Christian Faith; Pulpit Gangsters are Dangerous.



( The Christian faith seems to have a serious problem between what is holy and acceptable, and come as we are. Everyone has the right to turn their life around and set themselves on a positive path. The church encourages this positive life turnaround. One would think that with all the killing within black community, and gang problems, that those that engaged in, and walked away from, this lifestyle could minster to it. It is important for young people caught up in the streets to be able to hear from those that know what they are going through, dealing in, and the consequences they face.

These ministers would have a better chance of winning the trust of lost youth. Social media has given ministers a way to reach the community even if they are not physically present. Many pastors are showing up in FB Live and other streaming live apps as a form of outreach. Some even go as far as preaching sermons on these outlets for those that can’t attend church. This can be positive, but there must be a distinction from where one has been to where they are now.

The Pulpit Gangster is indeed dangerous regardless of if they know the bible. They send mix signals to those that tune in. This kind of minister is transparent and they are dealing directly with real life problems. They don’t sugar coat anything…which is part of the appeal. However, they tend to sound like the hood to a fault. How can the youth take you seriously when you cuss as much as them? How can they take you serious when you are throwing up gang signs in the middle of a sermon like you never left the streets? You lose the female audience when every other message is about whores, why these women can’t find a husband, Jezebel, and messy women. However, the sins of men are often overlooked on the sermons or rarely mentioned.

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Stating that you aren’t perfect while glorifying your temper is not going to save those you target. When these ministers are told about the mind and attitude of Christ they get defensive and pride takes over. Addressing the word is seen as: being too deep, ignoring the spirit for the letter, attacking the Man of God, or simply not knowing how to stay in your place. What one must remember is your intended audience is always watching; they may not say anything but they hear you. No one will respect another that can’t handle the truth of what he/she claims to believe.

This is very dangerous because these ministers don’t realize how many people they lose to this behavior. Granted no one is arguing the intention of the heart…you mean well. However, you can minister experience while living a life that is an example of deliverance. No, we aren’t perfect…no one is, however if one is to walk in leadership they must strive to be an example to those that walk with them. Leadership demands accountability not justifications, and excuses.

The bottom line is no one believes the minister that is as grimy as the streets they claim to preach against. No one takes serious the male minister that only addresses women, and vice versa. The church needs to take a hard look at itself because this is just a very small portion of why the church it not taken as seriously anymore. Hypocrisy is deadly. Props to the real former gangsters that are a testament to the positive nature of spirituality, and they are an example to the youth. Those that don’t know how to lead with integrity…please sit down until you are ready to live out your deliverance.

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Staff Writer; Christian Starr