—the enslaved black was taught to envision himself and his African heritage as inferior and barbaric.  It’s a paradox but it wasn’t that the white man actually saw the Africa as being inferior, it was simply his wish for this to be the case, and therefore created the myth for all to believe, both blacks and whites alike, that the African was inherently  inferior.

The term n**ger defined as—3/5 a person, a sub-human, bestial savage beast that needed to be tamed—was not merely the result of slavery, but it was the result of the distinctive North American form of slavery. Unrestricted in his powers by institutions such as the State and the Church, the American slave master had total control of his slave property. In a desire to maximize the profits of his investment, he strove to [develop] the perfect slave.

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The newly-created image of a n**ger was portrayed as being docile but irresponsible, loyal but lazy, humble but a chronic liar and thief. He was a childlike figure, often demonstrating infantile silliness and exaggeration. He was depicted as exasperating but lovable and, above all, utterly dependent on and attached to his master. The master conveniently attributed this behavior to the slave’s race or his primitive African culture.

Not only did white America become convinced of white superiority and black inferiority, but it strove to impose these racial beliefs on the Africans themselves. Slave masters gave a great deal of attention to the education and training of the ideal slave and the creation of a n**ger image. In general, there were five factors in molding the character and mind of such a slave: strict discipline; instilling a sense of self inferiority in the slave; belief in the master’s superior power; acceptance of the master’s standards; and, finally, a deep sense of his own (the slave’s) helplessness and dependence.

At the foundation of every teaching, this education was rooted in the belief of white superiority and black inferiority. Besides teaching the slave to despise his own history and culture, the master strove to inculcate his own value system into the African’s outlook.  The White master insisted on total obedience and created a situation of utter dependence.  The White master supplied food, clothing, shelter, discipline, and also granted himself the authority to determine who the slaves befriended and controlled their mating as well.

The indoctrination process of [creating] a n**ger/slave was now complete.  And this particular process was not just a brief or current event for that moment in time. Rather, it planted seeds with deep roots that sadly ensured bountiful crops of [mental] enslavement for centuries to come.

While American slavery did violate the heart, mind and soul of the slave, some Africans, in the face of it all, managed to maintain some sense of individuality and manhood. Some slaves departed sharply enough from the n**ger image to become leaders in insurrections. These men were usually urban slaves possessing unusual talents, thereby escaping much of the emasculation the typical slave endured in his becoming a man-made image of a n**ger.

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Suppose the pages of time were turned back. Consider the following question for a moment: if the enslaved Africans were as inferior as the slave masters insinuated, WHY would there be a need to indoctrinate, manipulate and browbeat the enslaved blacks into believing they were inferior? The only sensible explanation for White America’s actions is that they were fearful of these remarkable people who had learned to survive and thrive through tilling the earth and using their own resources and intellect to develop a progressive society in their own right. Yes, White America was troubled and disturbed about those peculiar Africans who had developed an established society and living without Europeans.

We must come to understand that the captured blacks were virtually all fromWest Africa. The best of the best thatWest Africahad to offer both mentally and physically were captured and enslaved.  These captured blacks were descendants ofWest Africa’s great Malik and Songhai Empires who were pioneers in the arts, sciences and use of speech and the creation of tremendous civilizations.

So what happened to these extraordinary civilizations?  Before the European raiding ofWest Africa, 600 years prior to that time, the Arabs had invaded and conquered them. The very civilizations that the Romans and Greeks obtained their culture and knowledge from had been invaded, crushed, and reduced into submission by the Arabs. When the Europeans raidedWest Africa, the inhabitants were already a conquered race.

The White man’s account of the slave trade implies that blacks were selling blacks into slavery. Could that idea be another distortion or fabrication of historical facts?  And if so, what is the significance in concealing such a fact? Is it just another way of turning blacks against blacks and encouraging the race of people to continue to distrust one another? What if it were the Arabs who were doing the selling? Prior to being conquered by the Arabs, the Africans set themselves up to be conquered by being so trusting and befriending the Arabs. While the Africans allowed the Arabs to move freely among them, the Africans were unsuspectingly being surrounded by them. Then the inevitable happened: the Africans were invaded and conquered.

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America knew that it would not be sufficient to only physically enslave the Africans; instead, they realized they had to also defeat and control them mentally. They realized that if this plight was to work for the long-term, they had to urgently and effectively (through consistent practices) instill into the hearts, minds and souls of the enslaved Africans an inferiority complex. This was accomplished by any means necessary with resounding success.

The term n**ger/n**ga serves as a self-generating and self-refueling reinforced psychosomatic conduit to those who have been conditioned to accept its low vibratory rate of an all-consuming energy— conceivably—for an infinite period of time.  Most Black African Americans have bought into the lie as to who they are supposed to be.  Blacks and African Americans need to address the lie they have so long been victim to. They need to remove the deception and present an image of who and what they truly were meant to be and who they can be. And, note, that the true image of a Black African American is not that of a n**ger/n**ga.

The following is a link to an inspiring, critically-acclaimed film, “A War For Your Soul”. The purpose of the film is to convey the horrific events black ancestors faced and parallels to present day issues current generations face. After viewing the 20 minute movie, perhaps viewers will own a better understanding of the obstacles blacks endured, still endure, and the imperative need for mental unshackling within the black community:

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