Devout Christians: Christians Don’t Go To Heaven.




( Before we get started, you get mad, say I’m wrong and get offended, let me preface a few things.

First of all, until the last moment of physical life, a person has the opportunity to choose Christ. He clearly told the two thieves on the cross that they would be with Him that day in paradise, and that is kind of last minute, but still it is the truth.

Second of all, none of us are in any position to judge. However, we can relay the judgment of God according to His word and the teachings of Christ. So now that I have your attention, it’s a matter of correcting the teachings that are often taught in error about this topic.

The term “Christian”, according to the Bible, was first used at Antioch. It was a derogatory term used by people who were taunting those who followed Christ. It was not a term that God ever uses in the Bible to describe his children. It was not a term that Christ used in the Bible to describe us either. So religion, very different from relationship, has brought error into the community of those who claim to be believers. And many of you, lay people and clergy alike took it and ran with it.

Calling yourself a “Christian” and call yourself a “child of God” are not synonymous. Why not? Because God did not do it. Because Christ did not do it. Because we are not to add to the word of God nor take away from it. If that does not settle the issue, I do not know what does. But for many of you, you are so used to hearing the wrong thing that the right thing sounds crazy.

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A person who follows Christ does not get into Heaven by following follow Christ. Not under the New and better covenant He has given us, built upon better promises. Following His ways and doing good works are just that – works. And the Bible points out clearly that we are saved by grace through faith, NOT OF WORKS. At least not of our works.

Only God’s children go to Heaven, amongst those of us who are humans that is. I cannot speak about the other planets and galaxies and angels and beings when it comes to what system, God uses to give them eternal life. But for us as humans on this planet, the only way you go to Heaven is if you are a child of God. Adopted into the family and covered by the blood of Christ. Not based on what you do or what you don’t do. That is why sin cannot keep a child of God out of Heaven, because the Bible teaches that God “has not dealt with us according to our sins”. And that He has put them “into the sea of forgetfulness and remembers them no more”. Therefore, as we accept the new life in Christ, our debt of the wages of sin is death is fully paid. Of course, keeping in mind that there is ONE unpardonable sin. One, not as many as man would like to pile on to human behavior.

So when a human being becomes born again, if he or she is not a “Christian”, what are they? I will call us what the Bible calls us. In Romans 8:16 and Galatians 4:7 we see that those adopted into the family of God are children of God, His sons and daughters, joint heirs with Christ. We also learn from the Bible that the body of Christ (His church) is the bride to be, betrothed to Christ.  And the wedding occurs as outlined in the book of Revelation once God’s children go to Heaven.

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Every human being has been created by God, but every human being is not a child of God. The Bible make this clear when it states that as many as believed on Him, to them, He gave the power to become the sons of God. But do not confuse that “power” with works. The Power spoken of is the power of faith to believe and to accept the sacrifice of Christ in your place.

The Bible identifies God’s children as a royal priesthood. We are no longer servants who serve. We are sons and daughters who abide in the family, power, grace, righteousness and blessings of Christ. religion has nothing to do with it. Denominations have nothing to do with it. And no one can promise you Heaven except He who is the door to let you in, Christ via the Father.

So I don’t care what you have read. What you have grown up hearing. What the pastor is preaching in error. What you want to believe. These are the facts. This is the truth. And it is straight from the source, no matter which earlier or later accurate translation you want to read.


If you being a “Christian” by definition means to follow Christ, following Christ is not what gets you into Heaven. It is being born again that gets you in. Following Christ is the fruit that the Holy Spirit bears in the life of a child of God. Following Christ is not what makes you worthy. It is the imputed righteousness of Christ that clothes you which makes you worthy. Following Christ does not pay your debt where the wages of sin is death. That debt is paid by Christ and Him alone. Following Christ does not make you born again. A man a woman is born again once they are baptized into the death of Christ, and then when He rose at resurrection, we rose with Him in newness of life. A life that is sealed by the Holy Spirit until the day of redemption. A life that is hidden within Christ and you cannot take it back because you don’t know where it is exactly and you are not powerful enough to do so. A life that causes your name to be written in the Lamb’s Book of Life and you cannot erase it because you cannot even reach the book to do so. you do not have access to the book and certainly not to an eraser.

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So take comfort if you are a child of God by HIS definition, not by man’s religious definitions that teach another doctrine. Eternal life is eternal, not just temporary until you mess up. Never forget, any person who believes that “Eternal life” means temporary life is confused.

If you are a child of God, not simply religious, or going to church or thinking that you do less sin than someone else, you have a relationship with the father. And you cannot stop being his child by your actions anymore. Then you can stop being a daughter or son of your parents on earth. Somethings are just not in your control or mine because we would screw them up.

Still, there is much confusion in the church, and amongst those who say they are teachers or pastors or church leaders. Doctrines of demons, error and what people want to think have attempted to infect the truth. Read what the Word of God says for itself and let it speak for itself. We need not that man interpret. We are told to study the Bible, to share the Word, to live by it. We are not told that it needs our interpretation. Let God be true, and every man a liar.

Staff Writer; Trevo Craw

A Free Thinker, who loves to talk about Politics, Religion, etc. Also, all about uplifting the Black Community even if it doesn’t fit your mindset. One may hit me up at; [email protected].