Devout Christians – Today’s Church: Without A Clue.




( Pandemics, wars, poison vaccines, famines, killing unborn children in the womb based on convenience, earthquakes, meetings on Mt Sinai and strange seasons or abnormal weather everywhere we turn. Yet apparently much of the “church” that boasts of knowing God does not seem to have a clue about what is happening today. Without going deep into eschatology, I have to ask a few key questions. Where is the truth that should be coming from the mouths of those who call themselves prophets? Why is the church which claims to know God so well also the church that seems to be clueless about what all these things mean? Why aren’t their voices crying in the wilderness to warn the people or sounding the alarm and exposing both the plan and the perpetrators?

I am not the only one by any means who knows the things I am about to tell you. But the few who know sometimes don’t speak up to share unless they know that you already know. They are not wanting to risk exposure in front of many of you who cannot understand, will not receive or would betray them to the antichrist himself if you had the chance. Still, to those who have the courage of the Lion of Judah, the fortitude of the Prophets and the diligence of the Apostles (the real ones), you are priceless and have laid up treasures for yourself in Heaven where it counts. You change lives. So stay on mission.

Meanwhile, why are there so many churches everywhere yet homelessness, selfishness, crime, poverty, divorce, domestic violence, greed and perversion are also everywhere? Much of which is actually coming from those who go to church almost every time the doors open or from the pulpit itself. And while pastors fly in their jets, live in their mansions, drive their Rolls Royces, promote themselves by using the Word of God and pimp their congregations, church members still struggle, depend on social service entitlement programs and pray for “a breakthrough”. Something is very wrong. And it has to be 1 of 3 things. Either the church does not know its mission, the church does not want to fulfill its mission or many of these churches are false. I tend to lean towards the latter as much of the problem, though it is likely the problem is a combination of all 3.

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One primary role of the church is/was to meet the needs of the people. Another was to preach to and teach them. And yes, another responsibility of the church was to sound the alarm, warning people to change their lives and about what is coming. But as a whole, that is just not happening and the church is failing miserably. Baptist, Methodist, AME, CME, Non-denominational, Lutheran, Pentecostal, Church of Christ, Seventh Day Adventist, Sabbath Keepers, Presbyterian, Catholicism and then some – take your pick. Mostly silent and often repeating and repackaging the same inspirational messages week after week instead of preparing you for what is coming. Telling you what you want to hear with a one-sided “skip down the yellow brick road” message like Joel Osteen. Or not explaining much of anything that is happening all around you. The church doors are often even closed and locked when winter weather rages outside and people risk freezing to death. What ever happened to the church functioning as a place of refuge? Or is that just a little too inconvenient today and not a focus because there is no money in telling the whole truth and fulfilling the real mission?

So much for the church’s role of preparing people for what is to come. All that talk about faith and quoting how we are “fearfully and wonderfully made”. How God is “Yehovah Rafah”, our Healer (and yes, I believe that He is). How God is the Great Physician. Yet the pastors, so-called prophets, evangelists and teachers ran scared just like the world, rushing to take the Covid-19 vaccines. Trusting in man and making excuses for fear and lack of faith all along the way. But know this, if the Covid-19 vaccines (or the quantum dot tattoo) had been the “mark of the beast”, much of the church would have taken it, promoted it and deceived others into taking it. All while preaching and teaching that they are enlightened with the truth. Somebody is deceived and quite a few church leaders and their congregations have not come to understand how real things are. How the prophecies of the Bible are happening now, and evil is camouflaged with what appears to be sensible reasoning and justifiable causes. Wake up people. Wake up!


We are headed towards a cashless society and the framework is in place and growing. A new crypto-currency economic system (and then some) that will pave the way for restricting you from buying or selling, if you do not have the mark. A system where countries lose sovereignty, religions merge (ecumenism), borders disappear, THE false prophet arises and the antichrist rules the globe. A system where everything you have, everything you do and everybody you know is tracked because you and your family are on the grid and full of programmable nanotechnology, starting with the nanotech in the Covid-19 vaccines. And where is the church on all of this? In many cases at the front of the line of deception, deceiving others and being deceived. Blind, quiet and leading others who are zombie-blind right into the ditch.

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If you keep reading the Bible as merely a book for the afterlife, how to live this life and inspiration, you will miss the prophecies that have begun to unfold right in front of your face. And that is exactly why many church leaders don’t have a clue. The adversary is poised, smart, ready, active and much more prepared than many of you who say you are the church. And what are most of the churches of today doing? More praying and almost no preparation. Mistakenly thinking that the battle is all spiritual while missing it being covertly and overtly brought right to your front door, your job, your doctor’s office, your church, your bank and your government.

BEHOLD THE TROJAN HORSES, all riding in as benefits and gifts to you! You watch SpaceX placing satellites all around the planet and think nothing of it. You actually think they spent billions on 5G (and now 10G) to give you faster cellphone downloads at no charge. You think it’s great how smart your smart phone is. Or your OnStar. Or your Alexa and GPS. You have no idea that you can be watched through your smart TV, or you don’t care because you don’t know why you should. You have no idea what Bill gates is really doing. Or Elon Musk. Or Jeff Bezos. Or how Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are watching and profiling you. Or what’s in the Covid-19 vaccines you took. Or the chemicals in the foods you eat, because you won’t even read the labels. Or why the CDC created a “Zombie Preparedness Plan” in 2010 and the Department of Defense created one the next year, in 2011. And where are the church leaders or prophets with the insight to connect any of this together? Still preaching how you can get your blessing – your new car and new house. Even as the darkest elements of Biblical prophecies unfold, you are neither being told nor taught by your church leaders? And you need to ask why. Did they not read the book of Revelation or Daniel or Isaiah? Or is all of that just a spiritual sermon to those you trust to prepare you for what is coming?

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If you are not even awake to this truth, there is no way you are prepared for it. So what do many of you do? Pray, say, believe and hope God is going to rescue you to make it all OK. I am not saying that will not happen. But I am saying the path to “everything will be OK” is a rough one, a journey where you are going to have to wake up to the battle that rages around you. Wake up, prepare and fight the very systems that are coming into place to deceive, control and destroy you. And a “prayer closet” won’t do that for you. Apparently neither will most church leaders of today.



So suit up, be sober and vigilant. Your enemy is a predator and you, your life, spirit and family are all on his menu. The jungle? A new age, one world system set up and run by the anti-Christ himself with the help of those humans he has chosen to help him. And it’s much closer than you think. Play time is over. Naïve time is over. Nap time is over. Zombie time is over. Maybe you or your church leaders failed to understand the subtlety of the serpent. But the system that surrounds you and those who run it will make sure every bit of it appears to make sense to you. All operating in plain sight, right in front of your face. WAKE UP!

Staff Writer; Trevo Craw

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