Democrats Programming African-Americans.




( Be very careful who you allow to program your thinking and shape your perceptions. Clearly a ton of slave programming infected the African American community and those mental chains still exists today. They can be seen in “black on black” crime, in our poor role models, in negative and obscene music, in our unwillingness to work together unless we are in the lead, our failure to have our own businesses in our communities, the way we treat each other, the suspicion and division we direct at each other, the causes we support, the distractions we allow (sports, entertainment, materialism), what we expect of ourselves, the denial of personal accountability and how we treat people of other ethnic groups better than we do our own.

Most of our people still walk around calling themselves a color they are not, a color they have never been, a color branded on their skin by oppressors and a color that brings with it a ton of negative attachments. That color, by definition, means “devoid of color”. That “color” is BLACK. We say black history month, we say black pride, black panthers, the black community, black people, black, black, black. Then we try to redefine it into a culture, but the dictionary does not call it that and other groups of people do not see it as that. They go right back to the dictionary. But the programming is so covert that most of us never stop to think we are not black.

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How we see the people, things and community around us (world view) shapes how we act and react towards them, and ourselves. It shapes what we expect, what we allow and what we ignore. Therefore there is a race by every influential group to reach your mind and shape your perceptions on a sociological, subconscious and often subliminal level. For example, most African Americans still vote as Democrats with no idea that the Democratic party of the south voted against civil rights and the abolition of slavery. The democratic party of the deep south started and owned the KKK. Yet our people still vote democrat.

The democratic party of the south bought “black” votes with food stamps, welfare, WIC, section 8 and affirmative action. These were neither long term help nor short-term handouts – they were payoffs. The democratic party of the deep south wanted you to remain a slave so they found a way to create a dependency on the government and thus gain control over what African Americans eat, where we live, what we give our children, what schools we attend and how much money we make. That is why the Democratic party has always been for big government that “helps” the people by intruding into our lives more and more, with more regulations that tell us what to do. And all the fake urban fake that say the old Democrats are now Republicans cannot hide the truth from those of us who are willing to do the real research.

There was a reason that Frederick Douglass, Martin Luther King Jr., John Roy Lynch Colin Powell and so many other smart, influential people were Republicans, not Democrats. Click here to see a partial list for yourself.  Yet the payoff for buying “black” votes continues and most of our people do not know the history of either party. This is a case of programming.

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Today both the techniques and the play book for programming African American behavior by shaping perceptions is used all over the African American community, sadly by our own people and against our own people. They present very few facts, limited win-lose solutions and tell you just what to think. They are afraid of letting you think for yourself. Our churches do it (not every church), the nation of Islam does it, Black Lives Matter does it – and that’s just to name a few. What appears to be shared strategies is actually often a package on strategies to control you, your finances, your actions, your attitudes, your reactions and even how you dress. You are not simply presented with all the facts, instead you are given a few one-sided facts, a lot of biased opinions and then told what to think, what to believe and how to act.

These are the exact same techniques that were used on African Americans by Caucasian oppressors. They are again subconscious, subliminal, sociological programming but this time coming from your own people. These methods of behavior modification are covert and quiet, skillfully and surgically implanting thought and ideologies that you believe are your own (look up NLP). When Trayvon Martin was killed, law enforcement released picture that shaped one perception and the African American community played the same game, releasing picture that shaped another perception. Which one was correct? Maybe a little of both, but neither side wanted to present all the facts and pictures that shaped an accurate and balanced perception. I must say, his death still saddens me, but I am for ALL of the facts, without the spin. And those of you who want real results must come to agree because we can never fix a problem by doing what the other side is doing, especially if the other side is the problem.

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Today African Americans are being programmed by those who consider themselves black, by those who ignore the facts, by those who spread rumors, fail to do the research and those who would rather walk in anger and denial that solutions. These leaders and groups who want your mind for their causes can easily be spotted because they want your support but they are not likely to give you theirs. They think their methods are the only way and they often see your ideas, methods or strategies as inferior. But this is because they have been brainwashed themselves. They blindly and robotically follow their leaders, almost like zombies. Is it any wonder that the CDC in Atlanta released a “zombie control plan” only a few years ago?

My friend with the Nation of Islam disagrees with much of what I am saying – and maybe you do too. But I guarantee you that what I am saying is accurate, like it or not. So go and check for yourself, not just with your leader who would rather think for you. If you want total freedom, it comes with total responsibility – and accountability. Wake up people.

Staff Writer; Trevo Craw

A Free Thinker, who loves to talk about Politics, etc. Also, all about uplifting the Black Community even if it doesn’t fit your mindset. One may hit me up at; [email protected].