Iron Mike Tyson fights back … for a Republican.



( Celebrities, especially black ones, face serious backlash from the “community” if they dare to speak out against the left. They risk losing projects and opportunities. But Mike Tyson is taking that risk by backing his old friend and trainer, Tom Patti, Republican from Stockton, California, in his run for Congress.

When Tyson was being trained by his mentor, the legendary Cus D’Amato, Patti was the only other boxer living and training alongside him. Like Tyson, Patti appeared destined for a successful professional career. He was a Golden Gloves champion before his nose was broken one too many times, and he was forced to retire.

But he and Tyson have remained friends to this day, united by their love and respect for the great D’Amato and the lessons he taught. He used to tell the two young boxers, “Not all my fighters may become champions, but if you apply these principles in life as you do in the ring, you will be successful no matter what you choose to do.” Patti had already seen that lesson firsthand as D’Amato had previously trained his father alongside legendary boxer Floyd Patterson.

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The two recently reconnected in the boxing ring with Patti helping to train Tyson for his comeback fight against Roy Jones Jr. two years ago. And now, 35 years after their time in the Catskills together, they are fighting a new fight in the political arena.

Patti is running for Congress, and Tyson is backing him. The campaign launched with a fundraising dinner hosted by Tyson last year. Tyson is hosting another event for his good friend later this month in Miami Beach. Patti credits Tyson for getting him into politics.

“I used to complain to Mike about the direction I saw our country going in, and Mike said, ‘Tom, you are always talking about these things, why don’t you go do something about it?’” Patti said. So, he decided to run for the San Juaquin County Board of Supervisors. Tyson gave Patti his first donation. Patti won and has not looked back.

He won reelection two years ago, and is now seeking to flip a congressional seat in the Stockton area from blue to red. He is running against incumbent Josh Harder, who has voted 100% of the time with Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi.

“Harder and his San Francisco friends are more concerned about the criminals than the victims,” Patti said. “They have no concern for our border, allowing millions to pour across without regard for the law and without background checks.

“They stopped U.S. energy production, causing gas prices to soar and inflation to hit a 40 year high. We need a change. I stand for common sense government,” Patti said.

In the meantime, Tyson himself has been stirring the pot. He gave an interview to Greta Van Susteren in which he explained his recent switch to being a conservative. “As I get older, and I look at my children, and I see what’s out there in the world, I get a little conservative. … It’s common sense. Looking at the world we have now, you want safety,” he told her.

At the same time, Tyson acknowledged the risk he was taking in saying anything. “The last time I tried to talk politics [publicly], wow, did they give me a beating,” said Tyson. “I now stay away from politics and religion. They stole my freedom of speech.”

But for his old friend Patti, Tyson is willing to take the risk. And for Patti, his vision is clear: “I want to protect our neighborhoods, protect our borders, protect our children and restore faith in America.”

Written by Jim Breslo

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