Devout Christians: Demonic Attacks in Church – Very Real, Often Ignored.




( Recently my wife and I were the victims of a demonic attack – yes a real live demon attack. And even though the Bible is full of proof regarding demonic attacks, most people who say they follow scripture seem to be oblivious of the reality that demonic attacks exist. Churches very rarely teach the truth about demonic attacks and those who do tend to teach it is only a spiritual matter, not a physical one. But that teaching is incomplete therefore inaccurate.

Without the truth being taught about demonic attacks, most professing Bible-believers don’t have a clue that demonic attacks are real nor how to spot them. That means most spend time looking at each other as the problem instead of the demons behind the scene causing the problem in some cases or making the problem worse in others. There are signs and indicators but if people don’t even believe demonic attacks are true, why would those people bother to study, recognize,  expose and prepare for demonic attacks? They wouldn’t.

No I am not blaming demons for all that adults do, but they are real and they regularly interfere in the lives of human beings – whether they are seen or not, detected or not, exposed or not. They feed on negative emotions and pour gasoline on the fire of such emotions to make them and the outcome worse than it would have been. It is any wonder that in some violent crimes the perpetrator blacks out and does not remember what happened? Thus anger, jealousy, bitterness, hate, unforgiveness and depression create a climate that attracts and empowers demons while those experiencing these emotions are distracted so they won’t notice they are under attack.

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The most dangerous enemy is the one that is undetected.  The good news is that does not mean such an enemy is undetectable. Yet it has been said the biggest trick the devil every pulled is to convince people that he does not exist. So while many of you are blaming the other person, sometimes rightfully so, you need to recognize there is more going on than your eyes can see and more than you are likely paying attention to.

In the 1980s the “Demon Murder Case” was the first known case in modern American history where the actual legal court defense for a boy who stabbed someone was that he was under demonic control. I do not suggest that you watch the movie depicting the event because some movies are so evil that they actually attract the attention of demonic spirits. I won’t post a link but you can research the case.

I am not about to do all your homework and research for you. But this article is a red alert that should get you started. Psychology want to say demonic attacks are all imagined or hallucinations but that is just not true. Psychology based on Freud (or Fraud, rather) who needed counseling himself and who had a problem with God. A lost man who set schools of thought in place that to this day have made  millions of people ignore the truth, confused, deceived and sometimes on medication while believing they are imaging things. But try and tell that to people who have been attacked, victims who have physical claw-type scars to prove it. Hallucinations don’t scratch people, cause people to go into a rage far outside their personalities and kill, move things around the room and cast shadows. To believe a hallucination can do these things is to live in denial. And just like Darwin, many of Freud’s points either remained theories taught and accepted as if they were truth or have been debunked.

Start your research with the online linked article below and no I didn’t get the idea from them.

Demonic influence, whether attack, oppression or possession, leaves a trail of evidence – if you know how to spot the trail. Attacks are gradual but progressive and they happen to someone every single day – both in the physical and spiritual realms. Don’t believe me, do your own research. But I can tell you this, once you are attacked and recognize the attack, you will never say such demonic attacks do not exist.

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Talk like this, even though it’s true, it not popular in your local or mega church. Therefore church leaders rarely address the issue of demons, if at all. And because they don’t, those who sit in the churches are largely oblivious to the truth. But being unaware makes you a sitting duck – an easy target. I will end with this, don’t believe me, do the research for yourself. And I hope you neither open the door to satan and his demons nor become the victim of demonic attacks. But if you do, you will never deny demonic attacks are real again.

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