Hispanics Fast Food Restaurant Workers Are Now Assaulting Black Customers.




(ThyBlackMan.com) Well, What else is new Black America! Now, we have another group of people, race, culture and or ethnic groups assaulting, discriminating and belittling members of the African American community over food, race supremacy and our economic recourses. Yes, the African American community is surrounded on all sides by other ethnic groups that are now taking the bold step to use violence towards any black women or child when ever we as a people demand for equality and for our food order to be correct.

On June 17, 2022 a female Hispanic working as a Manager at a Taco Bell in Dallas, Texas pour a large mug containing a Hot Boiling Water onto the face and body of two (2) African American women who were only requesting and attempting to resolve an issue with their food order. The Victims Ms. Britanny Davis and her 16 year under age niece drove to the taco bell drive-thru to get something to eat for the day. After completing their order and moving forward to the cashier window drive-thru and paying over $30.00 dollars, they receive an incorrect and incomplete order, which force them to park their vehicle and physically walk to the interior of the fast food restaurant to address their concerns and to speak with a manager regarding the wrong food order they received at the drive-thru window.

While inside the restaurant, they were met with staff who were combative, resistance, angry, bias and discrimination on their part and who just happen to be all Hispanics. “Indeed, everywhere you go for a bite to eat, the people inside those restaurants never looked like the community they served and they never hired member of the community they served”. Anyways, while the African American customers were expecting to get their food order fixed and or a refund of their money spend on the incorrect order, the Hispanic Female Manager with her bias, racist and discriminatory ways decided to solve the matter at hand with violence by purposely walking back to the kitchen, retrieving a large 2 gallon mug, filling it with hot boiling water and walking towards the innocent black female customers and pouring the Hot Boling water into the face, hair, head and upper torso of our African American sisters resulting in deep second degree burns on their face, neck, chest, arms and hair loss. This was an unprovoked and racist attack on Black America by a people known to follow the same steps and behavior of the racist white men of America the Great.

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After the two African Americans retreated in agony and pain out of the fast food restaurant, the Hispanic Manager went back and got another full mug of boiling water and began chasing the two black women who at that time were not a threat to anybody or to any white person in the vicinity. This deadly attack was not in self defense and was unprovoked, So the question that all African Americans should asked themselves is why did this Hispanic women chose violence over issuing a new order of food or given a partial or full refund to the victims. The answer is very simple my fellow African Americans!, Hispanics are also as racist, bias, prejudice and full of racism towards African Americans, towards Afro-Caribbeans and towards Afro-Latinos who are part Hispanics as well. Yes, Hispanic women and Hispanic men have learned this racist behavior from the White American men and women and they will continue to follow in the steps of white Americans in order to get on the good side of white America by discriminating and attacking black people.

Indeed, African Americans cannot fight a war on three fronts because we are already loosing on one front with the race soldiers aka white police officers and also loosing on the second front with racist white liberals and white people in general. So how can we now fight the Hispanics and Latino communities on a third front? It is impossible we will loose badly, so we have to be strategic in the way we move in order to defeat all these racist monsters and demons of the west and across the border. We must be patient and effective in every step and every move that we do in order to protect ourselves and our love ones from those who seek to destroy our communities and the life of our children. Black America is time to start “The March of No Return” and walk away from every fast food restaurant that is owned and operated by people who do not look like us, think like us, and suffer like us. Yes, it is time to boycott Taco Bell. There is no reason in Hell that could cause anyone to get attack with Hot Boiling Water, even if the two black women were loud and our cursing the staff, there is still no reason to commit such a heinous crime of violence towards any human being regardless of skin color, gender, creed, religion, political affiliation or sexual orientation.

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It is time for African Americans, Afro-Caribbean and Afro-Latinos to stop spending their money at Taco Bell and refrain from patronizing any restaurants owned by Hispanics and or Latinos in our black communities and in any other communities. No black men, black women, black child, black LGBT should spend a nickel on any restaurant where the managers and employees are Hispanics, No black money should circulate in any Hispanic community, business, products etc.. I am asking again for all my fellow African Americans and all black people of America and around the world to Stop spending your money and putting your money in anything that is owned, operated and or employee by Hispanics, Latinos, Whites, Asians, Midde Easterns etc.. We must learn to teach these people that it is the black money that is given them their wealth and their ability to send their racist children to college.

Remember! Black America are the number “1” one spenders and consumers of other peoples and cultures products in America. Black people spend more money on items at liquor stores, beauty shops, nails saloons, mini markets, fast food restaurants, jewelry stores than any other race combine together; Therefore, we as a people have the power to boycott every single store, business, factories, restaurants etc.. in America until these racist people learned to respect us and treat us with dignity and respect. Black America is time to boycott all Taco Bells around the nation and around the world. Do not spend one more nickel in their stores until we have justice for our black sisters with the manager going to jail and Taco Bell paying the victims off for pain, suffering and discrimination..

Now, just imagine if the taco bell manager was a black woman and the customers where two white women with blue eyes, blond hair and over a thousands pounds of make up on their face, what would have happen to that black female manager? Yes, you know the answer to this million dollar question! Indeed, that black woman would have been arrested, tazed and even shot dead by white police officers for assaulting those two white women with a caustic chemical aka Boling water which is capable of inflicting great bodily injury. So my fellow African Americans, why are you waiting for and why are you not demanding for that Hispanic manager to be arrested and charge with assault, battery, and attempted murder. Why are we allowing that Hispanic Manager to get away with this insult and attack on black Americans, knowing that if will create a copy cat scenario and we will see an increase in Hispanic employees and managers attacking any black woman, black man and or black child that may asked to resolve a food order discrepancy and or refund.

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With that said, if you are a true black men, black women, black mother, black father, black son, black daughter, black grandparents and you are proud to be black and love your community, love your people, love Malcom X, love Martin Luther King, love, Minister Louis Farrakhan and love your black children then you must demand for justice for our black sisters and you must share this story with every singe black person that you know. We must ensure that this message gets across the nation to our 46 million black citizens of this country in order for our people to wake up and stop the Kumbaya with other races who only wishes death and destruction on the black men, black women and black LBGT. I need every black women and black men to tweet, share, email this information, so we as a people can be prepared for what is coming our ways. Black America we are in danger and our enemies are surrounding us from everywhere so lets be prepared and Armed yourselves with legally purchase guns, ammo and bullet proof vest. The war on black America is taken a turn for the worst for us and if we do not prepared we might end up in concentration camps similar to what white America did to the Japanese American during WW2.

Staff Writer; Eugenio Stewart

One may contact this brother at; [email protected].