Devout Christians: JESUS IS ENOUGH; Every believer has a “particular” part.




( When we go to Joshua, and we see how God called for the change of guard, or the change of command, He did not call Moses or Joshua His prophet or His leader. He referred to them as His servants. What we have to understand then is that God is looking for servants. And a servant has to have a certain attitude, a certain heart, and a certain position. If we are not delivered from the spirit of slavery, we will have a problem being referred to as a servant. When I am a servant, my life is no longer my own, but I belong to the one that I serve.

When we think of scriptures like, “My body is the temple of God,” “It is no longer I that liveth, but Christ that liveth on the inside of me,” and “Greater is He that is in me than he that is in the world,” we start rendering ourselves to God. And being that I render myself to God, I call myself “a servant of God.”

Now, serving God entails more than just coming to church on Sundays and Wednesdays. Serving God is basically a lifestyle, and God promotes His servants. The Bible has scriptures like, “What you do in secret, He will reward you openly.” Church is a God idea.

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Let us go to I Corinthians 12:27. “Now ye are the body of Christ, and members in particular.” That means I have a particular place in the Kingdom. I want to convince you that you are not an accident. You are not here by happenstance. But you are here because of purpose. When I say “here,” I am talking about your full existence, here in the United States of America, in the world, in this portion of the universe. God says you are a particular member. That means you have a particular task.

How many of you know and understand that your left hand does something totally different from your right hand. They almost cannot do the same thing. They can assist each other, but because they are on different parts of the body, they have different functionalities, different places and things that they are supposed to be accomplishing. When I understand that, that means that I am important to God

The devil is going to work overtime to get you to think that is not true. That is the whole crux of the whole grace message in its totality. We have to know and understand as believers that God loves me, God died for me, God forgives me, He cares about me, and God wants to bless me. Now once I settle that, I should start to say that Jesus is enough.

Say that in your spirit. “Jesus is enough.” What am I saying? All the other things that they have tried to say throughout the years about salvation, that you have to do this or that, is really saying that Jesus is not enough. You are saying that what He supplied was not sufficient enough to cover what He said He could cover. But when I look at this scripture, I see that I am a particular part. My kidney, for example, is a particular part of my body. My gallbladder is a particular part of my body. I am dealing with parts right now you cannot see. My appendix is a particular part of my body.

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Every piece of me has a specific function when God created it. That is why you are so important. God did not just put you here so you could haphazardly meander through life, but He placed you here so you could be purposeful, and at the end of your life, there is a certain journey and track that He wanted you to be on. Those are things that God wanted you to specifically accomplish. God said, “You are members in particular.” Say to yourself, “I have a part.” “I have a particular part.”

Staff Writer; Dr. Henry W. Roberts, II

This man of god is the pastor/teacher of Word of Life Community Church of Whistler and Chickasaw, AL. One may contact him at; [email protected].