Distractions Destroy Goals, etc.



(ThyBlackMan.com) Taking a much needed breather from work I necessary to keep us on target to meet the goals we set. However, we know time is an entity that, once gone, can never be recovered. Too often we allow distractions to stand between us, and the goals we have set to improve our life. You must decide discipline, and consistency, will become a part of the fabric of how you are if you are to birth success in your life. Those two things fuel ones focus, and propel you forward.

Distractions come in many forms, but all of them hinder progress. Unfortunately, some behaviors that began as distractions tend to become a form of addiction that can do more than hinder…it can stop you in your tracks. Below are a few distractions that tend to eat up one’s time, and should put in proper space as not to impede your growth.

Black Man Thinking.

1. Social Media is a great tool for communication, and networking. However, if one isn’t careful it is a vice that can become time assuming to the point of addicted. Social media has costed people their jobs because they couldn’t unplug at work. Business owners that fall victim to it find that their work goes undone, which effects growth, because they were overly concerned with what was going on via social media. Students face a similar issue when they find assignments undone, and even classes missed behind social media. It’s necessary to detach from social media when necessary, and maybe learn how to get through a day without it. This is a vice that can be controlled, and shouldn’t get in the way of any goals you’ve set.

2. Needy friends and family are a draining source of distraction. You love your people, but you have to set boundaries on the amount of time you have to chat with them. When you find they are calling, on a daily basis, with continued problems and no regard for your time they are now distractions. When you are trying to work, approached with deadlines, trying to tend to a family, or handling your own needs its important to let the phone ring. You can’t fix every problem, and often times they just want a place to dump the negativity verses finding a true solution.

3. Disorganization is a overt form of distraction. This is one many may not consider as a hindrance. When you find yourself scattered, disheveled, and unable to think straight due to a lack of order that is a hindrance to progress. You can’t focus when everything is everywhere. Sometimes you need to stop and find a place for things, tidy the office, or go get a planner to help you organize your life. Methods of organization vary, but it is needed.

Take the time to sit down an access what you are doing with your time. Sometimes we see others that seem to get so much done in the course of a day, and we tend to feel they have more than 24 hours. The truth is we all function within the same 24 hours, but distractions puts us under pressure that hinders our goals, or eliminates them. Taking account of your time will help you find your distractions so that you can begin to eliminate them, and “reclaim your time”, which will help you achieve the goals you have set for your life.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr