How Can Republicans (GOP) Reach the Black Voters.



( In 1865 Frederick Douglass gave a speech entitled “What the Black Man Wants”. He succinctly says what is still applicable about how Republicans can reach out to Black voters. “Do nothing with us!” I personally do not like to be pandered to. I do not want to hear your empty promise(s) and I definitely don’t want to hear about some “race-based” oriented plan that you have absolutely no power to implement. Ice Cube caught scrutiny and ridicule by the Black community for wanting to meet with Biden and/or Trump with the “Plan for Black America” which later translated partially to Trump’s “Platinum Plan”. The prevailing argument was how dare he question what Biden can do for us and how dare he meet with Trump?!


Now, Ice Cube sees the hopelessness that shrouds the Black community in terms of looking to holding elected officials accountable or putting something on the table for our vote. Pointless. The Black community will majority vote for them at the usual 90%+ rate REGARDLESS. Black Americans shouldn’t want nor to need for Republicans to reach out to them. It should be where Black Americans reach out to Republicans and enjoin to the platforms, planks, and policy positions that are applicable to them as Americans.

Republicans had stopped trying with the Black community at-large because of the treatment and rhetoric they are trained to give Republicans. Republicans took this rejection and moved on. They appealed to the greater conscious of the American voter. God, Family, Community, and Country. The Black community shares these pillars as well, but politically rejects them. I’ve asked a friend of mine, when was the last time you heard a Democrat – outside of RFK Jr. – spoke about God, Family, Community, and Country in a political sense? We see the agenda that is promoted by both parties, and we are forced to choose where we align ourselves as Americans. But here is the conundrum. The enigma. The strangest thing. Not the Black community at-large. They are not even part of the conversation. “Well, we know that the Blacks are voting for the Democrats. In other news…”  Aren’t YOU tired of being relegated as the bench-warming superstar yet?

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Black Democrat voters speak about how they are ignored the entire four-years and then asked to vote for the party that promises everything and delivers nothing. But it has been done over and over again since the early 1970s. I guess LBJ was prophetic when he allegedly said: “I’ll have those Niggers voting Democrat for the next 200 years.” When I landmarked myself as a Republican 25+ years ago, I understood at that time that I will not agree with everything a party, politician, or a policy may bring, but I can get on board with what most closely aligns to me and my values and what I view as important and vote in accordance with those things.

Republicans – the only thing you need to do is to do nothing with the Black Man/Woman. If you are asked to do something show them what the Democrats have done to them for last 60 years. And give them a reminder they have 140 more years of devotion to the Democrat party to go.

“The more I learn, the more I realize I know nothing.” – Socrates.

“An informed citizenry is at the very heart of a democracy.” – Thomas Jefferson

A slave is in bondage physically. But their minds are as free as they wish it to be. Just as a free person is physically free but their mind is just as enslaved as they wish it to be. We are a society and a class of people today that have more freedoms and access to whatever we choose to but are the most oppressed and enslaved mentally than any other group in all human history.

See also  How Can Republicans Reach the Black Voters.

We vote because we want a voice, or our opinion heard. We don’t vote on what we know or what we don’t know. We vote based on a hope and a dream. We vote because we already have limited knowledge of varying degrees about a lot of things in hopes of supporting or being a detriment to those issues.




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