History Lesson: 60’s Black America Had Intestinal and Mental Fortitude.




(ThyBlackMan.com) As the affluent, educated, and outwardly intelligent social hierarchy of Black America proceeds so goes the Black community in general. However, although one may be highly educated in the educational system, or mis-educated according to Dr. Carter G. Woodson, one can still be a dependent or controlled thinker. Obtaining an education was once thought of as the key to release African Americans from mental enslavement.   

Education unquestionably serves as the essential building block in unlocking one’s mind and teaching an individual the basics of reading and writing, but independent thought allows one to break the chains of ignorance and enter a state of heightened mind power where common sense always resides at the right side of intelligence.

During the roaring decade of the 1960s, Black America seemingly shook off the shackles of mental enslavement rising to the challenge of standing up to paternalism and intimidation. As a result, the voting rights act of 1965 was passed, Civil Rights Act of 1964 was passed. Segregation came to an end and integration began. Since then, America has witnessed many individual African American milestones take place.

However, in retrospect these individual accomplishments when compared to group advancements is proving to be fools’ gold. As a group, Black America has retrogressed since the 60s. Police brutality, social injustice, inequality have all been on the rise. Prosperity wise, the economic well-being of African Americans, as a group have been stuck on stalemate. Instead of self-empowerment, Black America has drifted back into a state of paternalism and duress.

Black America - 1960s.

This predicament can be traced to a couple of explanations albeit not necessarily limited to. There are those in Black America who have been instrumental in the pursuit of multiculturalism and diversity all at the expense of the welfare of Black America. Common sense suggest that you take care of self-first and then once that accomplishment is signed, sealed, and delivered…then proceed in assisting all others.

Black African America’s spokespeople lack of basic instincts for group self-preservation have let the American Institutionalized Systemic off the hook by lumping Black America’s wants and needs all in the same basket with multiculturalism and diversification. Thanks in part to our own negligence Black America has been set up to be treated as 4th class citizens. It’s one thing to point fingers at the oppressor but another to ignore our own complicities in self-destruction.

Since the 60s there’s been a lot of moaning and groaning coming from Black America as to how it’s being treated. Instead of STANDING UP and doing something about it the preference has been to just simply moan and groan. Then again without unification…thus lacking clout…all is lost. There are outcries from individuals, but lone dissenters lack clout. When the Jewish community or LGBTQ express their concerns, it’s done as a group not by individual outcries. It’s only commonsense to know there is strength in numbers which comes through unification. Black America needs to take a page out of the Jewish community’s book and form something like an ADL of its own, independently financed by Black African America. The Black billionaires and multi-millionaires can pool monies as a step in the right direction towards Black African America becoming self-empowered and self-sustaining. Federal grants or white private donors gives control to the benefactors, the NAACP serves as a perfect example.

Another setback for Black America has been the introduction of rap music. The music industry executives are primarily white and Jewish and until recent times were ALL white and Jewish. Like predators they have feasted off Black America. Laughing at Black America behind closed doors, as to how easy and unbelievably big fools they are.

The Black social hierarchy could have flexed their muscles and put a stop to the fleecing…but didn’t. Then again, without unification there are no muscles to flex.

Much of the Black-on-Black violence that’s going on in the street, is directly related to the negative music that’s put out by the Jewish controlled music industry. Many young Black men that are presently incarcerated see going to prison as a badge of honor all of which comes from the influence of rap music. The following video is a sample size of how disgraceful, corrupt, and immoral rap music has been during the past 30 years, negatively influencing and poisoning the minds of Black African American youth.

https://youtu.be/-6Z_1JMFruc (——

Jewish record executives, as much as they love money, are not going to put out music denigrating the Jewish community. Michael Jackson at one time included such terms as Jew me, the K-word and H-word in his music only having to quickly remove them as the Jewish community demanded forcing him to apologize for doing it in the first place…a stand the Black community should have taken instead of passively sitting back on their collective bottoms allowing the music industry to have its way with Black America.

It seemed as if during the 1960s Black African Americans had finally overcome the 400-years psychological beatdown administered by an oppressive society, only to be confronted with an additional 30 years psychological beatdown by the same oppressive society through the application of music. Only time will tell as to what extent the damage proves to be.

No group is monolithic in thought; however, Black America is the ONLY group to use this as an excuse to NOT unite in a vain attempt to drive home a point that we all don’t think alike. The Jewish community, LGBTQ, Hispanics, Asians, white America are all united in thought when it comes to…self-preservation…of their groups.

Hopefully, common sense will eventually prevail, proving to be alive and well in Black America. Unification is going to take mental and intestinal fortitude, common sense; the autonomy and willingness to think for self. Sixties Black America had what it takes to get the job done, remains to be seen if 21st century Black African Americans have what it takes. This cannot be accomplished without agitating controlling white folks. You will never be giving permission to become self-empowered, self-determined nor should you seek it…you simply do it.

The choice is relatively simple, one can continue to live on their knees, or be willing to die on their feet, this commonsense approach would also need to include divesting oneself away from psychologically subjugation of the slave term…n**ga.

Staff Writer; H. Lewis Smith

This talented brother is the founder and president of UVCC, the United Voices for a Common Cause, Inc.  And author of “Bury that Sucka: A Scandalous Love Affair with the N-Word“.

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