Christians; Magnifying God Over Stress.



( This world we live in is loaded with stress and there is no real way to avoid it; we can only hope to mitigate it as much as possible. Every aspect of life carries a different kind of stress: work, family, personal life, health, and sometimes just trying to manage one’s own self. Some of us gravitate to spirituality, of many forms, to manage stress in addition to lifestyle changes and trying to engage positive people. Spirituality is a powerful tool when used properly. Right now, there are a lot of people questioning if God is real, if he wants them to be happy, does he hear them, and if he plans to do something about the stress in their life. Granted if you feel you are doing everything you need to do to be considered diligent in your faith high stress levels are very problematic.

You could find yourself being quite discouraged and asking God if he’s allowing your life to fall apart, and if you feel that is the case then why do you need such a faith. Many of us grew up in churches and households that did not teach us about using our faith, we were not taught about having authority in a situation, and we were definitely not taught the power of our words and thoughts. Where have your words and thought been in relation to your stress?

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Words are life; the Bible teaches this. One problem many believers run into is they are not moving and speaking according to the Word because its often not something we’ve read…but something that has been dictated to us. In so many areas of our life when things go left or we need to get some understanding we Google it and do a bit of research. However, when it comes to our Christian walk, we sit in church listen to the sermon, open our bibles to find the topic scriptures, and then we are too busy to touch that Bible again until Sunday…unless an emergency takes place. Today one can access the bible on their phone, like so many other texts, so there is no excuse not to look up the answers to the questions we have regarding the faith.

When stress hits what do you say…” I’m so tired, I’m sick of this place, People make me sick, This is never going to get better, I’ll never be okay, If it ain’t one thing it’s another”. Please know those are powerful stress inducing negative statements that many of us say on a daily or weekly basis. In every situation the problem is magnified and affirmed. Too many people believe those words is what it means to keep it real; those words keep you down. The truth is if one claims to believe in God but speaks like this, they are magnifying the problem over God’s ability to solve our problems. In this space no personal responsibility is taken I one’s spiritual walk.

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