Hypocrisy & Activism don’t Mix.



(ThyBlackMan.com) How many people are deterred from movement because leadership is faulty? There is no way one can lead the youth, or anyone else, when leaders lie and cheats its own community. This must be addressed because the previous generation is hard on the next, and the youth but they are unfair in their assessment and they are not the change they want to see. How long will it be before the elders realize the issues of the black community are beyond simply their experience or city? Hypocrites are not fit to lead, and once they are found out they cause more harm than good. The issue of hypocrisy in the black community has to be addressed because it is a serious source of contention, and we are losing our children in part because of it.

Unlike previous generations the youth have access to more information. The young people are able to pay attention to the news, they see what happening in their city, and cross reference the information given to them by officials and activist. The mistake leadership is making is thinking the youth are not paying attention, and they don’t care. Just because they are no longer willing to listen to you lie to them to their face doesn’t mean they don’t care.

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They have Facebook accounts, and they can follow their community members, pastors and elders. They are watching, and what they are being shown is devastating. Young people are watching the elders make deals with the devil. They see you post how much of a headache they are…they hear you when you call them thugs and amount their lives to nothing.

It is seen when community leaders get into bed with politicians. Those young people know why they lost their parks, why their school programs were cut, and why they are hungry. They don’t need logistics and they know there are outside forces, but they also know many of their own sold them out. Sold them out for position, status, and the right to look down upon them. Everyone in the 55 and up club that speaks down to the youth, and are not out actively making a difference in the life of young people are hypocrites indeed…and they know it. Those kids know some of you that speak came up with more than they have…and you expect them to do better. You don’t want them to kill and harm each other because they should care about life, but when you write them off as thugs and niggas you showed them the value of their life.

Yes, we must hold the young people accountable for their actions, and because they have more access to information they must be responsible for what they know. However, that also applies to those in power. If they watch you steal, kill, condemn, and destroy why should they do anything different. They are not stupid, and yes some of our youth are without excuse. But, how can they follow if the leadership is faulty? Condemning them for having hands as dirty as your own is hypocrisy…and that has no place in leadership if we are to fight for the lives of our children and people.

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Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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