Gun Control: Parenting Plays a Part.



( Gun control has proven to be a national debate that continually fails to render any real legislation. Seems as though out lawmakers run circles around their rhetoric. Everyone agrees that there is a problem with gun violence, but no one seems to want to come to terms with what gun control means. I’m to the point that I no longer believe it’s a lack of understanding, but more so a lack of resolve. As we wait for our elected officials to offer a solution people are being murdered as an alarming rate in communities, the mass shootings feel like a regular occurrence, and with each child killed more of our future is going to early graves. While parents are grieving unspeakable loss, some are arguing for their right to bear arms. However, when speaking of gun control, the right to bear arms is not what’s at issue.

Gun Control - Parenting Plays a Part - 2023.

The issue is regulations for guns that help keep them out of the hands of those that need not have access to guns. This is no different than a person with epilepsy not being allowed to have a driver’s license. Right now, in Louisiana the state legislation is moving a bill that would allow citizens the right to conceal carry without a permit. How is it we can bring this legislation to the floor, but not the kind that would regulate gun ownership to save lives? If lawmakers won’t do their job, it is up to the people to make the necessary changes to protect our family and community. Parents are a vital part of gun control.

Parents are the first contact and line of instruction for many things involving one’s children. We teach them the foundations of right and wrong, how to treat others, clean their room, value education, manage health, and function of [how to use] tools. Paying attention to our children as they move through their day, and weeks, will help parents identify when their child is unwell physically and mentally. This might seem routine for a parent, but it also contributes to gun control. It is important that we talk to our children about guns…not only take them to the range, but a serious discussion about the reality of what guns do. They kill…they cause a permanent solution in death, one that should be avoided at all costs. Just as we would teach our children not to play with a knife or an ax, we must continually drive home the point that guns are not toys.

Learning more about gun safety ourselves to better educate our children is one aspect of gun control. However, one could argue that helping them learn to express their emotions in a positive way would also help. We need our young people to understand there are other ways to handle situations that do not involve violence. Granted to truly instill that point, it would be one they would have to see modeled for them. The words and actions of adults would need to be intentional and target at proper conflict resolution.

There are a lot parents are responsible on top of the wellbeing of their children. However, it must become a priority to know your child. You might be thinking, how can I not know my children…I see them everyday and live with them. However, they are growing every day. They know when we are too busy for them. They go from wanting to tell us everything going on with them, and if the response is disregard, they begin to tell us less until it’s nothing. You might wonder how this relates to gun control. You could be in the house with a child that’s being bullied or has mental health needs. If you don’t make the time or allow said child to isolate themselves, they could begin contemplating violence and you’d have no idea. It could happen when they are a minor or build up, and they become an adult who is unwell looking for a gun. It is important to come out of ourselves and realize our kids are also trying to navigate life…it is imperative that we see them. The schools can’t do this alone, it is important that this begins at home.




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