Christianity, Are Your Religious Beliefs Simply An Accident of Birth?



( A friend of mine, who’s a Christian and a very insightful writer, recently wrote an article that started me thinking about both Christianity and organized religion in general.  In his article he asked a pivotal question that I believe goes right to the core of Christianity – “What if Jesus was merely the teacher of a social gospel and moral philosophy . . .?”

In my opinion, that question captured the essence of what Jesus was all about.  Jesus wasn’t a superhuman; he was simply a very intelligent and insightful human being, a philosopher. But after he espoused his philosophy, ignorant, self-serving, and superstitious people – people who believed in talking snakes – took his words out of context and turned him into some kind of superhuman being, and gave him powers that contradicted the laws of nature, the universe, common sense, and God.

If we hadn’t been conditioned all our lives to believe in this counterintuitive nonsense it would be clear to us that the Christian belief system holds just about as much validity as voodoo: Dead men don’t walk.  No man can walk on the water. No man can tell the Red Sea to scoot over. And if Adam and Eve were the first people on Earth, where did the people come from that Cain went to live with after he slew Abel?

Take a moment to consider the following.  All of your religious beliefs are merely an accident of birth?  If you’d been born in Israel, chances are you’d be a Jew; if you’d been born in Iran you’d be a Muslim, or China, a Buddhist.  So your religion isn’t so much God-inspired as it is a result of the environment that you were raised in. You were SOCIALIZED into believing what you believe. Thus, if you truly believe that a person born in Israel, Iran, or China is going to Hell because they weren’t socialized to believe what you believe, you’re stupid.

Christianity - Christian Faith.

This is a serious problem, because people are doing more “believing” than thinking. Hoards of people are taking MAN’S word for the fact that the Bible is “the word of God.” So they’re placing all of their “faith” in MAN, not God – and a very evil man, at that. On the other hand, we KNOW that God gave us our minds – and by “God,” I mean whatever force is responsible for the existence of the universe and what we consider reality –  so we need to start using it, because it makes absolutely no sense to place more “faith” in what man TELLS us about God than what is obvious that God has clearly done. And man has clearly shown that he has more faith in the words of other men, than he does in the actual deeds of God.

Take Black people for example. African Americans are some of the most devout Christians in the world, even though they were taught Christianity while they were tied up next to the mules – and every rule, law, and tenet of Christianity was being brutally violated while they were being indoctrinated – yet, they still believe it, that a blond haired, blue eyed Scandinavian was born in the desert with supernatural powers. God forbid that they would point out that if Jesus was born in the desert that chances are he was a man of color; and since they’re inclined to lie to us about what the man even looked like, how can we even begin to believe what they claim he said?

No wonder so many Black people are finding it so hard to get their act together; they’re walking around in a state of zombie-like somnambulism, and it seems that the worse they’re treated, the more they cling to that ridiculous myth –  “Oh dear Lord, please forgive the White kid who walked into our church and blew nine of our church member’s brains out. He simply doesn’t understand your word.” What kind of insanity is that!!!?

That racist person shouldn’t have gotten out of there alive, house of worship or not. But the reason he did is very simple. Black people have been conditioned to believe that no matter how bad they’re treated, they shouldn’t worry about it, because God is going to take care of them when they die.  OH, REALLY!!!?  Then why is everybody else killing one another trying to get theirs now – including the preachers? So it’s no accident that everyone who is willing to believe that nonsense are victims, at the bottom of the social chain, and unless they’re very lucky, suffering. Because they’re victims of the perfect hustle, where the hustlers (Black and White) don’t have to worry about nobody ever coming back to say they’re lying. How sweet is that!!!?

Here’s another thing that should be considered. If God HAD decided to put religion on Earth to guide man, don’t you think he’d have had sense enough to create just ONE religion so religious dogma wouldn’t be the most hate-inspiring, murderous, and destructive forces on Earth? Look around you – here in America, in the Middle East, and literally all over the world – organized religion is THE  primary source of most of the  agony, pain, and misery on the planet. Thus, organized religion isn’t a blessing, it’s a curse. Would a loving God place a curse like that on  mankind?  I don’t think so. God gave us spirituality, which is found within. It’s a state if existence that’s only between you, God, and the universe. Man has absolutely nothing to do with it, because everything man touches, he corrupts. God made birds to fly, fish to swim, and man to THINK, not to follow a users guide written by other men.

Man is much too ignorant, self-serving, and greedy to write anything sacred.  Yes, man says the Bible was “inspired” by God, but he also said that God told him in the Manifest Destiny to slaughter the Native Americans and take their land, and Zionists are saying the very same thing with regard to the Palestinians today.  Do you actually believe that God is telling them to kill children? And what about Boko Haram, do you really believe God is telling them to kidnap young women and sell them into sexual slavery because he doesn’t want women to get an education? That’s not God saying that; that’s self-serving men placing their words and beliefs in God’s mouth, and the exact same thing is happening here in this country. Organized religion is man-made nonsense designed to manipulate the ignorance of the masses and promote the prejudice and greed of the elite.  You can trace virtually any form of bigotry in a straight line right back to some form of religious dogma. So again, organized religion is a curse on man, that’s been created by man, and it’s ultimately going to lead to our destruction – even global warming is being defended in the name of God.

About the Bible

The Bible that Christians Worship today was compiled and “bless” by the Catholic Church, not God. Any book that disagreed with the Catholic Church was banned. What Christians call “The Holy Bible,” and what these preachers run around thumping, wasn’t even put together until almost 400 years after the death of Jesus. So everything in it is hearsay. In terms of years, at the time the Bible was complied, they were twice as far away from the life and times of Jesus Christ as we are away from George Washington today. So in reality, they didn’t know fact from fiction, any more than we know whether or not George Washington really chopped down a cherry tree:

“For the first 300 years of Christianity, there was no Bible as we know it today. Christians had the Old Testament Septuagint, and literally hundreds of other books from which to choose. The Catholic Church realized early on that it had to decide which of these books were inspired and which ones weren’t. The debates raged between theologians, Bishops, and Church Fathers for several centuries as to which books were inspired and which ones weren’t. In the meantime, several Church Councils or Synods, were convened to deal with the matter, notably, Rome in 382, Hippo in 393, and Carthage in 397 and 419.

The debates sometimes became bitter on both sides. One of the most famous was between St. Jerome, who felt the seven books were not canonical, and St. Augustine who said they were. Protestants who write about this will invariably mention St. Jerome and his opposition, and conveniently omit the support of St. Augustine. I must point out here that Church Father’s writings are not infallible statements, and their arguments are merely reflections of their own private opinions. When some say St. Jerome was against the inclusion of the seven books, they are merely showing his personal opinion of them. Everyone is entitled to his own opinion. However, A PERSONS PRIVATE OPINION DOES NOT CHANGE THE TRUTH AT ALL. There are always three sides to every story, this side, that side, and the side of truth. Whether Jerome’s position, or Augustine’s position was the correct position, had to be settled by a third party, and that third party was the Catholic Church.

“Now the story had a dramatic change, as the Pope stepped in to settle the matter. In concurrence with the opinion of St. Augustine, and being prompted by the Holy Spirit, Pope St. Damasus I, at the Council of Rome in 382, issued a decree appropriately called, “The Decree of Damasus”, in which he listed the canonical books of both the Old and New Testaments. He then asked St. Jerome to use this canon and to write a new Bible translation which included an Old Testament of 46 books, which were all in the Septuagint, and a New Testament of 27 books”.


Staff Writer; Eric L. Wattree

This brilliant man can be found at; [email protected].