Branding: the art of telling your story.



( When you own a company, you should be absolutely proud of that. Not proud in a way that you tell your friends about the successes you’ve had, but proud in a way that you should share your successes with the entire world! This is called storytelling, a popular part of branding. To tell your story, you need to create your brand. In this blog, we’ll tell you all about this!

What is branding?

Branding is the process where you combine multiple aspects of your brand, to together become one. For example, components of your branding can be:

  • Your logo
  • Your corporate colors
  • Your tone-of-voice
  • Your font
  • And much more!

Branding means that you take all these components, and turn them into one certain theme: your company’s theme. By doing this and using this theme, your customers are automatically reminded of your company’s identity without you even trying to remind them of it. This makes branding a very successful part of marketing, as you’re playing into the mind of your customers, without them being conscious of it.

How to brand your company

Now, to brand successfully you must realize that there are actual factors playing in the background. For example: there’s a lot of psychology behind picking the colors for your company. Of course, you do have a say in this, but do keep in count that the use of a certain color might have the opposite effect of what you originally want it to be.

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Another thing is the font you pick. You can ask a graphic designer to create a font for you, but picking a font that already exists is also an option. If you do this, make sure not to pick a font that’s already used by a famous company. By doing this, your customers won’t be reminded of you when seeing your font, but of a different company: the opposite of what you want!

Brand protection

Once you’ve successfully branded your company, it’s important to protect it. People can use your corporate identity without you realizing it if you don’t do this. By using the brand protection software of Onsist, you protect yourself from online identity theft and allow yourself to be the only one using your story. Good luck!

Staff Writer; Doug Jackson