California Reparations: An Entrapment to Derail The Black Revolution.



( The State of California under the governance of a demonic entity known as Governor Newson have set plans or put in motion a committee for the study and the implementation of Reparations to African Americans descendants of Slavery which will be an historic event in the history of this nation and a ground breaking decision for California Lawmakers. But, what this reparations entail is actually a hidden ulterior agenda to stop the black men and women of California in moving forward with their plans of a black revolution and saying ‘NO” to the black vote for racist America.

Governor Newson and his committed conducting the study and decision to pass a California bill that will give every African Americans descendants of Slave living in California, a proposed settlement in the form of a check in the amount of $235,000 dollars per individual and family. Indeed, Governor Newson, who is a student and apprentice of Deviant President Biden is telling the world and America that the only thing black people in California deserved is less than cost of 2 bedroom house. Really? California wants to again insult our African American community with giving almost nothing to our people, who have suffered the most in this nation and still continues to suffered at the hands of systemic racism and the replacement theory at the hands of Racist White Americans, Hispanic Americans, Asian Americans and the so called rulers of the nation aka: the Untouchables.

How can California lawmakers estimated that the damage endure by our African American community is only worth $235,000 thousands dollars? You cannot even purchase a house in California with that amount of money, you cannot even survive with that amount for five years and you cannot even send your children to college or private educational institution with that low amount of money. This is an insult and another slapped in the face to black people by racist Californians, who are still living in their world of making America great again just for racist people for which we already know that they are not black.

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African Americans Will Not and Should Never Accept Such Settlement!

I say to my fellow African Americans, Afro-Caribbeans and Afro-Latinos who are loyal to the black cause, movement, revolution and independence from Racist America; We should not accept that settlement and we should never bend the knee and accept something that only include a small fraction of our black community. We are to fight back and demand that America repays every black person living in America with a reparations and settlements that represents that actual value and lost that we endure when the first European arrive in the Americas with their weapons of mass destruction and diseases and when their descendants took, stole and burnt down everything that our African ancestors built, invented and created from the day they set foot in America as Slaves; during slavery; and after slavery. Such amount or price to be pay to our people is 100 times higher that a miserable $235,000 thousand dollars that Governor Newson wants to give to black Californians descendants of African Slaves.

The reparations for African Americans in California should be a minimum of $7 million dollars each per black person or black family, In addition, to receiving a check for seven million dollars, California Lawmakers will implement a bill making African Americans except from being tax and or paying taxes. Secondly, all liquor stores in California located in black neighborhoods must pay and give 30% of their annual revenue in a form of a check to all black people living in those neighborhood that have been victims to the onslaught of other races opening liquors store and selling their garbage fire water and junk food that has and have destroyed tens of thousands of African American homes. Third, all beauty shops and nail saloon owned by Asians and or middle Easterns will also pay and give a 30% of their annual revenues to the black residents of that community. Fourth; all Marijuana dispensaries in Southern California will pay a fine consisting of 45% of all their annual revenues to the hundreds of thousands of black men and black women that were arrested, cited and charge for smoking weed and or possession of marijuana of less than one ounce, additionally, all charges consisting of or involving marijuana should be removed, expunged or seal from their records.

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Equally important, the Stare of California as part of their Reparations of slavery to African Americans should deposit 25% of all California state revenues into a black owned and operated bank such as OneUnited bank, where that money will be use by the black bank to invest in the black community to create black jobs for black people, build black trade schools for our young men and young women to learn how to be mechanics, plumbers, electrician, carpenters solar panel installers, masonry, etc…. so we as a people can depend on each when we need any type of repair in our homes and business and therefore prevent another race or the racist people from getting our black dollars and resources and using to enrich themselves while destroying our precious African American communities.

Now, to my fellow African American and Afro-Caribbeans, once you receive this reparations in the form of a check of $7 million dollars and your annual income from all those racist liquor stores, beauty shops and nail saloon etc.. you will take that money, check and earnings and deposit all your wealth in a financial institutions or black bank such as OneUnited Bank that is owned, control and operated by black men and black women who are loyal to the black movement, revolution and independence from Racist white America. Remember, there are over 21 African American owned banks in the united states, so feel free to use any of them and double check that they are owned and operated by black people only.

Furthermore, once we have been compensated with our reparations checks and incentives, our first priority is to hire a black financial advisor and a black tax preparer or black public notary that will guide you and our people into investing into certain markets and infrastructures that will benefit our black neighborhood and communities by creating a system in which our black dollars circulate in our community a dozen times before it leaves to other areas. We must also spend our money in places and areas that are owned, operated and control by us and only us. The black dollar should only be use for the betterment and empowerment of the black movement and revolution in the black community among our black businesses, such as restaurants, real state, tax preparer, finance etc..

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Dear Brother and Sisters at no time after reparations, we should Not entertain any other race or get involved in any relationship with people who do not look like us, suffer like us or endure the pain and atrocities that have endure for the las 400 years. The only people that we should be friends and do business with is the Native American Indians or first nations who also have suffered like us and even more than us. All African Americans receiving this money should use it to invest in your community, pay off all your debts, to send all your children to black private schools, to have black private tutors, to attend black HBCU’s , to join NAAGA “National African American Gun Association” , to join NFAC ” Not Fucking Around Coalition”. but more so to use that money to help our fellow black brother and sister living on the street in despair and homelessness in America.

With that said, My fellow African Americans if we do received our reparations demands of $7 million dollars per person; 30% annual revenues from liquors stores, beauty shops, nails saloons; 45% annual revenues from marijuana dispensaries; 25% annual revenues from the State of California and the removal of all criminal records from black men and black women under the marihuana laws etc.. We should then move into our long forgotten struggle of revolution by completely separating and segregating from Racist California and Racist America. Yes, I am talking about African Americans, Afro -Caribbean and Afro-Latinos having our own State or States with our own police department, fire department and judicial system in order to prevent an upcoming civil war or better yet to stop the constant systemic racism and replacement theory imposed on our people for the las 400 years.

Staff Writer; Eugenio Stewart

One may contact this brother at; [email protected].