Christians: 7 Habits of Those Who ‘Belong’ to God.




( But you belong to God, my dear children. You have already won a victory over those people, because the Spirit who lives in you is greater than the spirit who lives in the world. 1 John 4:4

Utilizing Your Spiritual Gifts/Talents.

We all incarnate with gifts and talents which assist us in making a living as well as fulfilling our purpose in life. No matter how big or small the mission may be, each of us comes with a task that should be completed. Those who belong to God seek closeness to Spirit by using their gifts/talents to enhance the lives of others. Those who sing, sing songs that uplift the spirits of others. Those who are humorous bring laughter to trouble hearts. Those who are compassionate offer words of wisdom to the aching. Whatever the gift may be, it’s used to bring love, light and healing to the earthly realm.

Following Your Heart’s Desire.

No one ever said life on earth would be easy or that every goal will go according to plan. We learn numerous lessons from pain. Those who belong to God are able to set the pains of failure, the frustration of obstacles and the fear of not knowing aside and move forward to fulfill their hearts desire. When we come from our heart center we are most aligned with God and our soulful self. We are most attuned with Nature and begin to open ourselves to learn lessons from love, joy and bliss rather than relying solely on pain.

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Following Guidance.

Those who belong to God follow guidance when it comes to them. Many times we pray and pray for an answer yet we fail to act on the messages that we receive. We find a way to cheat ourselves out of our desires, not because God isn’t able but rather because we lack the initiative to follow through with the next step. As we take one step God reveals the next. There is no laid out, detailed, minute by minute life plan in order. Act on the guidance you are given and you will find the messages come more frequently and clearer over time.

Openness to Growing Spiritually.

Always remain open to growing in spirit. With each lesson we have the opportunity to grow in faith, trust, patience, light and love. Each experience in life grants us an opportunity to release what’s no longer needed in our journey and to replace it with something that benefits and supports us. At times their is discomfort in growth, that’s a sign that we are moving on to bigger things. Embrace each lesson, embrace each teacher that comes forth. Those who belong to God are able to eat the fish and spit out the bones, swallowing nor taking anything that may harm them.


Those who belong to God keep the faith, at all times, through all ordeals they keep on believing. In this journey of life we are surely tested. During our good times it’s a bit easier to forget about God, to lose focus during prayer or to skip over a few meditation sessions. Many of us attract difficulties in our life experience merely to get us back on track, just I’m imagine the hiccups we could skip if we maintained our faith and connection during both easy and difficult times.

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Trusting the Process.

Belonging to God means trusting the process of life, knowing that their is a plan within the plan in motion for us. Those who belong over stand the importance of accumulating life lessons, they don’t see obstacles as teachers and pray for the strength to work through them to gain benefit rather than always praying to have them removed. They trust that whatever comes to them is for their highest good, they refrain from seeing hardships as a punishment.


Those who belong to God accept who they are, the mission they have come to fulfill and the experiences they undergo in life. They do not attempt to disassociate with any action, belief or circumstance in their journey. They accept the all of life as the making and molding of their true self and commit to further developing their will power, faith, soul and nurturing their purpose. They don’t wallow in past mistakes or continuously play victimized by life. They embrace the opportunity to overcome difficulties.

Staff Writer; Dina Tuff

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