Christians: Devoted to God and His Truth.




( People worldwide will confess to being devoted to a “great being” or a “higher power,” even atheists. Christians aren’t any different. We believe in God as that “great being” or “highest power,” and therefore, we devote ourselves to Him. God performed the greatest act He could’ve ever done to us, loving us enough to send His Son, Jesus the Messiah, to die for our sins. This act, among other displays of love and grace in our lives, demands affection and allegiance. This affection that begins in our hearts soon spreads to other areas of our lives. We’re more cheerful, peaceful, merciful, etc. However, this isn’t where it ends. As followers and disciples of Christ, we should find ourselves devoted to Him and His revelation.

Interestingly, you will stumble across a believer devoted to God but not so much to His truth. You’ll discover in conversation that this sort is okay with being more kind. Still, when agreeing with how God reveals His delight in holy living and displeasure for sin, the conversation will dilute to a bunch of phrases starting with “I think.”

Christian - Prayer.

If you’re that sort, let me encourage you that to be a disciple of Christ, you must also take up His discipline. We do as we’ve seen Him do; we speak as we’ve seen Him speak, and we feel as we’ve seen Him feel. We are to be as devoted to his truth as we are to Him. In discovering His truth and will, we embrace it and do not make excuses on God’s behalf.

Let me say this; God is big enough to be rejected. If some leave Him because they don’t want to adopt His viewpoint, He’s God enough to allow that because who can tell Him that He’s wrong? The Scripture says in Romans 3:3, “What then? If some did not believe, would their unbelief cancel God’s faithfulness?” A person’s rejection of God’s truth doesn’t cause Him anxiety, and he’s still faithful to His self-disclosure. It comes down that Christians feel the need to reinterpret what God says because He needs help with His tone. However, this is precisely the problem. We needn’t do God any favors by making Him more marketable to the populace, He’s perfect in His being, and we should see Him the same way and embrace Him.

Therefore, Child of God, let’s be guilty of not only being devotees to His person but also His truth about His person. It will lessen the confusion and disparity when the world sees followers dedicated to God AND His Truth and likely draw more disciples when they see our delight in Him and His ways.

Staff Writer; C. E. Davis

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