Black Women and White Women: The Hidden Cost of Loving Someone Too Much.



( Love is a complex emotion. It changes the way we see reality as the feeling of love triggers so many chemicals in the brain. Neurology presents evidence suggesting how ‘the love hormone’ can lower anxiety and stress. Contrary to this, smothering your loved one with too much affection actually does more harm than good and eventually, you pay the price of loving someone too much in the following ways.

You agree with whatever they say

One of the side effects of loving someone too much is that you find yourself in a position where you instantly become a fan of everything your significant other likes or admires. Deep inside you know that you’re doing this to make them feel happy, however, this can be suffocating. In the long run, you might not be able to disagree with their choices. Pouring too much of yourself and making someone your world can be both damaging and hurtful.

You start neglecting your self-growth

Your partner deserves the love, care, and attention you give them and so do you. Unfortunately, many people don’t understand this and they start neglecting their own self. Then comes a time when they realize that they have overlooked all the opportunities of self-growth and that they cannot make much of the life. Remember that your partner may or may not be with you through thick and thin, so is it right to just blindly ignore your self-development?

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You expect too much from your partner

Most of us know that a single person can’t be everything to us and they can never meet all our needs. We all have different people for different things. Some of them are our party buddies, some are there for career advice, and some are there whom we can rely on for the best life advice. We don’t expect anyone of them to fill the roles of everyone else, but when it comes to our romantic partner, most of us expect that single person to be everything and share interests. Expecting all of these things from one person is just too much.

You care way too much

Your friends may find it amazing that your partner goes the extra mile in almost everything to make you feel better or expects you to call them many times when you step out of the house. The truth is this is not love. Sometimes the over caring nature can get you into trouble. It’s not always your responsibility to make things better no matter what the situation is. Getting too involved in their personal life or treating your partner like a child is harmful. Life has ups and downs, and there will be moments when unpleasant things can become a part of it. Everything is not in your control but when you love someone too much, you try to change everything and can start to feel stuck.

You can be taken for granted

Life is unpredictable and people too. Doubting someone’s intentions may not be a good thing, but always remember that people can take your goodness for granted. Why? Because they can. And it’s no one’s fault but your own. Sometimes they may not care about things because they know that you will do it for them eventually. People will love you for your caring nature but potentially you will get too involved with things that you could have easily steered away from.

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Too much love blurs your vision




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