Christians; What Does Being “Blessed” Really Look Like?




( The hot phrase today constantly reminds us that the “struggle is real”. Most perceive life as a vicious cycle of trials, tribulations and hardships. We look at others who we perceive to have more material possessions than us and wonder what’s so special about them. We wonder why are they so “blessed beyond measure”. Some will even go as far as to say I do this and that but she/he doesn’t. The majority of us see blessings as something we possess, something that shows outside of ourselves, something that we have attained during our walk in life.

Last week while conversing with my mother, she mentioned that a friend had received an award at church. An award for community service? Fellowship? Prayer and devotion? Outstanding leadership? Nope! An award for being the ‘best dressed’ within the church leading me to ask if that award then makes her the most ‘blessed’ person in the church? Do material possessions and the ability to dress well mean that one should be followed in their actions and deeds to receive such favors from Spirit?

This morning I had to take my great aunt to her doctor’s appointment and the question “what does being blessed really look like?” came to my spirit. My soul this morning was craving something other than the material pursuits in life. Upon arriving at the doc, I immediately ran across the hall because they keep a fresh stock of hot chocolate on deck. Usually I’m in and out of there rather quickly but this morning there was a traffic jam at the coffee machine. While I was the first in line, cup in hand ready to whip up me a delicious drink, an elder asked to go ahead of me in line. I stepped aside and allowed her to do her thing, turns out she needed to make several cups for some friends. During my wait an elder who was seated began talking to me, I fancy myself cordial with my elders so I engaged in a little chit chat but my mind was focused on getting back over to the other office, getting back to my journal so I could explore what it means to be blessed. You see when I write, often times spirit speaks to me.

Black Woman - Reading the Bible.

Finally my turn came, I turned to my elder and asked if she’d like a cup of coffee. She responded no, but I will take a cup of hot chocolate. My girl! After fixing our drinks, I stood there just a few more minutes listening to her before saying goodbye and wishing her a wonderful day. Weird thing is that my feet stayed glued to the floor and she continued to talking as if I hadn’t said a word. Can you guess the topic that she spoke on next? Blessings!

Our conversation was too in depth for me to replay via writing so I’ll take this time to share with you a few things that my elder, Mrs. Candace Whooper, shared with me this morning obviously while being guided by Spirit about what it means to be blessed.

1. Gratitude for the Miracles in Life

Often times we call receiving some unexpected funds the day the eviction notices are to be served or the electricity is about to be shut off as a miracle. We see miracles as something that’s unexpected, something that “saves” us from difficulties in life. Difficulties, mind you, help strengthen our faith and expand our wisdom. Truly the miracles we overlook in our day to day life is the ability to move about the earth freely with limbs that work, a heart that beats, eyes that allow us to see, ears that allow us to hear, hands that allow us to touch our loved ones, a functioning mind that holds our most precious memories. Miracles include your determination to keep moving forward in life, your desire to stick around to see better days. It’s the ability to be in the right place, at the right time, hearing exactly what you need to hear.

2. Connection to Spirit

By connection I mean the ability to see, hear or feel the presence of spirit in your life. When you are connected to Spirit you are attuned to your inner voice, that voice that guides you, that inspires you, that empowers you. I remember as a child my grandmother would always tell me “Baby when you live close to God, spirit will show you things”, to this day her words hold true. When we are connected to spirit we are able to walk by faith through the darkness.

That means we are able to follow that inner voice that comes to us in our stillness and obey without worrying about how something is going to happen. When we walk by faith we don’t live in a state of despair, worry, stress or frustration. When we walk by faith we know that there is a deeper meaning, a greater purpose for the circumstances occurring in our lives and we know without a shadow of a doubt that we will see our way through.

3. Connection to Family

What a blessing it is to be amongst family, to celebrate with family, to be in love with your family. So many strive for a way out of their family not realizing that family itself is a blessing. See the human being longs to belong, to be a part of something. While no family, no individual in fact is perfect every family is worth putting effort, love and prayer into. Our family members are our first teachers, first lovers, first protectors, first healers, first friends that we experience in our lives. Whether by blood or by adoption, family holds the qualities of unconditional love, forgiveness and acceptance.

4. Peace of Mind

An often overlooked blessing! Few people actually know what a peace of mind feels like, many have never experienced silence of their mind. There mind is constantly bombarded with negative self talk, judgment of others, doubt and all types of things that make them feel worthless and powerless. We constantly seek material things hoping they will bring us a peace of mind not realizing that once we attain these possessions our mind state shifts from ‘getting it’ to figuring out how to maintain it. The average person lives in a state of lack or a fearful state of loss. We are more attached to possessions than we are to our sanity.

We crave material things others can see with their physical eyes more than we crave spiritual possessions that bring us to a state of bliss within. One asked, how can you be in a state of peace within when people are being murdered in the street? My question is how can you have peace in society, when you are at war and living in conflict within your own self? Do you think that rage, that hate, that confusion, that frustration, that sorrow, that hopeless you feel within will not leak outside of you and into your community? Do you not that know your inner state affects everything and everyone around you? We are interconnected beings, we get what we put out.

5.  Abundance & Prosperity

Usually when these words are uttered people get excited. Yeeeessss! When pastor says abundance and favor is coming your way, people jump for joy. Oh, that new house is yours! That car you being looking at, that’s yours. Claim it! I’ve heard many say. In actuality one who lives in a constant state of want for material things is living in poverty. Want is a state of poverty, it’s a state of lack! You are longing for something you do not have. It doesn’t matter whether you get it later, in that moment that you are longing, you are resting in a mind state of poverty and lack. Abundance means that you have a never ending supply, that your well never runs dry. Abundance is the ability to share a kind word with another soul in the midst of your adversity.

Abundance is being able to smile genuinely at another when you just finished crying yourself. Abundance is being able to share a hug. Being able to prepare a meal and invite your family and friends over to break bread with you. Abundance is being able to share your wisdom and guidance with others. The ability to inspire change in others, to bring out the best qualities in others. Abundance is being able to laugh at your pain as Kevin Hart says, being able to find a piece of joy/happiness in any circumstance. Abundance is being able to love not you’re your family and friends, but strangers as well. Abundance is being able to care for your neighbor’s child just as much as you do your own. Abundance my friend isn’t about what you have, it’s about what you are able to give. The blessing is in giving!

It’s been a truly enlightening day for me. I’ve had my share of aha moments. I give thanks to Spirit for blessing me with the ability to humble myself, be still and to listen. I give thanks to Spirit for blessing me with an answer to every question I ask and for constantly sending teachers my way. I give thanks to Spirit for blessing me with the time to sit down and share my experiences with you. And I give thanks to Spirit for blessing you with the time to be present and to receive whatever wisdom that may have touched your spirit today. Love and Light my friend.

Stay Blessed!

Staff Writer; Dina Deon

This down to earth sister is based in Atlanta, GA. Have a Question? Comment? Feel free to contact her at; [email protected].