Christian & Christianity Teachings; Understanding the Apostolic and the Prophetic.




( We are in an apostolic and a prophetic age. In order for us to really move into what God has said belongs to us, it’s going to take certain levels of impartation and certain people whom the Father has designated to impart these things to us. I can’t teach myself no matter how well I’ve been taught to study the Bible. You may be able to read a Calculus textbook, but will you be able to understand it? But if someone comes along and shows you how to work the formulas in the book, some people would get it, but some would still not be able to pick it up.

We’re going to need a guide. In the Church, up to this time we’re in now, the prophet would have to cloak his ministry by calling himself an evangelist, knowing all the time that he’s a prophet because the Church world had said, “There’s no more prophets or apostles. The last apostle died when John died.” The only offices that are biblical offices that the Church has fully experienced have been the office of the pastor, teacher and the evangelist.

We don’t live in the book of Acts Church; that was the beginning of the Church. This Church that’s birthed now is an End-time Church. Know where you are and the time that you live in. I need to be sensitive to what God is doing in this hour. What you’re believing God for can manifest in the morning or ten years from now. In God’s eyes, it will still be right NOW.

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There are certain things I’m not going to receive from God by just reading the scripture and coming to church when I feel like it. There are certain things God can’t even trust me with until I’ve proven how I’m going to be obedient to those that have rule over me according to the flesh. He said that the greatest level of faith is the faith that is submitted. How do I get my prayers answered? Everything is circumvented through faith. They say that love is the power that runs through the line that causes God to move through us. But I believe that faith is the conduit that carries the power. Faith is the wire that love runs through. Love could be all in the air, but we must harness and direct it.

What the prophet articulates to you that God is showing them for you is only the POTENTIAL of the matter. It is God’s PLAN being revealed to you, but there’s some things you have got to be doing to ensure that it comes to past. Some people think that because he said it today, it’s going to happen tomorrow. If somebody tells you that you’re going to be a millionaire, unless you’re playing the lottery or someone dies and leaves you a lot of money, that’s the only way it will happen instantaneously. Everyone has the POTENTIAL because it is God’s WILL for you to walk in that place. But if you change the plan and get off the designated track that God has set for you to walk on, it cannot come to pass.

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God does not owe something to everybody. If you’re not a tither or offering-giver, don’t pray everyday, read your Bible everyday and spend time with God, you may be blessed “in spite of.” Some people are blessed “because of.” You can’t be in rebellion. We don’t want to be accountable and take responsibility for our own actions. Don’t take your favor for granted. There are certain gifts that we’ve got to have. If we don’t get exposed to them, there are certain releases and levels of manifestation that cannot come.

In the Old Testament, every king had a prophet – someone to speak into their lives. Don’t think that just because the prophet said it, it’s going to happen. You have a big contingency on what happens with that prophecy. You can’t have dead cats on the line. If you hold onto your foolishness, you hold off your blessing. Sometimes, you’ve got to check the vessel. Prophecy is the foretelling of a coming event. Sometimes, it happens in twenty-four hours. Sometimes, it happens right then.

Other times, it’s “as they went.” There are certain things that cannot be released in your life unless you’re exposed to certain ministries. He reveals His secrets to His servants, the prophets. If your prophecy hasn’t come to pass yet, that means it’s still on the way.

Scriptures: Ephesians 2:20; 4:11, 12; Matthew 24:41; I Corinthians 12:27-29; Amos 3:6,7.

Staff Writer; Dr. Henry W. Roberts, II

This man of god is the pastor/teacher of Word of Life Community Church of Whistler and Chickasaw, AL. One may contact him at; [email protected].

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