Christian Talk; Would ‘Jesus Christ’ Take A Selfie?




( In the past, Christian groups shunned modern technology and activities the secular world used. Some denominations forbid members to attend the cinema, read comic books, listen to popular music, play sports and even forbid women to wear dresses that exposed any portion of their legs. Amish are the last American Christian sect that still tries to avoid assimilating to the use of modern technology. However, their efforts recently have been under immense pressure, for cellphones are a regular sighting in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.

Modern Christians are now professional athletes, Hollywood stars, CEOs, politicians and huge consumers of modern technological devices. While it is questionable that a Christian could live up to his or her Christian morals while participating in one of these occupations, modern Christians have done away with the mantra of being in the world but not of the world. Christians in America practice a hybrid Christianity governed more by the principles of capitalism instead of the virtuous teachings of Christ.


Christians, much like the rest of society, have embraced social media as a means to stay connected in our entangled world of wires, text, and emails. While all things have pros and cons, one of the devastating cons of social media is the emotional and psychological effects it has on its users. Numerous studies have shown that high use of social media and repetitive selfies are signs of narcissism and low self-esteem. Psychologists claim social media enthusiasts are constantly in need of validation, yearning for comments and likes for their postings. This idea of unhealthy levels of self-love is far from modern. Greek mythology speaks of Narcissus hence the word narcissism, whose love for self, caused his demise by drowning in his own reflection.

One can easily find millions of Christians whose Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts are flooded with selfies and pictures either showing off their supposed accomplishments or supposed material wealth. Social media also brings out lying and deceitfulness. Facebook is flooded with inaccurate perceptions of people’s ‘lies,’ sorry, lives.

People fail to realize that their lies make others feel insecure, which influences others to fabricate their lives to maintain equal status. Selfies in front of the home you have a mortgage for, date night pictures with your wife you do not talk to, and the infamous vacation photo, leaving out of the caption, the fact that you paid via credit card and don’t know how you’re going to pay the bill. A question I would propose to tech- savvy Christians is would Jesus take selfies?

Jesus spoke out against self-praise and self-worship, vain pursuit of society’s criteria for success and also shunned the praise and worship of material things. If Facebookers logged their use, they would find they spend way more time on social media then on spiritual pursuits and study of scripture. So why are Christians demonstrating the attributes their Savior shunned? We know for sure Jesus would not be making funny videos for attention or bragging about his accomplishments. So if your lord and savior would not, why are you? Ask yourself, “Why am I in such need of validation from others? Why is my self-worth wrapped up in the opinions of others?”

Social media can be used for many positive things, like, staying in touch with friends and loved ones and sharing positive information. However, with all things man finds a way to corrupt them. Christians, I challenge you to take a stand on your social media, reducing self-praise, attention seeking, and narcissism. Take fewer selfies and work on being more selfless.

Staff Writer; Linton Hinds Jr.

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