Christians: The Whole Truth of the Birth of Yeshua, Part 2.




( Read Luke 2:7-12. The gentile translators got it wrong. It should have read “laid Him in a booth (or a sukkah), because there was no room for Mary in the inn”. When Joseph and Mary arrived in Bethlehem, maybe on Wednesday the 25th of September, Mary was supposed to stay in the inn, along with other wives that had made the journey with their husbands. Since they were late (they couldn’t travel very fast in Mary’s condition, coming from Nazareth), there was no room available.

Therefore, Joseph had to quickly build a sukkah for them to stay in. During the feast of tabernacles, all the Jewish men are required to build a booth and stay outside for a week in a tabernacle that they built with branches and leaves. One wall could be against a building, and the other three walls would be made of branches and twigs. Here again, it should be obvious that the men in their booths, and the shepherds in the field, would not be spending the night outside in the winter.


After the angels spoke, all the shepherds had to do was go to Bethlehem and walk up and down the street, looking into each booth made with leaves and branches, and see if one of them had a woman with a baby in it. Yeshua was not born in a cave, or with livestock in a stable or a barn. Yeshua fulfilled the seven day feast this first time by being born in a sukkah. On the eighth day, Thursday October 3rd, Yeshua was circumcised at the Temple. Fourteen months later, after Joseph and Mary moved back to Nazareth, the wise men (Jewish astronomers) from Babylon came to present their gifts, that Daniel had bequeathed to the Messiah.

Yehovah said that a future prophet would be born in Israel, like unto (lineage of) Moses, a Levite, and the people must obey him (Deuteronomy 18:15–18). God established the royal line of David, of the tribe of Judah, and promised that the Davidic seed would forever be the royal monarchy of Israel (2 Samuel 7:12–17).

How did Yehovah keep His promise to both Moses and King David, that the Promised One would be of their lineage? Moses was of Levi. David was of Judah. It was accomplished by the “seed of the woman” (Genesis 3:15). The mother of John the Baptist was Elisabeth, of the lineage of Aaron (Luke 1:5). Her cousin, Mary, was many years younger, but both their mothers were sisters. Mary’s father, also named Joseph, was of the Davidic line and was the twelfth generation from the carrying away into Babylon. Mary was the thirteenth generation, and Yeshua was the fourteenth.

Matthew wrote his gospel in the language of Hebrew. He wrote that Joseph was the “head of household” of Mary, meaning her father. When the Hebrew was translated into Aramaic, it was not definitive concerning Joseph being Mary’s father. So when the Aramaic was translated into “common Greek”, the translators assumed that the genealogy was speaking of Joseph the husband, not knowing that it was referring to Joseph the father of Mary.

Therefore, Mary was of the Davidic line (Solomon) from Joseph, her father. Her paternal genealogy was given in the book of Matthew. Mary’s husband (also named Joseph) was not of the direct kingly line (Nathan), but still a descendant of David. His genealogy, being given in the book of Luke, was for legal standing. Mary’s mother was a Levite (the lineage of Aaron), who married a Judean (“father” Joseph). The mother of Mary was the younger sister of Elisabeth’s mother. Therefore, Mary was both a Levite of the priestly line of Aaron, and a Judean of the kingly line of David and Solomon. Since Yeshua took on all of the attributes of His mother, He also was half Levite and half Judean. Therefore, He is both King and High Priest, like unto the order of Melchizedek!

Yeshua, the High Priest, actually performed Yom Kippur at Calvary, when His blood flowed down the cross, down into the crack of the rock, and dripped down upon the west end of the Ark of the Covenant, which was hidden in a cavern below. It was positioned about thirty feet below the cross of Yeshua. It had been hidden there by Jeremiah and other priests in 587 BC, before Babylon entered Jerusalem and destroyed the temple. Therefore, with the “atonement” portion fulfilled, the tenth day of Tishri would now be the Day of Judgment.

It is prudent to now reiterate that on the Day of Atonement, before Solomon’s temple was destroyed, the high priest would sprinkle blood seven times on the east end of the mercy seat, which was upon the Ark of the Covenant. This was for the forgiveness of sins for the people of Israel, but it lasted for only one year.

Point of information. On January 6, 1982, the Ark of the Covenant was discovered. A man named Ron Wyatt, an American hospital worker, found a grotto hidden under where Yeshua was crucified. The earthquake split apart a portion of the hill that Yeshua was crucified on. The crack went from under the cross, down to the ceiling of a cavern in the underground, and Yeshua’s blood dripped down the crack, dripped from the ceiling of the cavern, and upon the West end of the Mercy Seat.

Mr. Wyatt scraped samples of the dried blood, and took them to a laboratory. After reconstitution, the blood was still alive after more than 1,995 years. It was found to have twenty-four chromosomes. There were twenty-two autosomes and an “x” chromosome from Mary. That equals twenty-three. It also had a “Y” chromosome, which was not from a human male. It was from Yehovah. This proves that Yeshua was truly “the Son of God”. Current plans are to reveal the Ark, and the tablets of stone, to the world when the anti-Christ puts the mark of the Beast into law.

End of part 2.

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Staff Writer; Herman Cummings

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