Christians; The Deeper Things Of God!




( Many, unfortunately, did not understand the central topic, THE HOLY SPIRIT, or the significance of the title, JUSTICE OR JUST US, as directed and given to me by the LORD to see the lessons learned through the writing of that piece!  It demonstrated what it means to have a REAL RELATIONSHIP with the LORD in allowing HIM to instruct you and guide your path [through communication, love, faith and trust]!  Many of us have not been able to wrap our brains around the idea that someone or something we cannot see or touch is TRULY real [exist and is present all around us].  The idea and belief that the SUPERNATURAL is more real and far GREATER than the natural in the physical sense.

God is calling US and encouraging US to come up HIGHER and to go DEEPER in HIM!  Being once an individual, myself, who had difficulty believing BUT not believing, I had no knowledge of who God REALLY is to understand ALL of what HE is ABLE and WILLING to do for US!  Being extremely frustrated by the nonchalant and seemingly uncaring spirits surrounding me as they took no consideration for my heart ??, l cried out to God in anger and in sorrow!  I told HIM that I was tired of simply going through the motions and I needed HIM to materialize in front of me and pull up a seat so we could talk!  In answer to my then state of mind, one day, God pulled up a seat, as I had requested; and, HE met with me at my point of desperation to REVEAL Himself to me!  HE LITERALLY blew my mind!  I can honestly say that I have not been the same since then and I have been forever mesmerized by HIM; but, I MUST also admit that there have been times in my weakened state through continued attacks that I have needed more reassure of HIS PRESENCE in my life.  And, HE never disappoints me!  HE shows up when I least expect Him to and shows me FAVOR!  My objective and long term goal is to get to a point or place of NEVER WAVERING – no matter what!   To mount up and stay in position to ALLOW the HOLY SPIRIT, our COMFORTER, to have FREE REIGN and TOTAL CONTROL!  I MUST work on NEVER EVER allowing myself to get discouraged when trouble comes, but COUNT IT ALL JOY in anticipation and excitement of getting my flesh to step to the side (out of the way) to yield to the Holy Spirit while my HELPER takes charge!

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Through each and EVERYTHING God teaches me through my writing, HE is able to back it up through HIS WORD by directing me to scripture!  And when I include those scriptures, many tell me, often: “I started to read what you wrote, but it was too long.  Can you leave the scriptures out?”  And then there are others who say: “I started to read what you wrote, but I was having a hard time relating it to scripture because I didn’t know how to identify it in the Bible.”  Then there are some who only focus on the offense mentioned or shared to believe that I am angry and have not moved on!  Now, there are also some – regardless of the length – who get it and want MORE which shows they are DIVINELY thirsty!  In the same vain,  there are many FACETS to God!  You cannot put HIM in a box!  You cannot and should not limit HIM or attempt to predict what HE will or will not do for HIS CHILDREN, but you have to be willing to get in position to receive and come up HIGHER to put in MORE time with HIM!

For example, there are two (2) sides to EVERY coin!  And SPIRITUALLY SPEAKING, there are only two (2) sides that really matter:  light (GOD) versus dark!  Depending upon which side you choose, only one really matters BUT you should ALWAYS be mindful of the other!  Why?  Impact and opposites; no in between!  You are either HOT or COLD; the middle which is LUKEWARM has no bearing and puts you on the side of being cold!  Meaning, there are PROS and CONS to EVERY situation, story or testimony!  The PROS to a testimony are the lessons and the CONS?  Disobedience!  The bottom line concerning me is my HARD HEAD!  I had to let go of my intellect!  I had to stop analyzing according to man’s interpretation and see life through the lens of God!  But first I had to believe and yield to the Holy Spirit!

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When you are wronged, our first instinct for many of us is to lash out.  We start thinking principle and begin to seek outcomes based on man’s teaching to get even.  Reminder, two (2) sides!  So, there’s man’s teaching or ways of doing things and then there is God’s teaching ? or ways of doing things!  And “no,” not everyone will understand God’s teaching [or ways of doing things] to understand the direction or path you took or are taking [as directed by HIM]!  Nonetheless, YOU should know that NOTHING happens or takes place without God’s permission or knowledge of the event.  So why not get into position to discuss EVERYTHING with HIM and take it to HIM in prayer and wait for the manifestation of the VICTORY to unfold!

GOD’s WORD is TRUTH!  HIS WORD is ALIVE!  HIS WORD has power to perform and manifest!  It is OUR RESPONSIBILITY to line up with HIS WORD in following through with HIS EVERY COMMAND!  God said, IF WE ABIDE IN HIM, HE WILL ABIDE IN US!  Do you have any idea as to what that REALLY means?  Do you know how SPECIAL that is and how special YOU ARE to HIM?  Do you know you can count on HIM to be in your corner when everyone else around you walks away and fails you?  Do you know what it means to have a TRUE BLUE friend who NEVER falls out of love with you?  Someone who NEVER takes back what HE blesses you with!

God is a PERSON of integrity and honor!  HE is FAITHFUL, loving and kind.  Unlike many loving parents, HE does not compromise HIS POSITION or HIS LOVE and HE will discipline US based on principle when we are out of ORDER.  Why?  Because HE is a person of HIS WORD and HE is about ORDER!  GOD CREATED ORDER AND THE GOVERNMENT SITS ON HIS SHOULDERS; but, HIS ways are not ours and our ways are not HIS!  And, we most certainly NEVER have to guess about what is expected of US!  If we read HIS WORD and study HIS WORD, we will see the clarity of HIS WORD as it relates to US collectively and individually.

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I (myself) am not perfect, BUT HE WHO IS OPERATING ON THE INSIDE OF US IS PERFECT!  When YOU read the WORD OF GOD, YOU have to be willing to allow HIM to minister through YOU through HIS WORD to TEACH and GUIDE YOU to ALL TRUTH!  Then YOU must be willing to APPLY HIS WORD to EVERY aspect of YOUR life.  YOU cannot listen to or allow the influence of others who do not believe in the existence of the HOLY SPIRIT or understand how HE works to include the DEEPER THINGS OF GOD to uproot you or get YOU off course!   Stay the course!

While watching Dr. David Jeremiah this morning, he stated:  Faith is the muscle that ties together the promise of God and the fulfillment of God.  That muscle is strengthened when you wait!  And I MUST add, that muscle is strengthened when YOU wait on the LORD to REVEAL the direction and instruct YOU as YOU follow through [leaning and TRUSTING HIS EVERY WORD]!

Staff Writer; Dr. Ann Gwen Mack 

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