Christian; About God, Man, And The Great Universe.



( I was raised to be a Christian, but I never go to church, because even as a kid I couldn’t buy into talkin’ snakes. I wanted to believe it, because I was taught that if I didn’t the Bogey Man was gonna get me, but try as I might, the common sense that God bestowed upon me said, “No, it’s nonsense.” So at 14 years old I left the church never to look back.

So today, many years later, I sit out in my backyard and worship the wonders of God in awe every single night. I look out at the night sky and gaze upon what seems to be a completely silent universe at complete rest. But due to my decision to follow knowledge instead of the word of man, I know better. I know that the Earth is rotating at 1000 MPH, and it’s orbiting around the Sun at 67,000 MPH. I also know that the Sun is orbiting the galaxy at 515,000 MPH, and it takes the Sun 230 million years to orbit just one time around our galaxy. And if that’s not amazing enough, it’s not the whole story.

I know that our galaxy is hurling through the universe at 1.3 Million MPH, and it’s 100,000 light years across, so if I could travel at 186,000 miles per SECOND, it would take me 100,000 years to cross it. I also know that within the universe our galaxy represents only one grain of sand on all of the beaches and deserts on the planet Earth, and  there are over 200 Billion galaxies just like our own in just that minuscule sliver of the universe that we can see with man’s weak and feeble technology.

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Yet, in spite of all that, I’m routinely insulted by delusional idiots who get all dressed up in flamboyant robes and try to insist that they know what’s on God’s mind, even as they molest thousands of children, rob the poor of a 10th of their earnings, and support every manner of bigotry, hatred and mayhem on Earth. And here’s the incredible part – because I refuse to embrace the superstitious cave-dwelling pronouncements of these cretins over the mind that the creator of the universe bestowed up me, they call ME a heathen!!! They insist that God wants me to ignore the mind that he took such great pains to bestow upon me, and follow what they tell me instead.  Go figure it.

As much as man likes to think of himself as special, he’s simply drenched in delusional narcissism. In terms of the universe, what man considers the universe may be no more than a speck of dust under the toenail of some gigantic being who’s a part of an even greater universe. So in the larger scheme of reality, man is no more significant than a germ under a toilet seat in Uzbekistan. God created them both with equal precision.  I know these things, so man can spare me his tales of walkin’ dead men, talkin’ snakes, and all of his other forms Voodoo.


Christians are always talking about how the Bible is “the word of God.” That’s ridiculous. God doesn’t write books, he doesn’t have to. When God speaks to you, he speaks to you directly, through your mind, your heart, and your conscience. That’s why he created you with these things, and he doesn’t make mistakes. He didn’t create you requiring a Users Guide any more than he created birds requiring a calendar and a compass to know when to fly south, or a text telling whales that they had to come up for air. God created all things with everything they needed to live Godly and successful life – even plants. So why does man require a User’s Guide?  The fact is, he doesn’t.

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What Christians refer to as the “Word of God” is actually the word of man. The “Holy Bible” was compiled by Pope Damasus I nearly 400 years after the death of Jesus, and they didn’t put anything in it that the Pope disagreed with – In fact, back then you could be tortured for even saying anything he disagreed with. If God wrote a book it would be filled with truth. It would tell you that snakes don’t talk, dead men don’t walk, and no woman has EVER had a baby without having sex. But God didn’t have to say that, because he DEMONSTRATED it by what he has done. And consider this – according to the Bible God didn’t even speak to anybody that wasn’t a White male. Open it up and try to find St. Willie, St. Debbie, or St. Chong. You won’t find them, because the Bible is the word of the White man, and it was written to keep you in your place.



God has absolutely nothing to do with religion. Religion is the “word of man,” not God. So anyone who chooses to believe in walking dead men and talking snakes over the common sense that was bestowed upon them by nature (God), has chosen to give the word of man priority over God.

God is whatever force, entity, or process that’s responsible for what we refer to as existence. So if we exist, God exists, regardless of whether God is a he, she, it, or the universe itself.  When the concept of God is viewed from that perspective, simple logic suggests that the mere fact that we’re here to even question God’s existence, proves God’s existence. That’s all we know about God, and that’s all we NEED to know.

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One doesn’t HAVE to have “faith” in God. Just look up at the night sky and you have an entire universe to attest to his existence. You only have to have “faith” in the words of man, because that’s all he has to bring to the table – words.