Martyrdom of Republican Donald Trump.




( While some 37% of voters say that they believe former President Trump should be indicted, another 48% believe it is politically motivated, but the charges are righteously sought. 16% of those polled suggests no position on the matter. Where do you stand? No matter what your political affiliation or what your personal feelings are about “The Donald” is that he has been subjugated to an unprecedented number of attacks from the political establishment. The question we must ask ourselves however is: are they really going after him or are they going after him to get to his followers/supporters?

For those experiencing “TDS” – Trump Derangement Syndrome, mainstream media Stockholm syndrome, and/or cognitive dissonance of the facts; here is the reality and the facts, the media has concocted a smear campaign outright brainwashing operation on the American people and sadly to say a very large percentage fell for it and continue to double down on their feelings despite being proven wrong and shown where things are not the case as they appear against “45”.

Evidence of this most recently is the calls for CNN’s Jake Tapper’s resignation because of the Durham Report findings vindicating Trump and he admitted so on air. Some people took offense of the truth that they want the man fired. The Russian collusion hoax, the TWO very bizarre impeachments, the number of misconduct/inappropriate conduct allegations over the years, the busted Manhattan indictment, and now the federally charged 37-count indictment for something that a good majority of top officials and government employees are “guilty” of – especially the current President, the former Vice President (Pence), and the Soldier recently charged for sharing classified information on Ukraine’s war efforts; oh let us dare not forget about Hillary’s 33,000 emails on a private server – a majority of which was classified. If you are thinking or feeling that none of them should be prosecuted, but Trump should then you are probably the very same person who would say you are ok with the government taking away your freedoms for safety and security provided by the government. Benjamin Franklin is quoted: “Those who will give up essential liberty, to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty or safety.”

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What does the “Uniparty” fear from one guy who is in his mid-70s? What does he know or have on them that they are afraid of? Why are they so adamant about stopping a second Trump term? Ladies and gentlemen, I am here to tell you that he alone is not “a threat to democracy” or some sinister guy looking to destroy the country – quite the contrary. When you listen to Karine Jean-Pierre’s White House Press briefings you will find her and President Joe Biden* refer to a certain block of Republicans as “MAGA Republicans”. They intentionally throw these buzz words out there to create the distinction and separation from establishment Republicans who support the unified agenda – “Keep Trump out who is pro-American and Pro-People.” Why would anyone in the US working for the US government be against “Making America Great Again”? Whatever that may look like or sound like is purely subjective, but the idea of it and the ascertainment of such a utopian place should not be railed against – at least not from my perspective.

Donald Trump’s emergence from this will be one of epic proportions and will surely go down in American and World history as one man that took on a corrupt system and inspired millions around the world into believing that one person can truly make a difference and a change. Afterall, despite all the appliances, houses, and even the mounds of dirt being thrown at him through legal woes, political persecutions, and the alienation of people from his circles – notably a few lawyers and Alyssa Farah Griffin from “The View”, Trump is still polling at 53% according to FiveThirtyEight polls.

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If and maybe when Trump is eliminated from the political picture, his martyrdom will be an inspiration to the next generation of Trumpians that will likely be even more resolved and resolute than “Teflon Don” was himself. The Uniparty thinks and have thought they have quelled a threat to their status quo, but they only created a population of thousands more ready to take his place. One thing is for certain, I think whoever has Donald Trump’s “Deadman switch” should keep the proverb: “Keep your friends close but your enemies closer.” to the forefront of their mind.

Staff Writer; Randy Purham

This brother is a Former US Congressional Candidate for the House of Representatives for the state of Alaska At-Large. He is the CEO of Purham & Associates, LLC and Host of Purham & Associates Show on